Ecom Cash Crusher Review- No One Told You About These Facts!

Ecom Cash Crusher Review- No One Told You About These Facts!


Ecom Cash Crusher


Welcome to my new Ecom Cash Crusher review. I am humbled that you have visited this site to confirm whether ecom cash crusher is a scam or not.


Various sites promise to make money online for users, but few are legit. It is challenging for newbies to tell a legit and scam website. If faced by such challenges, between legit and scam money making websites, I am here to help you.


In this article, I will show you whether it is possible to make 2000 dollars daily with this product and whether Ecom Cash Crusher works perfectly.


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What is Ecom Cash Crusher?

A few weeks ago, I received a lot of messages and emails about Ecom Cash Crusher, and I decided it is good to review the product.


I see the product promoted across the internet by numerous marketers and indeed, they have nothing much to say about the website.


With the information being scarce on the internet, I decided to do thorough research to identify whether the program is worthy.


I wasn’t surprised after looking at their sales page. The info there reminded me of other money making websites I have reviewed previously.


At first, Ecom Cash Crusher alleges that you can make up to 2000 dollars a day from the very beginning. This is typically a system that will change your life entirely according to the spokesperson speaking on the sales video.


According to the spokesperson, it is a revolutionary system. They allege that you don’t need any unique skills or qualifications set to make thousands in a month.


Here’s a Quick Video on Ecom Cash Crusher.

From the sales page, I can see that the system only takes twenty minutes to get up and to run.


Pros & Cons of Ecom Cash Crusher

After completing the Ecom Cash Crusher one-month free trial, I finally decided to invest 37 dollars needed to purchase the program.


Here is a comprehensive list of pros and cons of the product that I, as an experienced online marketer, generated to determine whether to purchase it or not:


  • Regardless of your expertise and skills in e-marketing and e-business, this program is easy to use and fits all of you.
  • It is affordable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Aside from asking various e-business experts and financial advisors to try and test this program for free and review it, David wants all members from his community to be given a direct guarantee: David offers a sixty-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, to enable you to try and test the product by yourself.
  • A one-time cost. For a price of just $37, you are offered lifetime access to the whole program, all the future updates as well as permanent customer service support.
  • Stable and constant customer support. I have to admit that I am not conversant with computers and any electronics as I am with finances, so I was forced to keep in touch with the customer care anytime I encountered problems. I have to acknowledge that every time, I got a satisfactory and compelling response.
  • There are several positive reviews undertaken by other users’ and financial advisers. You will always come across positive reviews concerning this product done by individuals who needed to share their experience with the ecom crusher.


  • There is no Ecom Cash Crusher one-month free trial that is released for the general public. One of the few aspects that I would suggest to David is to release a one-month free trial to the general public. This aspect will allow the general public to try the site without an initial investment. According to David, the satisfaction guarantee is correspondent to a free trial. Although you purchase the program for $37, you will be given sixty days to try and test the program, after which your money will be fully satisfied if not contended with the program.
  • In my trial month, I did not make as much as promised. I can say that I made just under $ 500 in the first month, but I am sure the profits may increase with time.
  • An unknown owner who is only known as David
  • Fake testimonials – I know that coming across other individuals who allege to have generated thousands of dollars due to this program can be exciting and offer you hope. The truth of the matter is that everything you see regarding testimonials is invented. These users you see have generally been paid to record a video saying what the owners needed them to say.
  • Since you cannot purchase the program in the leading online stores such as Amazon and eBay, people are somehow losing trust with the program.
  • Unrealistic income claims


Who is it for?

This product is undoubtedly targeted at newbie to skilled level users in the Shopify industry. There is some standard information they offer that does not possess some value. It is valuable information for you if you are new to the Shopify business industry.


Nevertheless, any useful info gets overwritten by the overhyped claims as well as the continuous stream of red flags that you encounter when you begin looking deeper into this product.


What You’ll Learn Inside

Ecom Cash Crusher trains people on how to generate money using drop shipping as a business model as well as Shopify through a couple of twenty training videos.


Here’s Member Dashboard.


ecom cash crusher member's area


Drop shipping is a situation where one sells other organizations’ items and then generates a profit from the sale. After making the sale, you will give an order to the company.


The organization is responsible for customer service, shipping, among others. Normally, the item is shipped under the sender’s business name. With this, the client does not know that the item originated from another company.


Here, what you generate is the difference between what the client paid and what the supplier is said. Besides, Ecom Cash Crusher provides courses regarding marketing via social media.


Ecom Cash Crushers do not have genuine features in its standard package. A lot of exciting features are hidden behind the paywall upsells.


Considering it’s a beginner, I can say the product is terribly overpriced. There is no reason to pay hundreds for a prebuilt website.


Although you get over twenty training videos that show you the basics of drop shipping and Shopify, most of the info you get can be found online for free. There is nothing revolutionary or unique concerning this program or its training.


You can get web hosting services for a few dollars a month from legitimate companies such as Site Rubix and Bluehost.


It is not advisable to pay huge upsell payments for a prebuilt site that can be attained with a simple and free WordPress theme. The entire program appears to be requiring a lot of money for something that can be done for a cheaper cost.


Does David Offer Any Support?

There is support after purchasing this product. They also have an email and contact page. They may even attempt and upsell you a ton of additional products.


Nevertheless, trying to get some answers from support is an uphill battle. The company offers sixty-day money back guarantee, which is needed by ClickBank.


If you require a refund, I would recommend you to take it up directly with ClickBank. By doing this, you will be getting it much quicker than attempting to deal with the generators of Ecom Cash Crusher.


How Much Does Ecom Cash Crusher Cost?

Forty-seven dollars for a successful training course isn’t a bad price. It is indeed a perfect price for proper training.


However, the training given isn’t a decent one and is thus not worth anywhere near the forty-seven dollars being charged. They charge us this amount before inundating us with upsells.


One is also supposed to spend hundreds of additional dollars and extra material that is supposed to be useful in the Shopify business.


In my opinion, it is just not worth the investment. Regardless of the money you invest in this program, it will never be worth the money spent.


Is Ecom Cash Crusher legit?

This program isn’t necessarily a scam because you receive some training for the money you pay. Besides, as a competing starter in drop shipping, you might learn various useful aspects of this type of venture.


In addition, the program is sold through ClickBank so your money can be refunded within sixty days of the purchase by just contacting the support department.


With that said, their entire sales pitch is somehow misleading because you start with false expectations of money from the word go.


Generating 2000 dollars is entirely possible, but it takes a lot of time and effort. It is certain that some users will never make such an amount.


Generally, you need to come across a great product to achieve this, and most people will never attain this. Thus, it is advisable to always read the disclaimers for these programs before purchasing them.


Red Flags about Ecom Cash Crusher

First Red Flag: Setting up an e-commerce site is easy

According to David, they have created this program with a newbie in mind. With this, he alleges that a beginner can easily set up an eCommerce without proper experience or technical knowledge.


According to him, I only need twenty minutes a day to set up everything due to the integration of a revolutionary system.


Thus, one does not need anything else but wait for the amount to get into the account. I noticed that David only tells us about the positive side of the program and does not inform us about the documents we need to fulfill our part.


In my own experience, creating a website isn’t a big challenge, but it is challenging without technical know-how and training. You need to hire an expert freelancer website developer to help you if need be.


Second Red Flag: Are the Testimonials fake?

From their sales video, I saw a couple of testimonials from their so-called successful clients. These ‘successful clients’ alleges that they have made a lot of money using the program, but the validity of their testimonials is doubtful.


You may be asking yourself how I knew that the testimonies are doubtful. Well, since I have reviewed a couple of programs with a similar business model as Ecom Cash Crusher, I identified that some of the people giving testimonies are freelancers from Fiverr.


Therefore, these individuals have been given a token to provide the testimonials. I can say that they are imitating clients to appeal people closer into the program and optimistically get them to purchase the product.


Third Red Flag: They do not guarantee users success

Another red flag I see is on their sales page. From the earnings disclaimer, I read that the program does not ascertain your success.


According to the statement on the disclaimer, I will only succeed if I devote time and acquire knowledge and skills that they have given in their training materials.


Besides, I need to use the skills entirely to get the results I deserve. Honestly, they have differing statements which I think are quite confusing because this isn’t what they promised on their sales page.


In my opinion, people need to invest time, money and patience in any investment whether it’s online or in real life. There is no shortcut or unique system that can offer you an easy way to generate money online. Thus, you need to think hard and long before making an ultimate decision.


Here’s My Final Opinion About Ecom Cash Crusher

Can you generate 2000 dollars with this program starting today? Well, I have tried and tested it, and I did not generate that amount of money. It is probable that you will not make $2000 daily using this program.


Internet marketing does not always work as indicated by the owner. It takes weeks or even months to get a substantial profit from any form of online business, and you cannot get the required results without working hard.


Products such as Ecom Cash Crusher want to get your bucks, and when they get them, they send you a couple of items to purchase without giving you value for your money.


Ecom Cash Crusher isn’t a whole scam because there are a product and a guide with universal content. Nevertheless, the quality is significantly low. The owners incorporate tricks to make you purchase the product.


They show you random screenshots, fake testimonials, fake stories, as well as fake reviews. I can say that it is a deceptive presentation of a bad product.


Therefore, I do not recommend it personally, and it would be advisable to stay away from it and all related products.

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