Easy Insta Profits Review- Scam Exposed? ( Earning $1.3K Per Day Is Impossible!)

Easy Insta Profits Review- Scam Exposed? ( Earning $1.3K Per Day Is Impossible!)

Easy Insta Profits review


Welcome to my Easy Insta Profits review!


Presently, users are fascinated to use their smartphones and always anticipate for a quick strategy to make cash online.


At the same time, the young generation is interested in using social media channels to post photos and share stories with their friends and loved ones.


Instagram is among the best social media channels where users visit daily. With this in mind, Instagram can be a useful tool to help you make money daily.


In this article, I will give a detailed, Easy Insta Profits review after trying it for a while. From their official website, easyinstaprofits.com, the founders allege that one can make up to $ 1300 daily using a smartphone.


Well, you are probably wondering, ‘is Easy Insta Profits scam?’ Claims where one makes that much online may sound impractical, but I can assure you that Easy Insta Profits works if you invest your time and effort.


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What is Easy Insta Profits? (Product Overview)

It is an online money-making program developed by a man known as Mike Richards. You can either access it from the official website (EasyInstaProfits.com) or via ClickBank.


Presently, I can say that it is the leading online money-making system that shows straightforward techniques to make profits that you can only imagine about.


You are only required to post some captivating photos on your Instagram account and reach millions of users following you. Afterward, turn this into a profitable job with much more income.


From the sales video, the founder of the system has shared the surprising secrets to change your life by following simple yet straightforward steps to make money using your social media channels by spending a couple of minutes daily.


Here’s a Quick Video on Easy Insta Profits



In simple terms, the general idea behind this program is that users will create and grow their following by posting fascinating, unique photos on Instagram.


Then, they can market ads and affiliate links to their audience, which offers them commissions when they buy products.


With this program, there is no need of working under an abusive boss. Be your own boss and avoid the tiring 8 to 5 job. Here are the features of the program:


Key Features of Easy Insta Profits

  • The easy insta profits application can develop your income level to over $ 750,000 by spending a few hours online.


  • The app offers a higher chance of making over $ 40,000 monthly from less than twenty minutes of work daily.


  • Instagram gives you the capability to reach millions of users globally and connect with them to make limitless profits.



  • All that is needed is a smartphone and connection to the internet.


Pros & Cons of Easy Insta Profits

After trying out the system for a few weeks, I encountered the following pros and cons:


1. Receiving Money Quickly

You will receive money very fast. When accessing easy insta profits system after the creation of your ID, money will start flowing into your account after the design of your website.


2. Secure and Guaranteed

Easy insta profits program assists users to gain monetary benefits while ascertaining success.


3. No Technical Computer Skills Needed

You don’t need technical computer skills to use this program, as a general knowledge will be useful to start working.


4. Higher Education not Needed

High education like degrees or diplomas isn’t needed to start working with easy insta profits. You are just required to know how to use the internet and possess the general experience of a computer.


5. Working from Home

You can work from the comfort of your sofa and thus do not need to travel and spend the whole day in a quiet office. Nevertheless, you will require a superb connection to the internet.


6. Money Back Guarantee

The easy insta profits system comes with a money back guarantee. In the situation you are not contented with the system; you can claim your investment back.


7. User-Friendly Steps

The program incorporates friendly steps to make users understand the concept entirely and start making enormous profits instantly.


8. Several Modes Of Payment

You can get your daily profits via a bank account or PayPal.



1. It is crucial to follow the step-by-step instructions of the program to start the money earning process. I recommend that you follow the guidelines to the latter in order to maximize your profits.


2. You need a connection to high-speed internet after purchasing the program. High-speed internet will give you the capability to upload videos and images that can go viral instantly.


3. An appropriate dedication and effort are needed for you to enjoy tremendous benefits and get the best out of the investment.


4. There are no hard copies tutorials to help you learn about the system.


Who it is for

The system is best suited for those individuals that want to make money online by using Instagram.


The affiliates are also suited for this program because they make money by marketing Easy Insta Profits as affiliates when other followers buy this product.


Generally, affiliates can make up to $350 for every sale. Thus, you can promote the product in order to make extra cash.


• Are you searching for a ‘plug and play’ business scenario?

• Do you need ‘done for you’ sales funnel to avoid creation of any?

• Do you want others to ‘close’ sales for you?

• Do you need the entire one on one support you require to advance as a marketer?

• Do you require monthly residue income, without using lots of hours on your PC to get good results?


If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, you need to register at easyinstaprofits.com now!


Easy Insta Profits Training/ Tool Overview

Easy Insta Profits isn’t seen as a scam because it offers training to the members.


In this case, you are given access to thirteen different videos that show several aspects of creating an Instagram account, linking your followers and making cash.


Below is a Screenshot of the Member’s Area.


Easy Insta Profits member's area.



The underlying concept is that of affiliate marketing. You will be using Instagram photos as a way of sharing affiliate links with prospective clients.


If your followers click on the link and buy a product, then you earn a specific commission. Here is what members are taught:


1. Signing into the Framework

At first, you will be needed to create an ID using your personal details. Afterward, you are prepared and can sign into the framework while using those details.


Logging into the framework offers you access to the dashboard where you can learn more about the essential features of your account.


2. Choosing the Associate Category

The associate categories by their thousands will be shown on your screen. This poses to be a crucial step since you have to select the associate category, prompting the earning process.


3. Inputting the Catch-Word

During this step, you will be needed to input the catch-word on your screen. This is essential to ascertain that a human is approaching the system.


4. Including Adaptation

This is a more natural step to carry out as it is merely explained on the training videos. It will be quite easy for you to accomplish this task.


The founder of Easy Insta Profits system gave all the information in full to allow all members from a beginner to a professionally trained member, accessibility.


5. Click Finish

This is the program’s final step, and you will be needed to click the finish button.

All in all, Easy Insta Profits program will be informative about the process of creating a website, using a straightforward procedure.


Subsequently, you will have the know-how concerning the variety of strategies available to redirect traffic to a specific site. Using this program will allow you to begin making roughly 500 dollars daily.


  •  With fourteen clicks and less than five minutes, you will have the ability to make money building a site quickly.


  • You will have the ability to earn huge sales being clued how simple and powerful the program is.


  • Easy Insta profits program allows you to observe hundreds of thousands of clients who you can direct to your website.


  • When you spend twenty minutes only per day, while utilizing the ‘extreme traffic accelerator’ procedure, it can allow you to earn a good commission, while creating a new linked account.


  • By using the easy insta profits system, you will have the ability to multiply potential profits where you will be needed to create extra pages directly.


Lastly, the training primarily focuses on a planned approach. Therefore, you will be needed to put much more energy and time into the process in order to be successful.


The Easy Insta Profits Support Service?

Let us face it, having a support team that is more than ready to assist you every time you require help will make a big difference in your success.


Easy Insta Profits want to ascertain that you succeed, which is why they are offering you access to live chat support at no extra cost.


When you have any issues, feel stuck or even just bored and need to say hello, the support team is here for you.


The team works ten hours a day and is available six days every week. This support makes it generally straightforward to get started instantly and succeed.


The Price of Joining Easy Insta Profits

The standard price as published on the sales page is 37 dollars, but when the program notices that you want to exit the page without purchasing, the system will ask you to pay a price of 17 dollars.


However, after becoming a registered member, you will be amazed to find out that there are various related products and you will be shown several commercials asking you to purchase them.


After adding the prices of all the products sold by Easy Insta Profits, you will realize that you will have to part away with a total amount of roughly 700 dollars.


As is the norm with all products sold via ClickBank platform, you will have a sixty-day money-back guarantee to demand the refund of your investment in case of disapproval.


However, it is essential to note that the guarantee only caters for the basic price of thirty-seven dollars. Thus, you will not be permitted to any refund if you purchase the projected upsells.


Is Easy Insta Profits Legit or a Scam?

In my opinion, Easy Insta Profits isn’t a scam because you will get a profit for your investment ($37) and you can even get a general overview of what you are getting yourself into.


However, Easy Insta Profits may fail to live up to claims of the sales video. So, would you label the program a scam?


Well, this is up to you and your definition of a scam. However, my only worry is the identity of the owner that remains a mystery to date.


For me, I would recommend you to use the program if you are ready to work hard and invest your time and effort. But be extra cautious before investing your hard earned money.


It is unlucky that an individual who calls himself an expert in online promotion promises members the secrets of making more than $ 40,000 monthly within a short period with almost zero efforts.


I find this quite doubtful because this is not how online marketing works. Nevertheless, you can try your luck with this program.


My Final Opinion/ Verdict

So far, we have learned good and bad things about Easy Insta Profits and what they are giving.


This program is the most popular method of making money via Instagram for anybody who is into making images and posting them on IG.


Even if you don’t know how to accomplish this, the simple guidelines will make you understand what is required to begin making money playing with your images.


The majority of those using Instagram are used to making money by posting interesting videos and image, and labeling products.


The leading brands are more than ready to pay for your ads if you have a popular Instagram account and numerous followers.


Typically, Easy Insta Profits provides various ways to make money from your home setting and the amount generated is founded on your creativity.


In conclusion, I hope that the information above in my Easy Insta Profits review can assist you in gaining much more understanding about this product and then having the capability to make a wise and appealing choice.


If you have any question about Easy Insta Profits or comment, let me know in the comment section below!




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