Earny App Reviews: Can You Really Earn By Shopping Online?

Earny App Reviews: Can You Really Earn By Shopping Online?


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Online shopping is quickly becoming the preferred method of shopping because of its convenience and ease of access. No matter how absurd and rare the item you want, you can easily find it online. That is the main reason why companies are quickly adapting to this new way of shopping by introducing rewards to shoppers to entice them to buy more. One of the companies that is making a push on this industry is called Earny. They have an app of the same name, Earny App, which I am about to review in today’s article.


But before I start with the review, I’d like to give you my congratulations because you actually took the time to research a product. Far too many people ignore researching a product and go straight into buying into it. It’s good that you’re not one of those. The fact that you are here means that you are researching for a review of Earny App. I applaud you for that.


Let’s begin.


What Exactly Is Earny App?


Earny App is basically an app that analyzes your purchase information from your email. They then use this information to give you a cashback whenever the price of an item you already bought drops. Let me preface that again – you are basically going to get a cashback from items you already bought.


If you’re impressed with the premise of the app, you’d be right. It introduces a new way of saving money. This allows you to buy things now, even when they’re expensive because you’d get refunded a portion of what you spend anyway. It’s a genius idea if you think about it.


But given that the premise behind this program sounds a little bit too good to be true, it only seems fair that we checkup on it. As you know the saying – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Now, if Earny works just as it claims, it’s going to save a lot of money without changing how you shop.


How Does The Earny App Work?


The app is able to provide you with refunds you’ve already made using their network of online retailers. They have connections with numerous online retailers which allows them to get refunds whenever there’s a price drop.


This seems like a novel idea to some but merchants have been doing this for years now. It protects them for price surge during the “in-demand” seasons like Christmas, for instance.


Earny is super vigilant when researching about online retailers they are affiliated with. They scout price drops and constantly compare prices from different points in time to ensure that their users get the best deal available, all the time.


How Can You Become An Earny User?


Earny is not a free app. Obviously, if you will get refunds on your old purchases, they would need to get something in return. And that is where their membership options come in. You can sign up for free to get a feel of their platform but you would have to pay $4.99/month if you want to become a member and subscribe to their refund program. You can also opt for $39.96/year option if that’s more convenient for you.


You don’t have to pay an additional fee to get those refunds. Once a member, you are entitled to all your refunds, no matter how big or small they are.


Registering is very easy. All you have to do is go to their website and click register. You can also install the app and get an account through that.


What Do You Get As An Earny Subscriber?


When you become a member, as I’ve already said, you are entitled to get refunds from your old purchase, given that the items you bought receive a price drop. But the perks of being a member don’t stop after that. As an Earny App member, your items will have full protection like insurance. You will also get a ShopRunner membership for free which is valued at around $100. Overall, it’s a pretty good deal especially with ShopRunner membership in tow.


Earny also just added Hotel Price Protection. It works by notifying you of a better deal whenever they find any. It would then allow you to book at a much lower price. This protects you from price surge which is the norm when booking flights.


Who Can Use Earny App?


Basically, anyone can use this Earny App. However, most online shoppers would find no use for this product at all. And no, I’m not just saying that because I don’t like this product. I am saying that because it’s the truth. The majority of online shoppers only use it for random purchases, like if they see some item they want on Amazon.


For users to truly utilize Earny App to its full potential, they would have to always be shopping online, and not a lot of us do that. In short, this App is perfect for frequent online shoppers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recoup the $40/year fee membership.


How Much Can You Save Using Earny?


It’s very hard to provide a precise amount for that simply because there are too many variables when it comes to online shopping. There is also a huge deviation in spending habits from person to person. It really just depends on too many things. Luckily for you, there have been reports that I was able to verify, showing how much you can save from this app.


If you want to save money using Earny, you would need to during peak shopping season which comes around during Christmas. For the average user, they would expect around $100 of rebates come January time when there come a huge price drops for the items they just bought.


Or…. You can just wait until January to buy your items instead?


Or… You can just buy the items you want before the peak shopping season begins?


Needless to say, they are many ways to circumvent your need for this app. But it’s a cool feature nonetheless.


The Conclusion – Is Earny App Worth It?


It seems like Earny is a legitimate app based on my research.


However, I must say that I have a little concerned with how they are getting their information, which is on the verge of breaching privacy. But if that’s the only way to get hold of your shopping information, then it’s up to you to decide whether that risk is worth it.


In any case, this app is only for those who shop mostly using the internet. If you are still a fan of traditional shopping on brick and mortar stores, then this app is not for you. Overall, I would only recommend this to frequent online shoppers, and only to them.


Now, if you are sick and tired of these reward-based apps, perhaps you might want to take a look into affiliate marketing. It’s a type of marketing that’s been around since the dawn of the internet. For more information, you can click here – my #1 most recommended program.



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