Earn Easy Commissions- Is it a Ponzi Scheme? Read On!

Earn Easy Commissions Review- Is It a Ponzi Scheme? Read On!

Earn Easy Commissions- Is it a Ponzi Scheme? Read On!


You may have realized that Earn Easy Commissions is getting a lot of attention and hype presently.


You may also have encountered several friends in network marketing approaching you about this program.


Else, you may have seen it on the internet. I have been in affiliate marketing for a while now and thus decided to give you a comprehensive, Earn Easy Commissions review.


By the end of this article, you will tell whether to Earn Easy Commissions is a scam or not. Read more about this program in the following review.


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What is Earn Easy Commissions?

Earn Easy Commissions is an online sales marketing tool and course that enables users to sign up for free and begin making money by getting other individuals onboard.


The system was started by Chuck Nguyen, who was formerly famous for creating a Ponzi scheme known as Income Society. It was a colossal scam back in the days.


The perception of this program is that you can generate your own money, with everything being carried out for you instantly.


While Earn Easy Commissions is an enticing incentive for those users that want to make cash from the comfort of their sofa, it should be known that this is a typical market strategy that targets online users for no real promises of profits.


This program reminds me of several other programs that promise fast riches without working hard.


To date, I have reviewed numerous online money making sites on this website. Thus, I have encountered a couple of similar systems.


Earn Easy Commissions system was started in 2017, making it one of the latest marketing schemes on the internet today.


Here’s a Quick Vidoe on Earn Easy Commissions


The system took the world by storm and even featured on a favorite reality show. This alone speaks a lot about this program. Now, let us take an in-depth look into this system.


Let’s Take a Look at the Pros Vs. Cons of the Earn Easy Commission

After reviewing Earn Easy Commissions for a couple of weeks, I came across the following advantages and disadvantages:



1. Free Membership is Completely Free

The good thing about this system is that you can generally earn commissions as a free member. A free member is eligible to one dollar per lead and a hundred dollars for every VIP partner sale.


However, the only problem is that you may find it typically hard to begin making money without appropriate training if you are entirely new to internet marketing.


2. Low Payout Threshold

The payout threshold for earn easy commission is a mere ten dollars. It means that you can get your PayPal commission after hitting ten dollars.


This is a remarkable and relatively low payout threshold as compared to several other programs which have thresholds of up to a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars.


Having a high threshold makes it difficult when it comes to cashing out your money.


3. Real Founder

After watching the sales video by Chuck, I thought that this is another typical scam with an unidentified founder since Chuck did not show his face in the sales video and the entire video is just hyped.


Finally, I found out that Chuck is a genuine and real person. I saw him talking inside the members’ area. In addition, Chuck has a YouTube channel with his business partner or friend, Andy.



1. A Pyramid Scheme

Like I said previously, I highly think that Earn Easy Commissions is just a pyramid scheme in waiting.


If you take a close look at the definition of ‘Pyramid Scheme’ according to Wikipedia, it is a business model that registers members through a promise of services or payments for enrolling others into the scheme as opposed to supplying investments or the sale of products or services. This definition may as well represent ECC.


After deep analyzation of the system, I realized that earn easy commission does not possess any product. All through the system, the owner asked users to sign up for a couple of third-party services.


The only available product in this system is chuck’s training on how to register much more people into the program.


2. Quite Restrictive

Another con is that you are only limited to using ClickMagick and GetResponse. But in the real sense, there are a lot of ESP (Email Service Providers) and link tracking tools in the market.


You may be asking why you need to register for the two. Well, the answer is straightforward. This is so because Chuck thinks that these are the best tools and he wants to generate affiliate commissions from the two services.


3. Hidden Costs (not 100% free)

In the next paragraph, I will give you sufficient proof to show you that there is a lot of cash involved to Earn Easy Commissions.


It is generally not like what Chuck said during the starts that earn easy commissions is a totally free system for you to generate money online.


Some of the hidden costs include ClickMagick membership, VIP partner upsell, paid traffic, as well as chuck’s six-figure upsell.


4. No Refund Policy

At Earn Easy Commissions, VIP partner members are not offered a refund policy. The reason why they do not provide a refund policy is that it is an entirely digital product that can be accessed by a person upon purchasing it.


From what I read on their official website, the organization provides non-tangible certain goods and thus do not give refunds after an order is accomplished and access to the VIP membership area if approved.


According to me, EEC fails to provide a refund because it is difficult to manage a refund for the users since the money will already be paid to Chuck and the sponsors.


5. You cannot Replicate the Business alone

Like I said above, by joining Earn Easy Commissions, you will generally be joining a done-for-you system. Although you can probably make a lot of money, you will not acquire the necessary skills that enable you to start your own online business.


For example, if Chuck decides to close the system one day, your whole organization will be gone. You will be suspicious, but the owner will still have his other business operating normally.


Besides, if the unfortunate occur to earn easy commissions that FTC takes legal actions against the company, your business is at high risk.


6. Fake Cryptal currency Claims

Chuck alleged that you must set up an individual Bitcoin wallet and specific Cryptocurrency exchange account because certain traffic networks pay in Bitcoin.


After coming across this allegation, I was like how? With my experience in online money making reviews, I have never heard of any online marketers or traffic network that pay in Bitcoin.


What I realized is that the links to register for these accounts and wallets are typically Chuck’s affiliate links.


Therefore, I assume that this is another tactic for Chuck to make some additional affiliate commissions for himself. I would like you to prove me wrong if there is a traffic network that pays by Bitcoin.


Is EEC a scam?

Well, Earn Easy Commissions isn’t generally a scam, although the founder has previously participated in Ponzi pyramids.


According to me, you will not feel that you have been scammed your hard earned money since you will make money by the end of the day.


Who it is for

Earn Easy Commissions is intended at those who are beginners to affiliate marketing and require a simple space to start on a site where everything is practically set up for them.


This system is also essential for those users that do not have a huge startup budget since there is nothing pricey or overly demanding especially when one is starting up.


Indeed, it can be a simple thing to get started with EEC than some of the premium-ticket marketing affiliate websites.


In addition, it is valuable for those individuals who are into virtual marketing and require something to generate money primarily from their PC because there is no real product.


How Does Earn Easy Commissions Work?

After registering as a free member, there are five steps that one needs to complete. According to Chuck, here are the steps that one need to follow:


First Step: How to get started

This step is self-explanatory as it is all about the introduction and welcoming you to the program.


However, instead of Chuck explaining to us about this program, he just displayed his PayPal earnings and income proofs from other members.


In this step, you are needed to give your PayPal email address to enable you to receive commissions in the future. You are also required to join the site’s Facebook mastermind group.


Second Step: Take Your Referral Link

Here is the step where the system actually works. Here, Chuck explains that users are only required to share their unique referral link and the rest of upselling and registration is automated for them.


Third Step: Maximizing your Commissions

So, how does one maximize the commissions? Chuck upsells you his 1000 dollars VIP partner membership in this step.


According to him, this is the only tactic to maximize your commissions. To this point, I am actually disappointed with the training because Chuck did not teach anything valuable concerning how affiliate marketing works, except a concise outline of the system.


Chuck is good at selling, and that may be the reason he is utilizing his sales tactics to generate much more money for himself with this Earn Easy Commissions system.


Fourth Step: 0 to $10K Journey

Chuck alleged that this section would be a series of step-by-step videos showing users how he started from zero and set up everything up.


I looked forward to this section since he was finally going to show us the value of our money. In fact, he met my expectations by giving us nine videos.


Fifth Step: Checking Your Referrals

This step may not be beneficial because there is no video. Chuck just leads us into a page where one checks the referrals.


On the downside, Chuck does not show us how to drive traffic. It can be challenging for you to have several referrals at this juncture unless you are an experienced marketer.


Lastly, there are three tools given in the free members’ area: email swipes, Facebook images and banner ads. But there are issues with these tools because they are ineffective and substandard. For instance, email swipes are promotional in nature.


Does Chuck Offer Any Help When You Need It?

There are three types of support given by Earn Easy Commissions:


  • A pretty detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.
  • There is an option to submit your support ticket to EEC support system.
  • If you have Chuck as your sponsor, you will have an added advantage of emailing him directly for assistance.


How Much Does EEC Cost?

Since the site is all about reselling the same product, EEC offers three different levels of membership. The different levels play a crucial role in the amount of money you can make.


1. Free Member

According to Chuck, you can use this system for free and start making some bucks. As a free member of EEC, you can make money although it is not sufficient to make you a bearable living.


Although Chuck said that EEC is entirely free, it is indeed not true at all. If it is the case, there is nothing free in the world that can make one rich. For instance, if you depend on the lottery, you will still require paying for the system.


At free membership area, you are entitled to several videos, make one dollar for each qualified lead, and generate a hundred dollars for each VIP partner sale.


2. PRO Member

PRO member isn’t very different from the free member. The only notable difference is that you have to buy ClickMagick’s (a link tracking tool) and GetResponse (email service provider).


Besides, you will be buying through Chuck’s own affiliate links for the two services.


Generally, the owner will earn a few bucks by recommending the two services to you. The two services cost $17/monthly and $ 15/ month respectively.


This is typically the hidden cost that I was telling you!


3. VIP Partner

This costs a whopping a thousand dollars. Since this is the membership that can make you a lot of money, Chuck promotes it in most of his videos. The things included in this package are:


  • Extra training on traffic generation
  • Make $1.20 for every qualified lead
  • Make $500 for every VIP partner sale
  • Earn recurring commissions for each ClickMagick and GetResponse
  • Traffic commissions
  • Commissions from other resources, tools, and software that EEC recommends


Here’s My Final Opinion On Earn Easy Commissions

As with any online money making program, there will be likes and dislikes. However, I believe that Earn Easy Commissions is a system that will be in the market for a couple of years.


A lot of effort and time have been invested in developing Earn Easy Commission system. I like the fact that users can join the program for free and still generate cash when a lead becomes an active member. I also love the multiple levels of membership.


If you decide to join this program, I would advise you to watch the videos on the company’s site a couple of times.


It is crucial to understand how the program works completely irrespective of your membership level. You will need to answer questions asked by potential leads or members accurately and honestly.


In addition, it is good to read EEC terms of service to allow you to understand the requirements and avoid violating the terms of service that may lead to your termination.


If you make it this far, thank you so much for coming! If you have any questions or any suggestion, please leave them below.




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