Duplicate Dave Reviews- Another Day, Another Scam?

Duplicate Dave Reviews- Another Day, Another Scam?

Name: Duplicate Dave

Owner: David Sharpe

Website: www.duplicatedaves.com

Price: $30 per month + Upsells

Overall Rating: 6.8/10

Welcome to David Sharps world, Duplicate Dave. Are you thrilled about doing online jobs just in the comfort of your home? Are you ready to make fast and easy cash? Are you wondering whether Duplicate Dave is a scam? I review the project to provide all the answers you need pertaining to the program.

What is Duplicate Dave All About?

Duplicate Dave is an online marketing course, brought into existence by David Sharp. Worlds wide, it is the best renown legendary marketing program. David Sharp is the hilarious marketer.

The essence of the site is to endow people with intensive training, tools, and resources required to emulate David in earning an enormous amount of cash online. Therefore, the name; Duplicate Dave. The program employs earn while you learn strategy.

See the screenshot of the member’s area below

By this, I guarantee that you get acquainted with the skills needed while at the same time, you can employ the tactics to make money. You while learning, you get paid in commission. Thus, your earning depends on the sales you make.

According to Dave, you will only have to devote thirty minutes a day to be productive in the venture.

Who is David Sharpe?

David Sharpe has earned his space in marketing by working for different online programs. One of the most popular that helped build his portfolio is Empower Network.

In the venture, Dave boasts to have made more than $170 million. In his lifetime career, he has garnered more than $300,000 million customers. Even though there are no justifications for this, he might be telling the truth.

Due to his hard-earned expertise doing online marketing for many years, I am sure that Dave knows what you need to do to get success in internet marketing. The information he shares on the site is destined to be of great help in emulating his footsteps.

Pros and Cons of Duplicate Dave


  • Legit Training- The program has invested in hours of training on the site. They have tutorial videos on the website; www.duplicatdaves.com, which serves to equip you with in-depth training in online marketing. The video features various tools that are effective in necessitating the success of online marketing. The content available is educative. Therefore, I believe your membership cost of $ 30 per month is worth the deal. The inducting process takes place slows, ensuring that you do not miss out on important steps. Some of the most used tools to trend the products include;
  • Using Facebook Fan Page – Having many friends on Facebook, you can post the product you want to sell. The friend may get interested and refer many more other friends for the goods and service you are offering
  • Marketing Lead Generation– You generate more leads to your site by ensuring that your site utilizes content that is SEO optimized. By this, the clarity of the posted images, and swiftness to loading to the page is not compromised. Thus, offering easy access.
  • Traffic Generation– I advise that for traffic be huge on your site, the content that you post must be interesting to the audience. Also, the satisfaction of the audience must be met before other needs. Service delivery and giving responses to the audience keep them captivated.
  • Instagram and YouTube Advertising– you can also make videos and post them on youtube. The more the viewers, the more the earning. Advertising on Instagram also works to alert your followers to the trending products and services you have for them.
  • Facebook Ads– Through Facebook Ads, you will make your business reach billions of Facebook users. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online since you reach out and get discovered by people from all walks of the world.
  • Not multi-level Marketing
    Duplicate Dave program employs affiliate marketing skills. The earnings are on commission thus, your efforts determine how much you make. However, they do not employ the MLM marketing structure. Their tactic is beneficial to their affiliate marketers since there are no complex levels of commission. By this, the marketers are devoid of developing a Digital Altitude. Unlike affiliate marketing. Digital Altitude has the same business structure as Legendary Marketing. But, they use multiple commission levels, hence making the Digital attitude a pyramid scheme.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    If you are not comfortable being in the club, I advise that you ask for the refund of your membership money. However, if you will have gone a step further and purchased the high ticket upsell, there are no refunds. I recommend you to register if and get started if you are really interested in Duplicate Dave program.


  • Expensive
    The products sold at Duplicate Dave goes at a much higher price. In as much as their training affordable, making money is the deal. You have to buy from their top-selling products to make money on commission. However, it is hard to buy all the products since you will spend an enormous amount. Once you get recruited as a member of the group, you are given a coach. The coach pushes you to ensure that you buy from the up selling tickets. The more you buy, the more money the company makes thus, the pressure to buy works to their advantage. Your coach will also get to make money from your purchases.
  • Can’t build your own business
    In their training tutorials, Duplicate Dave adorns you with know-how on how to trend their product. The tactics they employ can also be useful for you to create your internet business. However, the resources they give are limited; not enough to establish your business. The training inspires you to make a resell of their products. Your role in the field is to make a replica of their business model. If only there were a way in which you would create your business through their training, I would highly advocate it.
  • Pay to Play System
    The system is a bit cruel. For you to make the commission on your sales, you first have to pay and buy their products. Also, being a candidate is important, and therefore, you have to pay a membership fee of $30 monthly. On paying the hosting fee, you can only earn $18 on commission which is not guaranteed. They need more than the fee, your input in generating more leads for the business is also needed. The patience required before you start earning is unheard. Therefore, for you to be a beneficiary of the program, I prefer you play their game. For this, I advise against the scheme since, in the end, you will feel exploited.

Who it is for

Duplicate Dave is made for people who have had prior experience in online marketing. If you have been a prowess at making money from network marketing, then, this is the place for you.

Also, if you are acquainted with how to recruit, invest in buying products by playing a pay earn game, then Duplicate Dave will work for you. However, if you are new to the field of marketing, I would recommend you spend your time doing something else. Making money through Duplicate Dave is not as easy as many make it seem.

The program will use you to get recruits and thus more income for them, while you’re the one straining to get the recruits. If you plan to do the job from home, I advise that you venture into something more lucrative. Duplicate Dave money won’t come that easily.

Consistency is needed to get the most out of it. And, before you have grown acquainted with their programs and you have helped shine the platform, they may disappear and leave you without a penny.

Also, the products you are selling may trend globally. Therefore, the emergence of many manufacturers leading to unhealthy competition.

However, if you have had successful instances doing MLMs, Duplicate Dave is the program for you.

Training/ Tool Overview

The training you get equips you on how to have product promotional skills. Duplicate Dave offers training that is more of an affiliate marketing.

Once you get recruited to the program, you are assigned to a coach who will take you through their strategies to earn step by step. When you promote their products online, you get a commission on the sales you make.

The items you promote can vary depending on what the company is majoring. Great emphasis is on luring more people to join the program. On joining, you will be able to earn a portion of your recruit’s money. You are shown how to buy from the program.

Then, you are to make money selling the policies to other people. You learn how to use Ads, Phone Sales Team, Email for follow-ups and other sales funnels to make your deals. By doing this, you will ultimately be a legend marketer like Dave.

Once you buy a product from the program, the next purchase will have a promising income. The system is always keeping you on toes to purchase their up-selling products. Thus, the more you duplicate the Dave system.

Does David Sharp Offer Any Help When You Need it?

After going through many of Duplicate Dave review, I consider patience being the key be a success. It is about spending ample time marketing through the ads that you will earn. The project can boast of having an authentic founder.

However, unless you are well-loaded pocket wise, you will give up quickly. Help the company make more duplicate of their products and make a purchase. Just like creating a blog, you expect to get traffic to your blog within the first few days.

Many will dismiss your post but in time, you garner followers who want to read your posts. The exposure you get in the field of online marketing is all you need to keep pushing.

Since the videos show the steps to get to the ladder upwards, I advise you reach out to people who have made money through the project. Get to know how the legitimacy of the program their term in releasing the payments.

In as much as you will feel exploited at the start, it is a worthy venture for the persuasive people. Many have succeeded and have made massive cash.

However, I bet you know that unlike David Sharp who spends thirty minutes a day, as a newbie, you may need much more time. The platform offers basic training on how the work.

The support services such as hosting will enable you to get effective in the scheme and help you contribute to the program as you make money. I know that it won’t be easy to know your place in the program. But, when you do, you will never dream of leaving.

What is the Cost of Joining Duplicate Dave

The starters cost is rather fair. Duplicate Dave charges only $30 for membership per month. Even though the membership costs may be low, you need much more money to keep you sustained in the group.

With the upselling tickets on their products, it is just simple. How about you remain devoted all through the struggling process? I would pay the membership fee. However, it gets tricky to purchase so that you can make sales.

Once you buy their products, you sell it at your price, and you become subject to a commission on selling the product. With the strategy provided, I assure you that getting money will not be magical. However, with the perseverance required earning more than your involvement charges is a sure bet.

Here’s My Final Opinion About Duplicate Dave

Earlier, I thought that all the programs that advertise on getting rich quick were scams. However, I have come to learn that this is not the case.

All it means is that you have to get devoted and worry less about closing the deals. Duplicate Dave has a team ready to close the deal for you. I, however, presume that the problem with many online marketers is that they do don’t stay focused on the strategies long enough to get fruitful.

With the right coach from Duplicate Dave, you will take less time to learn and climb the ladder to success easily.

Once you have a personal coach, I am sure you get that touchy feel for online marketing. You get more courage to trend the paths which others have been through before.

Therefore, in my opinion, I say it will be great to give Duplicate Dave program a shot. Get to learn and apply the tactics.

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