DS Domination Review: Is It Actually Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

DS Domination Review: Is It Actually Just Another Pyramid Scheme?



ds domination review

Hello there! Welcome to my review of DS Domination!


I must say that I am proud of you for taking the initiative to actually research the program that you are interested in. Not a lot of people do their research before purchasing a program. The majority of people go into impulse buying as soon as they read about a product that looks good on the surface. That should not be the case. You should do a background check to whatever program you want to purchase, and not some minor background check. You should be as thorough as possible. Fortunately for you, I’ve done all that and more. All you have to do is read this article and form your own opinion after you’ve read my honest thoughts about this program.


But before we dive into the full review, perhaps I should introduce you to one of the best programs that I’ve reviewed in my years as a reviewer. I’ve already reviewed hundreds of programs and only a handful of programs managed to get my attention. Even fewer are the programs that managed to equal, or in some cases, even exceed my expectations. I will introduce you to the sole program that did the latter. I will put a link down below for your consideration.


My #1 Recommended Program


Now, that’s out of the way, let’s begin the full review of DS Domination.


What Exactly Is DS Domination?


DS Domination is short for “Drop Shipping Domination.”


As evident by the name, this company is all about dropshipping and how you can utilize that business model to earn money online. It’s sort of like an e-commerce thing where you are selling products that aren’t necessarily yours. The whole business model is actually pretty simple. To give a more refined explanation of what drop shipping is, I will put a video down below.



If you watch the video, you now have a basic understanding of what drop shipping is. It’s actually pretty genius in its simplicity. I personally can vouch for the legitimacy of the dropshipping business model. You can actually earn a respectable amount of money from it. You just need to know what you are doing.


Now, with the rise in popularity of drop shipping, companies are taking notice. They are using the “drop shipping” term to get you to click on them. This is evident in the number of ads on social media nowadays. DS Domination is one of those companies. In the next section, I will discuss the whole business structure of DS Domination and why it’s not a viable option anymore.


DS Domination – Can You Actually Earn From It?


The short answer is YES, you can earn from this program. However, there’s a big IF, and it’s a pretty major. Let me explain.


I’ll give you one last rundown of the dropshipping business model. You (the seller) basically sell an item at a profit. The item you sell comes from a third-party company. Most third-party companies are from China (Aliexpress and Alibaba) because of the cheap price, obviously. Every time someone buys a product from you, you give their information to the third-party company where they would handle the shipping. You pocket the change. It’s a pretty good business model.


In the case of DS Domination though, you will source your products from Amazon and sell the items on eBay. That may seem like a sound idea at first but I’ll be the first to tell you that it is not, here’s why. First of all, you won’t get a cheap price on Amazon. Most items there are already listed at retail prices. For this reason alone, you have ultimately cut your profit margin by a lot. To give you an idea, a normal belt on Amazon would cost you about $10, whereas the same item on Alibaba would just be $2. That’s an $8 difference for a $10 item. Imagine how much you’re going to miss out on even bigger purchases.


Is DS Domination Even A Legit Money-Making Opportunity?


In the section above, I’ve only explained the basic structure of the platform.


In this section, I am going to go hard on the underlying structure of this program. We’re going to dive deep and go beyond just the surface to see the things that aren’t as obvious. This is the part where we’re going to unearth its secrets.


One thing that many people overlook about DS Domination is its referral program. If you aren’t familiar with referral programs, it’s basically just recruiting people to use the same program that you are using. You are given a commission every time you successfully get someone to join using your referral link.


Now, the problem with this approach is there is a very thin line between recruitment and pyramid schemes. For instance, this company does not claim that it is a referral-heavy program but it is indeed an MLM if you look closely. Here’s their main product.


They have 5 programs that you can choose from:


  • Pro Training – $20/month
  • Elite Training  – $100/month
  • Unleashed Training – $250 one-time payment
  • Monopoly Training – $500 one-time payment
  • Genesis Training – $1500 one-time payment


I won’t discuss the differences between these programs but the obvious difference is the training modules supposedly become much better the more expensive it is. I can’t really vouch for these claims but I’d be wary about them. I’ll discuss it more down below.


How Can You Earn From Their Referral Program?


It works just like most MLM companies out there. You get a commission for each and every one of your sales. For the first-level sale, you get 50%. For the second, you get 10%. For the third level, 5%. For the fourth, 3%. Fifth, 2%. And for the 6th to 10th level, you get 1%.


There’s one caveat though, and it’s pretty major. You can only earn from your referrals if they purchase the same item that you had. For instance, if your friend, let’s call her Nadia, purchase the Genesis Training under you, you are only eligible to the commission if you also purchase the Genesis Training. Otherwise, the commission would get passed onto people directly above you until someone who bought the same training is found. This rule is somewhat weird. I will put a video down below that explains their compensation plan.



Honest Thoughts About DS Domination


  • Misleading Claims


If you see their ads on the internet, you would think that they are really about “drop shipping.” But if you observe carefully, they are just using that buzzword to generate hype for their program. The reality is this program lives and dies on their referral system, which is disappointing.


  • Their Training Module Is Outdated


You can’t earn much from drop shipping on eBay using the products from Amazon. It might have worked in 2012 when dropshipping isn’t that well-known but now, you would hardly get a click on your items.


For drop shipping to work, you must find cheaper items, and not just cheap by several dollars. You have to get items for wholesale prices, and you can only get those from China or from other developing countries in the world. It’s possible to get cheap items on Amazon, that much is true, but I’d assure you, your potential buyers would know that you are overcharging them.


  • No Refund Policy


Another ugly thing about this program is there is no money-back guarantee. For something that costs close to $2,500 when you avail all upsells, this is simply unforgivable. Once you pay for their products, that money is theirs, no takebacks.


The Conclusion


Is DS Domination A Scam? The answer is a bit complicated but I’d answer with a lukewarm YES.


It is somewhat of a scam. The training you get from this program is not worth the price. The dropshipping information is outdated by at least 10 years. You won’t earn back the money you spent using their training alone. You have to recruit people into the program to get back even a percentage of what you paid for. When you do that, this program would just be a glorified pyramiding scheme.


Overall, I’d advise anyone looking into this program to just skip it altogether. There are literally thousands of better programs out there. I already gave a link to my #1 recommended program, so you should check that out instead. I will put the link down again here – My #1 Recommendation.






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