Dot Dot Smile Review- An MLM with an Ugly Truth Revealed?!!

Dot Dot Smile Review

Dot Dot Smile Review- An MlM with an Ugly Truth Revealed?!!


If you are looking for the unbiased and an in-depth Dot Dot Smile MLM review, you have come to the right place.


If you want to break outside your 9-5 desk job, but still make a decent income, then Dot Dot Smile MLM business opportunity will show up on your radar.


You might be asking, “what is Dot Dot Smile?” If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will come to know all about this company in this blog post.


Before becoming a Dot Dot Smile seller, it is essential to learn more about how much it costs as well as how it works.


Also, learn more about the materials and equipment you will require to start up the Dot Dot Smile business and see how fast you can start. The Dot Dot Smile dresses bring incredible joy to the little girls. In fact, it is much fun to sell these dresses.


In this Dot Dot Smile review, I want to give you all the details regarding this program to enable you to make an informed decision. Is Dot Dot Smile A Scam? Does it really work as the owners allege?


Read on to find out whether Dot Dot Smile is legit or not.


Dot Dot Smile MLM Review: A Quick OverviewDot Dot Smile Review: Ugly Truth Revealed?!

Name: Dot Dot Smile


Owner: Jeff & Nicole Thomson

Price: $50

Summary: Dot Dot Smile is a legitimate multi-level marketing company. Signing up for DDS is quick and simple. As a new team member, you get free shipping for 1 year, personal replicated website, backend office to place orders, manage your teams and commission and more. And all with affordable prices. However, the major downside is- most people that join an mlm program will fail and there’s nothing special about DDS that will make it exceptional from other MLM systems. So, I would say it is great but you chance of success is very minimal.

Overall Scam Rank: 4.5 Out of 10

Best for: People that have tough skin and good at chasing down sales

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What is Dot Dot Smile?

Dot Dot Smile is a kid clothing organization that started back in 2013 but switched to MLM In 2017. The organization is based in California and is being operated by the founder, Nicole Thompson. The company is specialized in children’s clothes.


Here’s a Short Video on Dot Dot Smile


As an MLM company, Dot Dot Smile does not spend money on marketing or anything related to advertising. Instead, it enables affiliates to sell their clothes and then make a commission on every sale.


Jeff Thompson, Nicole’s husband, is sometimes recognized as being A co-founder of the program as well, but from the info I have gathered, the majority of the organization is led by the wife. However, Jeff Thompson is seen as the CEO of the company.


They are listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website but they are not accredited. They have an A- rating at the time of this review.


Dot Dot Smile is similar other direct sale companies such as Amway, Easy 1 Up, Ambit Energy, World Financial Group and others.


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How Does Dot Dot Smile Work?

In regards to the items being sold by Dot Dot Smile, the primary focus here is on kid’s attire explicitly designed for girls. Some of the products include backpacks, t-shirts, dresses, and swimwear.


There are differences in pricing, depending on size and style. However, I found that swimwear and dresses range between $20 and $21. On the other hand, the backpacks have A higher price range of about $40.


Here’s a Screenshot


Dot Dot Smile Dresses


The good thing about Dot Dot Smile is that they offer free shipping, but you need to place A minimum order of $75 to get this free service.


If you are planning to join Dot Dot Smile, you will be required to pay A membership fee that costs $ 50 per year. In addition to this, you will need to order goods worth A minimum of $ 149.


When you sign up for them you get:

  • Free shipping for 1 year
  • Personal replicated website
  • Backend office to place orders, manage your team and commission
  • No minimum monthly personal volume (PV) to stay active


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How to Make Money with Dot Dot Smile?

When it comes to making actual money as a Dot Dot Smile affiliate, you need to sell their products and recruit other members to join the program. On the retail side, you can make A cool 40% on all the items sold to the retail customers. Generally, all members enjoy this rate by default.


The recruitment commissions are given for level one and level two recruits. Here, you will enjoy A 10% commission on the first order placed by A person you recruited to the program. Also, you will receive A 5% commission for the first order placed by A person recruited to level 2.


In addition to this, residual commissions also exist and are sent to affiliates via A popular standard uni-level system.

Below’s a screenshot of their compensation plan.

Dot Dot Smile Compensation Plan


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Dot Dot Smile Ugly Truths Revealed!

Low success rate

Most users that join an MLM program will fail, and there is nothing special about Dot Dot Smile that will make it exceptional from the other MLM systems.


Bothering family and friends

The worst part about Multi-Level Marketing systems is that you have to recruit family and friends, and this can ruin the close friendship.


Blind boxes

You can either sell the dresses online or in person. However, you have no control over what the company sends you if you purchase products from them. The company only sends you girl dresses, and it is up to you to sell them.


What I Like About Dot Dot Smile

Here is what I like about this special program:

Big market

The clothing platform seems okay and Is reasonably priced. Selling children clothes can be an excellent opportunity If you know A lot of expecting mothers.


Experienced leadership

Well, Nicole’s mother is an experienced person as she is A co-founder of a leading billion-dollar fashion MLM. Thus, I am guessing that Nicole has gathered a few tips from her.


Cheap to join

Various MLM’s can cost you above $ 1000’s after all the hidden costs, but that is not the case in this platform. You will only have to part with about $200 to get started.


Is Dot Dot Smile A Scam?

I wouldn’t be surprised If you have come across A review that labels Dot Dot Smile A scam! A lot of users on the internet will tell you a product is a scam If they have an alternative product to sell to you.


Now, according to me, Dot Dot Smile isn’t A scam! Nevertheless, There are various things you need to know before joining any MLM business.


In conclusion, this system appears to be A legit, MLM opportunity. The retail commissions offered are competitive, and the option to make money from light recruitment is incredible. The only problem with this program is probably the limited number of clients you will come across.


MlM business models can sound great and they are designed to look fun and create a sense of community by selling to your family and friends. But once these prospect dry up you commission will as well. This is when your honeymoon is over and you start struggling to create a team based sales to make a decent income.


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Dot Dot Smile at a Glance

Name: Dot Dot Smile

Owner: Jeff & Nicole Thomson


Price: $50

Overall Scam Rank: 4.5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, No Training Beyond Warm Market

Dot Dot Smile

$50 Plus $149 Order





Overall Quality



  • Big Market.
  • Cheap to Join.
  • Experienced Leadership.


  • Low Success Rate.
  • Bothering Family and Friends.
  • Blind Boxes.

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