DionData Solutions Review – Can You Earn Good Money Through Data Entry?

DionData Solutions Review

DionData Solutions claims to help you earn good money through data entry by providing all the training and program at no cost to you with no hidden requested fees. But can you trust these guys? In the DionData review, I reveal the most important facts and latest updates about their program.

One of the most popular simple jobs available on the internet is data entry. It is one of the simplest jobs available because it doesn’t take much skill to enter data but that doesn’t mean it’s a job that is super easy to get.

The opposite is actually true because due to its nature, there is a surplus of data entry workers. This makes getting hired by companies somewhat hard and tricky.

Today, we’re going to look into a relatively old company, DionData Solutions, which is a data entry company that provides data entry jobs from people all over the world.

DionData Solutions Review: A Quick OverviewDionData Solutions Homepage

Name: DionData Solutions

Website: https://diondatasolutions.net

Owner: Diondata Solutions

Price: Free to Sign Up

Summary: DionData Solutions is a legitimate Data Management Service Bureau. You can access their training and programs with no cost at all. They can help you to create an effective and cost- efficient for all data and document needs. Thus, you can save time and money for your company. However, the major downside is that your application isn’t easily to get approved unless you’ve tried several times. So, I would say it is great but the competition is fierce and unforgiving.

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What Exactly Is DionData Solutions?

DionData Solutions is a data entry company that opened in 1999 and still operating today, with offices nationwide. This company hires freelance clerks that can write at least 60 WPM.

This is a US-based company which only employs data entry clerks that reside in the USA. They are specialized in Medical Claims, Data/Images Conversion, OCR Repair, Scanning and a lot of more.

Once hired, they are tasked to enter data from images, scanned documents, legal resources, and many more. This basically means that the job description means that you are responsible for turning data into useable information, depending on the needs of your employer.

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How Much Does DionData Solutions Pay?

Unfortunately, there is no public information about the actual pay. They boast a low turnover rate which could only mean one thing – their employees are satisfied with the job and that probably means that the pay is respectable.

However, the competition is tough as well which gives them the ability to lowball their employees. The two statements seem to contradict each other but one thing is for sure — if the retention rate is high, the pay is probably fair, or higher than average at least.

How Does DionData Solutions Work?

It is a website that hires people from the US to transcribe data from an image, online sources, hard copies, scanned documents, and many more. It acts as a middleman between data entry coders and companies that want their data transcribed.

Here’s a Short Video on DionData Solutions

The companies would hire this company to hire coders. The company does not exactly say it but I’m pretty sure that they get some kind of spotter’s fee whenever someone is hired using their platform.

What Are The Requirements To Work For DionData?

If you want to be a member, you need to download an online application form and answers all the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Once you have filled out your application form, you can submit it through email then wait for the confirmation if you get approved for the job.

There are literally thousands of applicants per day, therefore, you need to understand that it is practically impossible for them to reply to each and every request or questions they receive on their email. This could mean that it can take a while for them to process your application.

You need to be patient when waiting for their replies because it’s possible that they would only contact you after several weeks, or sometimes, never at all.

If a few weeks have passed and you still haven’t heard from them, that is the only time wherein you can send a new application.

It’s pretty normal for applicants to apply several times before the could even get a reply because of the sheer number of applications received through their email.

What this means is you need to keep trying because there’s a huge possibility that they missed your email entirely, or perhaps there are no openings the time you sent your application.

Needless to say, when a company needs new data operators, given that your application is still active, they will contact you.

What I Like About DionData Solutions?

  1. If you qualify for the first requirements, the rest of the work is easy

Data entry level jobs offer the perfect mix of easy and honest work. Anyone can do it, provided that they can type fast and can follow instructions very clearly. It is one of those jobs that don’t require much.

Once you get accepted to the program, all you have to do is follow the instructions and you’re well on your way to earn extra money.

  1. The company has been in business for decades now which makes it almost certain that it is legit

This company is legitimate. It has been in operation since 1999 and it never got into any big scandal which speaks volume to its integrity.

  1. The company has very low turnaround rate which means employees find the work manageable

This company does not go on a hiring spree. Instead, it takes its time when looking for potential employees. This might be one of the reasons why they have a very low turnover rate. It’s also possible that their pay rate is good.

  1. You can work from home

In fact, it’s almost a requirement for this company that you work online. All you need to have is a strong and stable internet connection. If you have those, you’re almost set.

Just make sure that you are professional about your work because that’s what the company is looking for. They have a low turnover rate which means that the majority of their employees are happy with the work.

  1. You work on your own

Depending on your preference, this could be a good or bad thing. If you are a person who likes to work alone, then this job is perfect for you since you will be working unsupervised 99% of the time.

However, if you are the kind of person who thrives when working as a part of a team, then you may find this work a little bit limiting.

What I Didn’t Like About DionData Solutions?

  1. It could take several tries before your application gets approved

Because of the sheer amount of application that this company receives, it’s possible that your application gets lost in their inbox. However, there really is no way for you to know what happened to your email exactly.

It’s also possible that there are no current vacant positions or they just missed your applications, which do happen, unfortunately. Nevertheless, you need to re-send your application to make sure they will not miss it.

  1. The wait time between re-application could be anywhere from several days to weeks

As I’ve said, you really have no way of knowing what happened to your application, you are never really sure when to resend your application which means that you need to keep resending your application when you have not received a reply.

But you need to keep a good balance too because sending too many application could derail your chances.

  1. Since this is a data-entry job, the competition is fierce and unforgiving

This is not a knock to data entry personnel but it is one of the few jobs that is always in demand without any big qualifications. This means that almost anyone could get in with the program if they so choose.

For you, this means more competition and this would hurt your chances of getting selected for a particular job.

  1. You must be a US citizen to be considered for the job

This is one of the only limiting requirements of this program. It would’ve been better if they are able to cater to workers abroad because there’s just too many data entry workers available.

Honest Verdict

If you want to try data entry, this program is worth it, in my opinion. The only real drawback is you sometimes don’t hear back immediately from the people behind the program. You just try again if this happens.

It all comes down to luck if you think about it. Some people hear back immediately while for some, it could take up to a month. In such cases, the only real course of action would be to re-apply.

But in all fairness, data entry jobs are always in demand and it’s challenging to reply to all applicants due to the sheer number of it.

Nevertheless, this program sure is worth it and would provide you good money once you get accepted for it. Sadly, I can’t provide information about the compensation as it is confidential but from my impression, the salary is pretty average.

Overall, this product is definitely worth your time especially if you are looking for a data entry job.

DionData Solutions






Overall Quality



  • Perfect Mix of Easy and Honest Work
  • It is a Legitimate Company
  • You Can Work From Home


  • Hard to Get Your Application to Get Approved
  • The Competition is Fierce and Unforgiving
  • You Must a US Citizen to be Considered for a Job

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