Digital Millionaire Secret Review- Is It A Scam Or A Big Business Opportunity?

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

Digital Millionaire Secret review: Outright Scam Aler!


First of all, welcome to the most detailed breakdown of Digital Millionaire Secret (DMS) review. We’ll be going through every everything about this program. By the end of this article you will know for sure if the program is for you.

Is Digital Millionaire Secret a scam? Will you become a digital millionaire by joining the Digital Millionaire Secret? I will dive deep into the program and provides you with the good, the bad and the ugly about this program. And I will also provide you with the latest update about it in this DMS review.

Are you looking for way to make money from home?

Most people looking to make full-time income from home have come across the Digital Millionaire Secret which is a new work from the home opportunity. The Digital Millionaire Secret is an online system which is making money.

The system involves selling goods through affiliate websites known as funnels. This is a sale funnel which has been made and designed to attract people into purchasing a product referred to as Digital Altitude.


Digital Attitude- Aspire by (Michael Force) Scam is shut down by FTC. Digital Attitude- Aspire, Digital Millionaire Secret, no longer in the business.


Digital Millionaire Secret Review: A Quick OverviewDigital Millionaire Secret review: Outright Scam Aler!

Name: Digital


Owner: Anonymuous

Prices: $37 a month – $19,997

Summary: Digital Millionaire Secret is a borderline scam. It is just a total sale funnel designed for the Digital Attitude- Aspire. They are using digital making products as a cover for running a recruiting scam. No one should be buying digital marketing programs that cost over 10,000 but it’s happening. Similar to other programs like Empower Network and MOBE, Digital Attitude- Aspire scam is shut down by the FTC and no longer in business. You need to know to understand that they don’t care you more than their money. People essentially devoid ethic in the face of personal profit, peddling their modern snake oil courses with lots of what it will deliver.

Overall Scam Rank: 1 Out of 10

Recommended: NO, Scam, Wolf, Shameless Plague

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What is Digital Millionaire Secret All About?

On the Digital Millionaire Secret advertising page, they claim that this business system will make for you $2750 in each business day. Digital Millionaire Secret involves buying their products and also payment of money before joining.

The business operates in an MLM system which is a network of marketing opportunities. The system is designed such that to sell it, you must buy their products.

The system introduction page only requires that I sign up similar to other affiliate internet businesses. After signing up, a coach is assigned to you to train and guide you through the basics.

The coach is among the salesmen who still lure you to buy their products so that they earn their commission. Businesses that have a high risk of falling out of business because of reduced traffic to their sites find solace in funnels.

See the BBB rating about Aspire Digital Altitude

The funnels help to revive the sales pages under normal circumstances. These companies hence try to bring new life to their businesses by launching new sales funnels.

Digital Millionaire Secret system mostly sells Aspire products and events. You are guided to a dashboard after joining the system. The products are accessed from the dashboard.

Before earning a good amount of commission, one needs to sell many products accessible through the Digital Altitude page.

Here’s What Digital Altitude Member’s Look Like

Digital Altitude member's area


Some of these Digital Altitude products include aspire, hiker, aspire, walker, aspire climber going for $68, $37 and $127 per month respectively.

To access and buy these products, you must be a member of their memberships which includes the ascend-$10,000, the apex-$28,000, the base membership-$595, the rising membership -$2000, and the peak-17,000.


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Your earnings depend on your sales. The more you sell the Digital Millionaire Secrets products, the more you earn. If the person you recruited sells a product, you also get a commission.

If you are looking for the best opportunity to make an online income, this article gives you all the information and truth about Digital Millionaire Secret company.


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What I Liked About Digital Millionaire Secret

I know a lot of people who have made lots of money. They were Digital Altitude and Aspire affiliates earning 6 figure numbers. If you are looking for earning opportunities with Digital Millionaire Secret, surely yes you can.

The first positive I will list is that Digital Millionaire Secret offers somewhat legitimate earning channel to generate income. Technically, the company is not a complete scam, and you get an opportunity to get income by signing up.

The coaches mentioned above help you in setting up and starting your affiliate business. Contrary it requires more dedication and hard work as one earns more with more sales.

This program is the perfect example of what the beginners should avoid. Digital Altitude or Aspire despite being a new company are well organized and polished. Affiliates make a high-income salary as the products are of high prices.

If you are an affiliate and you sell all the products that you own, then you will have earned a plenty good amount.


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What I Didn’t Like About Digital Millionaire Secret

The biggest issue with Digital Millionaire Secret is the model they use of pay to play. You must purchase the goods from Aspire for you to sell them themselves. The cost of these products is very expensive hence requires a huge amount of money.

For most normal people, this money is hard to be generated and often represents a lifetime saving. It is hence difficult for most people to start up their income through this channel.

Furthermore, the huge amount of money paid to the products does not directly represent the need for the products. The products are not wanted by most people.

I can’t imagine spending lots of money for a product I don’t need and selling it a huge amount of money to another person who does not need it.

Additionally, Digital Millionaire Secret affiliate commissions are relatively low compared to other body standards and industry standards you may come to think of. This is contrary to their expensive tickets nature.

In simpler term, although you can earn the right amount of money, you must work extra hard to earn those commissions. Beginners struggle to live up to expectation in the Digital Millionaire Secret as successful marketers continue to make huge profits from these systems.

They sink a lot of money into the business by buying some products. The inadequate training just bought makes them unable to survive in the market and no produce.

With time they become lost, and their money is lost leaving you with nothing to show off. I also heard that a while ago they were continually not paying affiliates.

They made excuses when support tickets were raised, and weeks would pass without the affiliates getting paid.


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Who Is It For?

Digital Millionaire Secret is meant for all those people willing to make money and income online. If you want to make huge income at home by just logging in to the online website, this is the convenient spot for you.

Despite the huge amount of capital required to get into the affiliate business, the job is meant for any willing person. However, there are those that fit the business more appropriately than others.

Experienced marketers in internet marketing are more advantaged as they understand the job better. is a digital millionaire site that explains about the company and how you can make a good income from it.


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Digital Millionaire Secret company has a 100 percent free training. A business friend of mine had invited me to join the Digital Altitude.

As I was in several times involved in affiliate marketing, I decided to give it a trial as he told me of how I could make a lot of money. I decided to be involved actively in the business opportunity. A coach is assigned to you when joining.

The coach takes you through a series of queries and steps so that you understand the business better. Most of these steps are designed to lure you into upgrading to the expensive and higher products offered by Digital Millionaire Secret. The steps are to upsell you into purchasing these expensive products.

The teaching and training package are included in 16 steps. The heavy lifting is done for you, and the coach leads you through all the teachings. These include one on one coaching and a bonus package.

The package includes new money playbook brought to your door, an optimized split-testing conversion, services, and products to market and response direct expert copywriting.

Other privileges that come together with the package include management software of customer relations, pipeline tools, and sales funnel, email marketing, and follow up messages and email marketing and a team of salespeople from the Digital Millionaire Secret marketing to close up the sales for you.

What is The Cost of Joining Digital Millionaire Secret?

The price of joining the Digital Millionaire Secrets include $37 per month plus $1000’s of upsells. You must pay and play. I find this expensive as one has to pay the membership right to promote the company’s products.

The membership levels are not cheap compared to other online company marketing businesses that do not demand any amount for one to promote their products.

The memberships include Walker-$37 per month, Hiker-$67 per month and Climber -$127per month.

To make commissions, you must be at the level mostly if you are a Walker. To make and earn the commission of referral upgrades to the Climber, you need to be a Climber otherwise the next sponsor above will earn the commission.

Additionally, digital millionaire secret company has high-end products which you need to buy before you can make any sales. The sales products include Base-$595, Rise-$1,997, Ascend- $9,997, Peak-$ 16,997 and Apex-$27,997.

From my review, I have learned that you must purchase each level you want to earn at while you should not skip levels. To earn at the Apex level, you have to invest about $57,583. That about of dollars is enough down payment investment on the house.

I have heard so many stories of people investing in a crazy amount of money and at the end make no money. Be careful not to get into loans to invest in these sorts of expensive companies.

Is Digital Millionaire Secret a Scam?

Digital Millionaire Secret is from Aspire, and Digital Altitude systems and are with no doubt a way of earning online. It is not a legitimate way to earn as it demands hard work and tedious time to get income from it.

They are making a fool of people who are trying to make a living out of online businesses. They are luring you with fast money talks in a short time to get you into their website while it’s very different.

See the FTC Obtains Court Order Halting Digital Altitude Here

They say it doesn’t require hard work as they do all the work for you while the more you sell, the more you earn. These sorts of Digital Millionaire Secret scam will rip off your money and leave you with huge debts of having to pay for years to come. Online money making is real but always requires commitment, learning, and hard work.

Many companies are offering many types of businesses online that will help you earn money online. Finding an income generating work is hence simple because of the various offers.

Unfortunately, there are also many scam companies that target to grab off your hard-earned cash, so you shouldn’t fall for any rich schemes advertised. Digital Millionaire Secret company offers you an opportunity to earn online with very shady.

I came across it, and to my view, it is a chance to earn from the internet just like other many companies provide the opportunities. Despite the opportunity, you should first scrutinize it to make sure the company is not a scam and to get the assurance that it is your best choice to invest in.

After coming across the Digital Millionaire Secret website, I knew I was looking at an income-generating opportunity. I have been in this system for many months as an active member.

The Digital Altitude company being promoted also by aspiring today makes claims that you can earn up to $2800 daily from home just by being online.

I did not get attentive in most of the training and I jumped into the business. In several months I made some good money which indeed is good.

This is a support experience of Digital Millionaire Secret although am no longer their affiliate. However, this was also influenced by my experience in online marketing have involved in several online company marketing.

I had done a huge sale amount and as compared to what I earned from it was a bit unfair. Other companies which I had involved with on several occasions in the past paid higher percentage commissions as compared to Digital Millionaire Secret.

On the flipside, however, Digital Altitudes does not have a structure in place where commissions are passed up to your sponsors as it is the case with the other companies.

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages at play here and it only depends on your view.

Here’s My Final Opinion On Digital Millionaire Secret

Since I have accessed the Digital Millionaire Secret company, I won’t recommend it to you. You can make money from the company, but I believe you can make more money elsewhere.

I cannot recommend it to someone who is a beginner in the internet marketing career. The signing up costs are very high hence huge capital is required to get you going to the Digital Millionaire Secret company.

For you to prosper in the income earning opportunity, you require having a perfect experience in internet marketing as you need to sell products for you to earn.

The earning claims about Digital Millionaire Secret company are not a guarantee of income. They are mostly made to give you an idea of what is possible in the marketing business. Hard work is a must to succeed in this business.

There are much better options to make money online with the most affordable prices. And not all of them are shady like Digital Altitude- Aspire or Digital Millionaire Secret.

If you are looking for a way to make money from home in an ethical way without having rely on gimmicks or false promises, take a moment to check out my top recommended work at home opportunities.


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Digital Millionaire at a Glance

Name: Digital Millionaire Secret


Owner: Anonymous

Prices: $37 a month – $19,997

Overall Scam Rank:

Verdict: Do Not Recommend

Digital Millionaire Secret

$37 a month- 19,999





Overall Quality



  • Expensive
  • Recruiting
  • False Claims

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