Review: Sell Your Extra Stuff To Earn? Review: Sell Your Extra Stuff To Earn?


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You’ve probably heard of the term “minimalist life.” The idea behind this particular lifestyle is to only live with things that are truly necessary for your life. Basically, it is assumed that most of us have too much stuff and we could do away with giving away some of it. Or you can actually sell it, like doing a garage sale. In today’s review, we’re going to look into a program that will allow you to sell your item using the internet. Decluttr is the name – which is pretty genius if you think about it. The name is pretty self-explanatory.


The slogan of this program is “Make room. Make Money.” It’s pretty straightforward. The program allows you to sell your things for whatever price you deem is fair and pocket the proceedings. It’s a very simple program that aims to help you rid of the items that you don’t need.


What Exactly Is


Decluttr is actually a website and not a program. But it is also available as an app if you prefer that. It offers people an easy way to sell their used items like DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, games, books, and other tech items that you don’t want anymore. This website is registered in Kennesaw, GA and has been operating for at least 4 years now.


This is not the first website of its kind. In fact, it’s probably one of the thousands on the internet. The only real distinguishing thing about this program is it sort of pushes this minimalist agenda whereas some of the most popular ‘garage sale” websites do it just for the money – think Craigslist and eBay. Both of these websites do not push out any agenda. You just go in them if you want to get rid of your things. Decluttr functions the same except it’s more of a looker – it easier to navigate and very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


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How Does Decluttr Work Exactly?


The first thing you do, of course, is to decide what items to sell. Look through your shelves or cabinets to find things that you don’t use anymore. If you’re just like an average person, not too clean but not too dirty, I can assure you that you will find numerous things in your house that you don’t use anymore. You can try to go and see. Open up one of your drawers and I can guarantee you that even on your first look, you will see something in there that you don’t use anymore.


Now, once you have the item in hand and you’re decided to sell it, you can now head over to the Decluttr website to put your items up. Here’s something unique on Decluttr – they are the ones who will tell you how much your item is worth. That is very much different than, let’s say, Craigslist where you have free reign on how much you will price the item. Decluttr will have you scan the barcode on the item that you are selling. That barcode will then tell Decluttr everything there is to know about the item. Once you have entered additional details, they will tell you the price they are willing to pay for that item.


If you’re happy with the quoted price, you can send the item to their headquarters. Their quoted price will be called “Tech Price Promise” which will be a guarantee, no questions asked. However, once they receive the item, they can lower their offer if they see some sort of damage to it. For instance, if their Tech Price Promise is $40 but then lowered it to $30 when they receive the item, you have the option to get the item back, free of charge.


What Items Can You Sell On Decluttr?


There are plenty of items you can sell on Decluttr. Most of the stuff you don’t use anymore inside your house, you can sell on Decluttr, provided that it still has a visible barcode, and the item hasn’t deteriorated that much.


Here are some of the things you can sell there:


  • Books – There is actually a huge secondhand book community. They are willing to take in any kind of book as long as it is still readable. The most popular books to sell are popular fiction books but in my opinion, the easiest books to sell are college textbooks. Once you finish college, it’s highly unlikely that you would need those books again, so off your bookshelf they go.
  • DVDs – The physical DVD market is very much a thriving market. You won’t get much if you sell any old records but it is still something especially when the other option is just letting it rot in your drawers.
  • CDs – This is almost the same as DVDs. The only difference here is the CD format is a bit older, and more of a memorabilia item now. Nonetheless, there is still a healthy market for it.
  • Video Games – If you own a console, chances are, you own some games that have collected dust inside your house. Most of the games nowadays, while good, don’t have replay value. So instead of your games just sitting there depreciating in value over time, just sell them off.
  • Phones – If you have upgraded your phone, you will be left with an old phone that you won’t have much use for. If your old phone is old enough, one could argue that it’s as valuable as a brick. But instead of throwing it out, you can just sell it online. Plenty of people would have a use for that, maybe for experimentation or something.
  • Tablets – This is the same as your phone. Old tablets are usually given as gifts to small kids so there’s always a healthy market for old tablets.
  • Other Gadgets – Decluttr takes it all kinds of gadgets as long as there is some demand for it. Smartwatches, TVs, Video game consoles, e-book readers, and other gadgets. You can always try to ask Decluttr if they will accept your item in case you want to sell something.


How Do You Get Paid?


Once your item is received in their warehouse, they will issue a payment. Basically, once you receive a quote from their team, they will send you a label that you can use to send the item to their warehouse. Once they receive it, they will send you a confirmation along with the payment.


But remember that they will do an inspection first and your item must be able to stand any scrutiny. If not, they will instead send you an email, lowering their initial offer. You can opt for them to send the item back if you’re not happy with their offer. But most of the time, their initial offer stands, given that your item is of good quality.


You can have the payment be sent using Paypal, direct deposit, or mail you a check.


Pros And Cons Of Using Decluttr


As with all platforms, this one has some good qualities as well as bad ones. We’re here to make a concise list of all the good and bad things I’ve found in my research.




  • Your house will be more organized
  • You will earn extra money
  • You can consider it as a form of recycling
  • Once you send the item, you won’t ever have to think about it




  • Some issues in package reception
  • Some complaints about item handling
  • You will get low-balled
  • No control over the pricing


The Conclusion


Decluttr is not the only resale website that you can use. As I’ve said earlier, there are thousands of websites similar to this one. You probably have used some of the most popular ones like Craigslist at least once.


The only difference here is Declutter won’t give the option to negotiate. Once they give you their quote, it’s going to be a “take it or leave it” kind of thing, which is okay if you don’t want the hassle and you only want to rid of your items in a hurry. If you want to earn better money though, there are definitely better options.


Nevertheless, I would still recommend this item to most of my readers but only if they don’t need the money. If your primary goal is to just declutter your home and couldn’t care less about the payment amount, then this website is for you. You even have the option of donating the proceeds to a charity of your choice if that’s what you wish. Overall, it’s a neat program that does what it’s supposed to do, plus more.

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