Deal Dash Reviews- Fair and Honest Bidding Site?

Deal Dash Reviews- Fair and Honest Bidding Site?

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What is Deal Dash All About?

Deal Dash is one of the biggest pay to participate in auction websites in the US. It is also the longest surviving auction website in the United States. This site was started in 2009 by a Finnish Entrepreneur called Wolfram William.

Deal Dash Inc. has received 4.85 out of 5 stars based on 217 customers reviews and a BBB rating of A+.

William was inspired to start this site when he lost some money bidding for a MacBook in a penny auction site. The company’s mode of operation is similar to that of other sites.

A customer is required to pay before entering an auction, payment for participation is mandatory whether the customer is successful or not.

With each bid, the price of the item goes up gradually until the bidding process comes to an end.

One of the things that set Deal Dash apart from other sites is the fact that they offer losing bidders the opportunity to use the money they lost on an unsuccessful bid to purchase that item for a specified retail price.

A person participating may choose to make one bid at a time by physically clicking the bid button or use an automatic bidding tool known as bid buddy.

Every time a customer places a bid, the auction clock is restarted. This means if no new bids are placed before the allocated 10-30 seconds lapse the last highest bidder is declared the winner of the process.

How Does Deal Dash Work?

Deal Dash is what is commonly known as a low-frill auction in the biding world. This means the auction process is free from gimmicks.

The site also offers no-jumper auctions which help make the bidding process fair by limiting completion. The no jumper facility closes bids once the auction reaches a certain price.

This feature ensures that spoilers do not come in an auction process that has been going on for a while.

Signing up with Deal Dash is free of charge. For a person to participate in the auction process, one needs to buy a bid for 0.60 Dollars. After making this purchase, it is totally up to you to decide how much you want to spend on the site.

If you want to fully exploit Deal Dash you need to spend some time on the site for the purpose of learning how to properly bid and get good deals in the process.

The bidding process is quite straightforward, each bidding session starts at $0.00 and each consecutive bid adds $ 0.1 to the price of the item being bided upon. Every time a person bids the timer is reset back 10 seconds.

Deal Dash has an estimated client base of 4 million registered users and is also known to own a site for collecting reviews from their customers (

This is in a bid to prove to the public that they are a legitimate company with legitimate business interests. Deal Dash has in an ingenious way turned shopping into an actually interesting game.

The Pros Vs. Cons of Deal Dash


    • Registration is free and no membership fee is required for those who are interested in joining Deal Dash. Upon registration, members are allowed to make nine bids per week; the system will not allow a customer to make more bids once they reach this number.
    • Once you win a bid, you need not stress yourself with how the item will get to you. Deal Dash ships all items to its customers free of charge.
    • Deal Dash affords those customers who have lost a bid to purchase the same item from their stores. This provision is commonly referred to as buy it now. Once you choose to exercise this option you are able to purchase the item at the full retail value. Once the purchase transaction is done they give you back your bids. This is a good and unique thing for those who were looking to get an item at a cheaper price by working the market.
    • They guarantee their customers 90-day full money back upon purchasing the first bid pack. This is a good deal and it shows that the risk factor is very low with this site.
    • Members are allowed to earn themselves free bids. This is possible for those who turn out to be the highest bidders. Once the clock reaches zero and you are the highest bidder, you automatically receive free bids. This is an incentive to members so that they can bid more.
    • Bidders can choose to bid manually by clicking at the bid button or they can choose to bid using Bid buddy. This is a program that automatically and strategically places bids for a customer and this option is open for all bidding sessions. This program increases the chances of you winning the auction by strategically placing your bid at the last second. A member can set a limit to the number of bids he/she wants to use. This is a helpful facility for new members who are yet to learn how to bid properly and according to Deal Dash most auctions are won by those who use this program.
    • Deal Dash has an excellent customer care service. They respond to their clients queries fast and in the most helpful way. They offer customer care services 24/7 through various support systems such as Emails, telephone calls and live chats with customers. They are also keen in finding out what their customers feel when they add a new feature to their site They claim that most of the features they have come up with, are as a result of their engagement with their esteemed customers.
    • Deal Dash usually has special offers to its clients every year where they reduce their base amount from $0.60 to as low as $0.12. This is quite competitive because some penny auction companies charge up to $0.90 which is quite expensive compared to what Deal Dash has to offer its customers.
    • It is the biggest penny auction company in The United States and it has been around for the longest time. This speaks volumes about its credibility. This is a site that can be relied upon by customers to get value for their money.
    • During the bidding process, the system shows you the last four bidding prices that have been put up by other bidders. This gives a bidder a rough idea of what the average auction price will be for a specific item on offer.
    • There are no reserve prices for the auction


    • Deal Dash like many other penny auction companies has been widely criticized by people for not disclosing important details to customers. When they make disclosures they do so in fine print. Many customers do not go through the terms and conditions; they are therefore liable to be exploited without having the slightest idea. This goes against best business practices which require a certain degree of honesty between those engaging in business. For example, according to their terms of service, customers are warned that they are likely to spend more money on trying to win a bid than the actual retail price of an item. In the long run, customers may end up spending more money than they anticipated.
    • Consumer protection groups have classified Deal Dash as a gambling site for several reasons which include; they award items to customers who are either lucky or very persistent in their bidding. They raise money through bidding costs and not the final price of the good being bided for. This being the case, many customers lose substantial amounts of money without getting anything to show for it.
    • BUY IT NOW prices are way higher than those offered for the same item in sites like Amazon. It appears as if unsuccessful bidders are coerced into exercising this option because they stand to lose the value of the bids they have placed during the bidding session. They generate a lot of income from customers who chose to exercise this option after losing a bid and this may amount to unfair trade practice.
    • Just like everything else, there is a learning curve. The period you use to learn how to conduct auctions properly can be very confusing for new members looking to work the system. This may result in them losing lots of money in the process and unfortunately some of them may never learn how to properly bid.
    • While they offer free shipping services to their customers, customers who reside in Hawaii, Alaska and other countries are not subject to the free shipping offer. Shipping an item can be an expensive affair and this may discourage people who fall into this category of States from doing business with Deal Dash.
    • Most people who take part in the bidding process end up losing their hard earned money. This is because they may end up engaging in a price war where only one person can win. The essence of this bidding process is that many people are supposed to lose money so that one individual can get a fantastic deal. Remember once you bid unsuccessfully if you choose not to exercise the buy it now options you lose the value of the bids you have made.

Who Exactly is Deal Dash for?

This is an ideal place for those people looking for a shopping experience that is different and exciting.

The site offers diverse categories of products for bidding including; fashion, electronics, sports, furniture etc. This site can accommodate shoppers of all ages and demographics.

This is mainly because it can easily be accessed; young users often use their mobile phones to make their bids while senior members prefer using their desktops for the bidding process.

Training Tools

Deal Dash has a tactics and tips page for new members who want to learn how to bid properly. The tips and tactics page basically offers new members basic training i.e. rudimentary tactics.

There are eight rudimentary tactics that are offered, using these tactics and continuous engagement in bidding may improve the bidding skills of a person immensely.

Does Deal Dash Offer Any Help When You Need it?

They have an excellent customer care service which provides their customers with the help they need on a 24-hour basis. Customer care operators are able to reach the customers by way of Emails, live charting and telephone calls.

How Much Does Deal Dash Cost?

The largest amount of money you will be required to pay for a bid pack is $0.60. During their annual sales or special offers, the price of bid packs can go as low as $0.12. This is fantastic in the penny auction world. Truth be told you will not get a better deal anywhere else.

Here’s My Final Opinion About Deal Dash

This site is the cheapest in terms of pay per bid in the penny auction business. Compared to other sites, Deal Dash is more fair and honest than others.

Their pricing is transparent, they show customers the number of bids for the amount of money they have and how much they pay for each respective bid.

I also found it interesting that they show bidders the last four bidders and how much they bid so as to enable a bidder to calculate accurately how much they should place in order to win the auction.

In regard to fairness and transparency, I feel that the fact that they have a site that customers can review their services is quite commendable. Also giving their customers a money back option within 90 days of registration is also a good sign that they are committed to doing legitimate business.

Their features are interesting, innovative and make the shopping experience thrilling for those customers looking to get a great deal.

It also came to my attention that they are planning on introducing an existing biding feature known as Mystery Auctions where the bidders are able to see the item on offer until the bidding process kicks off.

This is interesting because it influences the customer to make a decision on the spot, to bid or not to bid.

Deal Dash is always working on ways to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and this is what sets them apart from other penny auction sites.

They were the first to introduce mobile applications for online auctions in 2015 and this was very well received by the public especially the young folk.

I think it’s a good place for those looking to obtain brand new products at a bargain while at the same time enjoying the joys that come with the thrill of online shopping. Talk of killing two birds with one stone!

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