Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review: Nothing Super About It

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review


deadbeat super affiliate scam


Deadbeat Super Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course that’s been gaining popularity in recent months due to its advertising on popular social media platforms. I actually got to see one in person while I was using Facebook the other day. When I saw one of their advertisements, I just had to make follow-up research because what I saw on their ads can only be described as ridiculous.


To put it into perspective, their ads run something like “Easy $3,000 in your first month… then passively earn $11,000 per month or more…” I am paraphrasing but this is the gist of what they’re claiming, which to be honest, sounds a little suspect. Not actually a little but red-flag waving kind of suspect.


I had no choice but to actually review this product and put their claims to the test. There had also been some requests from my readers to actually review this particular product which is one of the many reasons I will review it today.


But before we start….


I am not going to beat around the bush but give it to you straight – this particular program is not looking too good even at first glance.. especially at first glance, actually.


So, even before we start, as a consolation, I want to give you access to one of the most beloved affiliate programs that I’ve reviewed so far. This is my most recommended program and if you are interested in learning more about it, definitely click the link.


What Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?


Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a relatively old internet marketing training program, which is surprising, to be honest. It was launched in 2010. I’ve been telling my readers that if a program has been around for about 10 years, there’s a high chance that it is indeed legit. However, for this product, I would like to make an exception.


If you do your research, you would learn that this program is just a relaunch. This is its third relaunch which is saying something. When it was first launched, it quickly got up to #1 on Clickbank. Once the sales have lost its steam, it slid down into obscurity until its relaunch.


To be fair to this program, it never changed its name after the relaunch. Many companies usually change their names after the relaunch to rid of the bad image it got after its inception. That is not the case here.


Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a course about internet marketing, specifically affiliate marketing. It guarantees its users of earnings up to $12,000/month, but I’m pretty sure those are just dubious claims to make people click the program. In actually, that figure is probably closer to $12 than $12,000.


Who Is The Man Behind Deadbeat Super Affiliate?


The creator of this program is Dan Brock. As far as I’m concerned, he is a real person. He even has his own YouTube channel which he regularly posts to.


At the time of this writing, he has a sub count of 181K, which is a respectable amount. However, upon closer inspection, you would notice that his recent videos don’t even reach 10k views. It’s possible that the majority of his 181k followers are just bots. But then again, it’s also possible that his channel is dying.


Dan Brocks being a real person is definitely a good thing. It means that he is not hiding his real identity which sort of suggests that his program is legit. I’m not going to say that outright though. I would like to further my research before I make any claims about his product.


deadbeat super affiliate dan brocks


How Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Work?


The product claims to help its users earn $10,000 a month.


If you go to its website, you will be greeted by a person (Dan Brock) who claims to have found the secret to earning money online. Should you decide to finish his introduction video up until the end, you would soon see that his video style is reminiscent of all the sales pitch we’re all familiar with.


No, I’m not saying that sales pitches are all bad. I’m just saying that his marketing pitch has been done a million times before. Right off the bat, I don’t really expect some great things just because of the simple fact that his sales pitch sound dated.


Now, how does Deadbeat Super Affiliate work, really?


Deadbeat Super Affiliate supposedly would teach you how to become an affiliate on Amazon. You then sell physical products. You build your websites, create videos, market your videos, and wait for the checks to come in.


It sure sounds super easy once put that way. But there are glaring holes in this marketing style in that it tells you something without actually telling you anything. I hope I’m making sense – let me explain. It’s like telling a homeless person to “Just get a job.” This sentiment adds nothing of value, and kinda demeans the person by making it seem like everything is so easy.


My Honest Thoughts About Deadbeat Super Affiliate




  • Video quality


There is a certain fun on the way Dan presents his videos. The introduction can sometimes be funny. However, once you get into the sales pitch part, I get bored because of how generic they sound. Nevertheless, I will still put this on the “pros” column.


  • The creator is a real person


Too many companies nowadays are using a fake persona to get away from all the possible lawsuit they’re going to get. That is not the case with this company. It actually does inspire a bit of confidence.


  • Cheap starting price


The starting price for this program is a measly $17. It does go up to $97 if you opt for the loaded version.




  • Upsells


The price for the basic package is $17, as I’ve said. However, the $97 price hike for the better version seems a bit off-putting.


  • Misleading claims


The fact is, you are never going to earn $10,000 using this program. His video channel is evidence enough. One of the main steps of building your earning potential is you need to have good video marketing. If you check his YouTube channel, he’s not even making that many views – which tells me that even he can’t market his product properly so why should I believe his claims then?


  • Dated marketing techniques


If you look at his training materials, you will see plenty of references to old and outdated backlinking techniques. Backlinking is not how it was. In fact, you can even get away with very little backlinking nowadays. Dan makes it seem like that’s all you need to do when the fact is it’s not.


The Final Verdict – Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate Legitimate?


Deadbeat Super Affiliate provides are good affiliate marketing introduction for beginners. However, for the price of $17, I can think of many better alternatives.


I’ve already given you the link to my #1 recommended program so that’s a good start.


While the videos on the training are super detailed and produced in high quality, the actual content is lacking. The techniques referenced in his training materials are dated by about 10 years. That’s not good. That’s awful, in fact.


There’s no question that those techniques worked in the past, but they don’t do now. You simply can’t use those strategies and hope for a good outcome. That’s not how any of this works, and he should already know that if his claims about this affiliate knowledge are real.



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