Napston Review: Crypto Trading Bot With A Secret Exposed!

Napston Review: Crypto Trading Bot With a Secret Exposed!

Napston Review


Is Napston legit or a scam? alleges that it can help you make good fortunes via its automated cryptocurrency trading platform. How legit is this allegation?


On the internet, you have probably encountered a couple of systems promising you good profits in investment. The truth is that most of these platforms turn out to be scams.


In this detailed Napston review, I am giving you great info based on user experience and my investigations to assist you in making reliable decisions when you decide to invest in this system.


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What is Napston?

Napston is a new cryptocurrency trading platform based on a proprietary technology known as DANN (Distributed Artificial Neural Networks).


DANN is an advanced artificial neural network which is supported by computing power generated by highly and large distributed network of computers.


The Platform is not only 100% automated, but it is also dedicated to helping you make a remarkable interest from your dormant Ethereum holdings and Bitcoin with minimal effort and skills.

Here’s a Quick Video on Napston.


How Does Napston Work?

Napston is presently giving three attractive trading packages that can be bought via Ethereum and Bitcoin. Various referral bonuses are also for grabs. Here are the three packages offered by this system:


  • Starter – here, you are required to invest $ 100 and get a daily return of 1% for 150 days. The package comes with a three-level referral system


  • Advanced – one is needed to invest $ 1000 Bitcoin and receive a 1.25% daily return for a period of 150 days. The package incorporates a five-level referral system


  • Expert – minimum investment in this package is $5000 whereby you get 1.5% daily returns for 150 days. You also enjoy a ten-level referral system.


See the Screenshot Below.

Napston Membership Packages.


How to Make Money with Napston?

As seen above, Napston pays referral bonuses through a uni-level compensation arrangement. In a uni-level compensation arrangement, an affiliate is positioned at the top of a uni-level team where all personally recruited affiliate is directly placed below them (level 1).


Whenever level 1 affiliate members register new members, they are automatically placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s uni-level structure. If level 3 affiliates register new affiliates, they are automatically placed on level 4 and so on.


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At Napston, you make money through commissions paid out as a percentage of the funds invested across their ten levels. The commission is also based on the amount of the money you invest.


  • As a starter affiliate, you will receive 7% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and a 1% on level 3.


  • Advanced affiliates are offered 8% on level 1, 4% on level two, 2% on level three, and 1% on levels four and five.


  • As an expert affiliate, you will get 10% on level one, 4 % on level two, 2% on level three, and 1% on levels four to ten.


Napston Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Napston gives zero info on their site about the owner of the website as well as the person running the business.


  • Napston’s site domain isn’t updated regularly.


  • Adam Koller, a member of Napston Network Solutions Limited, is listed as the owner of the organization via a virtual office address in Hong Kong.


  • Neither Napston Network Solutions nor Adam Koller possesses a digital footprint outside Napston’s domain registration.


  • A significant source of the site’s traffic (76%) originates from Brazil.


  • Napston owns no sellable services or products. The affiliates are only able to market the Napston affiliate membership program.


What I Like About Napston

  • Quick withdraw – Napston process all withdraw requests fast 24/7 and with zero charge fees. The good thing is that users can make countless requests with no minimum withdrawal amount.


  • DDOS Protection – Napston utilizes one of the most trusted, professional, and experienced DDoS protection and mitigation service provider.


  • Professional Website Security – they have dedicated servers which are SSL encrypted by Comodo and DDoS protected by DDoS-GUARD. This is among the best available level of authentication and trust for websites.


  • 24/7 Helpful Support Team – Napston is aware of the significance of reliable support service to the customers. Always contact the customer department whenever you run into a problem.


Is Napston a Scam?

Most users would try to tell you otherwise, but the truth of the matter is that the owners behind Napston system aren’t using your Bitcoin to trade. Instead, they operate a margin system popularly known as the Ponzi scheme.


The Return on Investment is impractical while its affiliate program commission indicates that the company is eager to make money from you.


Although this system seems legit, do not be deceived by their whitewashed lies. The company may pay you initial commissions, but like other money-making programs, they will run away with your hard-earned investment when deposits lower. Thus, this system isn’t legit.


Daily, I get complains of users being scammed. It is possible to fall for these schemes due to the sweet promises they give you regarding making huge profits within a short period.


Generally, legit systems exist, but many scam schemes do exist as well. So, you need a helpful guide like this to assist you in making a solid decision.


How I Make a Living Online

Can one make money via affiliate marketing? Yes! I usually make money via affiliate marketing and working from home.


Now, affiliate marketing is a marketing practice whereby an affiliate receives a commission in the case of sale based on the affiliate’s sanction.


It is perhaps one of the easiest and cheapest ways of marketing since you don’t need to sell or create a product yourself.


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  • PPC (Pay Per Click) – you generate money online depending on the number of visitors redirected by your affiliate link to the advertiser’s site.


  • PPS (Pay Per Sale) – you make money online when a purchase is finalized. You are given a percentage of the sale by the advertiser.


  • PPL (Pay Per Lead) – you generate money online when visitors give their contact info on the advertiser’s site.


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Overall Quality



  • Quick Withdraw with zero charge fees.
  • DDOS protection.
  • Helpful support team.


  • Zero info about the owner of the website.
  • Their domain isn't updated regularly.
  • No sellable services or products.

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