Crypto Cash Review: Is This Trading Platform Legit?

Crypto Cash Review

crypto cash review

Product Name: Crypto Cash

Price: $37 joining fee + $250 initial deposit

Owner: Edward Clark and Freddie Parker

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Verdict: An automated crypto trading platform that makes outrageous claims about its profitability without explaining how it works.


Before I start with the review of Crypto Cash, I’d like to first introduce you to a quick video summarizing cryptocurrency. This should give you an idea of the mechanism behind the increase in popularity of this digital currency.



What Is Crypto Cash?


Crypto Cash is an online trading tool that claims to provide its users with useful tips for the cryptocurrency market. They provide tips on a daily basis and if you become a member, they can even do the trading for you.


In short, it’s an automated crypto trading system that claims to earn their clients thousands of dollars per day from an initial investment of just $250.


Obviously, this is a powerful claim and must be backed by actual data, because let’s be honest here, a return rate that much seems unheard of. Frankly, I haven’t seen such a return in my years in investment, and I’ve been doing that for more than a decade now.


To be fair, this cryptocurrency thing is still a new thing in today’s world. You can consider it to be an industry on its infancy. Whether that is a case for its profitability is up to debate. Years ago, there was an extreme surge in cryptocurrency trading, and that’s what this company is banking on.


In this review, we are going to investigate the claims of this company, Crypto Cash. Their claims seem to bordering on ridiculous and I don’t want you guys to fall for any kind of scam on the internet.


How Does Crypto Cash Work?


If you get right down to it, there isn’t a single explanation of how this program REALLY works. It just does, according to their website.


They claim to be using bleeding-edge technology to be able to predict the market trend, which sounds complete BULL, to be honest. I’ve never heard of such thing, much less see one in action. But this is the explanation they are going with, which is pretty vague at the very least.


crypto cash scam


Another thing they claim is you don’t need to have any prior knowledge to operate Crypto Cash App. Once you become a member, the whole process becomes automated to the point that you don’t even have to open the app to keep it going.


Again, this seems like an exaggeration and a testament to how sketchy this whole thing is. A good company would have a very clear and concise explanation of how their program operates. That is a stark contrast to what this company is doing, and is clearly a violation of some laws, I presume.


The People Behind Crypto Cash


There are two founders of this program, Edward Clark and Freddie Parker.


They claim to also be using the same strategy that they share with their userbase. The same strategies have helped both of them to earn millions, allegedly.


If you go to their profile and believe all that’s said about them, you may come to the conclusion that this program is worth it. However, their claims can’t really be verified since all the information about them comes from just their website and the profile that they probably wrote themselves.


But speaking from experience, I’m almost certain that whatever strategy they used as a crypto trader would be kept a secret if it’s as effective as they are telling.


If every millionaire would share their secret on how they made their millions, everyone would be a millionaire. Think about it.


How To Become A Member?


Signing up for this program is surprisingly easy. It just takes about 5 minutes and you’re all set.


There is a signup fee though which costs $37. This $37 is only for the software/app. To be able to trade, you must deposit at least $250 in your account.


Step 1: Register and create your profile

Step 2: Deposit (at least $250)

Step 3: Let the program do its thing


How Much Can You Make With Crypto Cash?


If you go by their claim of “$1,000 on your first day….for an initial investment of $250,” you’re going to have a bad time. No investment scheme, no matter how modern or bleeding edge it maybe can have a return rate that high.


The truth is actually somewhere in the middle. You can earn. But then again, you can also lose some money if you’re not careful. Seeing that all trades using this platform is automated, it’s hard to make an assessment of your success.


Take note that the crypto market is a volatile market. As such, it could be extremely difficult to predict which stocks are going to up or belly up.


This being said, I find it hard to believe that you can consistently beat out the market in an automated system. It’s possible but it is very rare like it almost never happens.


What I Really Think About Crypto Cash


It has become increasingly hard to find useable information about this program because they seem to be employing dirty SEO tactics.


If you search for keywords relating to this program, you are likely to get directed into websites that offer favorable reviews to this program. If you investigate though, you will notice that these sites are the same, like a carbon-copy of each other.


This coupled with very positive reviews online makes me wary of this program. Because of the nature of cryptocurrency, it’s just natural to get both positive and negative reviews. For this program though, that does not seem to be the case as most reviews are overwhelmingly positive.


Fake review site 1
Fake review site 2
Fake review site 3


I am not saying that all ‘well-received’ programs are fake, it’s just that it’s very unlikely.


Conclusion – Is Crypto Cash A Scam?


If I were being honest here, there’s very little evidence to show that this company is legit. There’s also very little evidence to it being a scam, to be fair.


However, based on the ridiculous claims and the extremely vague explanation of how their program works, it’s safe to advise that you should stay away from this company. There is better and more secure crypto fund manager application out there.


Moreover, there is an increase in the number of cryptocurrency fraud these past few years. The prospect of becoming rich quick has made the cryptocurrency a breeding ground for scams.


One usual tell for a scam is the outrageous, almost unbelievable claims, which Crypto Cash has. Another tell is the vagueness of the program, which Crypto Cash also has. This coupled with the fact that this is just a recently founded program makes it a likely candidate for being a SCAM.



I know that you are looking for ways to make money online. And I know how frustrating it must be to get your hopes up squashed quickly for learning that your prospect program is a scam.


Luckily for you, I am in a sharing mood. As such, I would like to introduce you to a program I’ve been using for the past few years and is responsible for my passive income stream. I’ve recommended it to my readers over the years and have only received positive feedback from it. Just click the link above to learn more about it.







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