CrowdTap Review – Is This Reward-Only Platform Worth Your Time?

CrowdTap Review – Is This Reward-Only Platform Worth Your Time?


crowdtap review


I found this company, Crowdtap, several days ago when I was looking for a new program to give my readers a new online earning opportunity. Some specific characteristics I was looking for were it should be something that is legit and can help any kind of people earn money on their own using the internet. At first, when I saw this website, I thought of it as a survey site because it really does look like it. However, upon further review, it’s actually more than that.


What Exactly Is CrowdTap?


CrowdTap is another “get paid to” website that gives “missions” to its users. Every time a mission is finished, the user will have a corresponding payment. A mission is basically a review of any product that is specified in the task. Basically, CrowdTap is a product testing and review organization. They are looking for people who can provide a real and honest review. The reviews will then be submitted to the company who requested them which would help them improve their service. Honest feedback can really do wonders for a company and a lot of businesses are going out of their way to ensure that their service be as great as ever.


CrowdTap Earning Opportunities And Missions


These “missions” that you get assigned to would require you to review companies, depending on the contract. During your sign up, you can select which categories you are most interested in and based on those categories, you will be assigned corresponding tasks. I will discuss the “how to join” part down below.


There are basically three types of missions:


  • Polls/Surveys


These kinds of missions are probably the most sought-after because it’s definitely the easiest and most of the questions are answerable by “yes” or “no,” which makes them easy to finish. The reason why survey questions are easy to answer is that they need to be able to tabulate the data efficiently and effectively.


One example of a survey question from CrowdTap is: “Do you eat fast food? If yes, how many times per week?”


As you can see, this is a pretty simple question that doesn’t need any kind of explaining. This is that particular reason why this is what most people want to do.


  • Questionnaire


This is mostly just similar to survey questions but the questions are more loaded and specific. You may need to specify a few things or write a short answer to each question. Obviously, that would require more time to answer but the questions here are relatively simple as well.


One good example is: “What’s your favorite McDonald’s food item?”


It’s answerable by one word but it actually tells a lot. Companies value these kinds of questionnaires because they can evaluate the level of their service through careful analysis of their target demographic.


  • Sampling


This one’s much more in-depth than the two missions above. You will need to apply for these and get approved before you can start this mission. If you get accepted, you will be sent a product and give a detailed review of the product.


There are few requirements when reviewing a product and you must tick all those requirements before you can submit your review. Needless to say, this is the one that pays the most, but it requires the most work. Take from that what you will.


What CrowdTap Is Looking For?


CrowdTap is looking for people that are willing to review different items and give them honest, unbiased opinion about them. This of it as a marketing liaison where you provide a review to make sure that the service is up-to-par.


If you have what it takes to write detailed feedback and review for any items that will be assigned to you, you should definitely sign up. Signing up is free. And there are daily missions you can check every day, which is cool especially if you have a lot of free time on your hands.


My Honest Opinion About CrowdTap


Getting reward points for doing stuff is a great feeling because you are getting rewarded for the value of your work. In this case, the work you do isn’t that hard at all since answering yes or no surveys don’t require much thinking, let’s be honest here. But if you’re getting paid for the value of your work, and the work you do is easy, does that mean that your earnings will reflect that, too? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. How easily the missions are correlated with how much you’re going to get paid, which totally makes sense. However, if you look at the average earnings for users, you might do a double-take, and bit the good kind of double-take.


  • Payments


As for their payment options, they give out gift cards and coupons. They also send out product samples to their most seasoned users. But if you’re wondering if they are able to pay in cash, then you’d be disappointed to hear that they do not.


The closest thing they have to pay their users cash is through Amazon gift cards, which to be fair can get you a lot of things. But if I were being honest here, cash is a way better option because you will have the total authority of how you are going to spend it. That is certainly not that case here. If you don’t have a problem with getting paid gift cards, then you’d see no issue with my sentiment here.


  • Payment Threshold


I’ve read several complaints about Crowdtap increasing its withdrawal threshold for its users. However, I did not encounter such issues. Their withdrawal threshold has always been $5. This means that you need to accumulate at least $5 before you can cash out your gift reward.


  • It’s Not Available Worldwide


Currently, Crowdtap is only available to United States residents. You need to be at least 18yo before you can receive any reward points from their platform. If you are outside the US at the time being, you are not eligible to participate this time since all the products they cater to are on US soil.


There’s not much news about their plans on expansion but there have been a few whispers about them expanding their reach worldwide.


Conclusion – Is Using CrowdTap Worth It?


If you are looking for an opportunity that would help you pay your bills, CrowdTap is definitely not the program for you.


However, if you are looking for an easy way to earn rewards and use it on Amazon and other similar sites, CrowdTap is perfect for you. You can easily reach around $5 worth of gift cards on 2-3 days of little work. I know, that doesn’t seem like much but it’s almost like free-money considering the amount of work you did. You can buy cool stuff with that amount. The only real bummer here is they don’t offer to pay in cash.


Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity for people of all types. It’s pocket money that is respectable – in short, it’s beer money.


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