Chegg Tutors Review: Is Online Tutorial Worth It?

Chegg Tutors Review

Chegg Tutors


Product Name: Chegg Tutors

Price: Free to sign up

Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Verdict: After learning more about Chegg Tutors, I can honestly say that there is potential here. The only real issue I’ve found on this website is the lack of tutorial gigs but that’s to be expected from something that is new. If you stick around, there’s a chance that this website would blow up and will result in more earning opportunities.


If you search for ways to make money online, you most likely would only see the most popular gigs online such as surveys, writing articles, GPT (get paid to), and other gig-based jobs. The reason for that is these opportunities are the most marketed jobs on the internet. But that doesn’t actually mean that these are your only choices.

There are actually plenty more opportunities online but most people do not even know they exist because they aren’t as marketed as other gigs. One of the better examples is online tutoring gig. You can actually make more money on online tutorials than any of the opportunities I’ve mentioned above.

As such, I would like to review a popular online tutorial site to see how it compares to the most popular moneymakers out here. If you want to make extra money online, tutorial is one of the best and honestly, the most legitimate gig you can find online. Without further ado, let’s start with our review of Chegg Tutors.


What Exactly Is Chegg Tutors?

Chegg Tutors is an online tutoring company that hires qualified people to become tutors to help students with their class, projects, assignments, and other school-related tasks.

It’s practically the same as tutoring a student. The main difference is you have to be online here. It has become the goto choice of students because of the pandemic. And it seems like it will not decrease in popularity once the pandemic ends because of how convenient it is.

Compared to other money-making opportunities you find on the internet, online tutorial is surprisingly not very popular. Maybe the reason for that is most people don’t or can’t teach other people effectively. Or maybe it’s not popular because it’s not being marketed on the internet. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

Whatever the case is, if you have experience teaching students on whatever subject it may be, you can use that skill to make money online, and it’s way more than what types of gigs are paying. In the following sections, we’re going to discuss the advantages of online tutorials compared to other more popular gigs around the internet.


How Do You Make Money On Chegg Tutors?

It’s literally just like any tutoring gig. You teach or help a student on a certain subject, project, and you get paid. The amount you get paid is standard and dictated by the website. It may change a bit once Chegg Tutors become popular enough. But as it stands today, the pricing is dictated mostly by the website.

The only requirement is you have a working knowledge of the subject you’re going to teach. You also need a stable internet connection with a working camera and mic. Online tutorials are still done face-to-face via webcam. This is shown to be the most effective way of learning and that shouldn’t change even if the tutorial is done via the internet.


How To Become A Member?

To become a member, you need to register. If you want to, you can use your Facebook account for easier log-in. Once you have filled out all the necessary information to complete your profile, you can now apply to become a tutor.

You will be requested to upload a profile picture, provide a short description of yourself – your likes, interests, and hobbies. This is to gauge if you have the right mindset for the job. Teaching isn’t exactly an easy thing to do and Chegg Tutors needs to make sure that you will take this job seriously.

chegg sign up

You can select 40 unique subjects that you can teach. You can tick all the options if you are confident that you are competent in all 40 subjects. Once you are done with all these tiny filling out form, you may need to wait up to several weeks to see the status of your application.

Take note that you can only apply once. If you get denied, that goes on their record and you can never reapply again.


How Is The Teaching Process?

If you get accepted as a tutor, that doesn’t mean that you get to start working right away. You are basically given a license to teach but it’s still up to their algorithm if you get a gig or not.

Chegg Tutors will search for students using your listed subjects as a guide. If they find someone that fits your criteria, or if your criteria fit theirs, Chegg will send them your way.

You will teach the student virtually. You will be given access to an app that ultimately allows you to video and message chat with your student. You can also share all kinds of files with your student, as long as it helps their learning process.


How Much Can You Earn From Chegg Tutors?

Chegg Tutors pay $20 per hour or online tutorial. It’s a decent income, especially when compared to other online gigs around.

However, you have to take note that your online lessons would sometimes online last for less than an hour. Your time teaching is also monitored which means that you need to be as productive as you can. This is unlike a real-life tutorial where you can goof around for hours because no one is around to check you.

You’re being monitored on Chegg Tutors and they will get their money’s worth. Another thing that you need to consider is if your student hangs up before you finish your lesson, you will only get paid for the time spent online. Let’s say your student hangs up at the 10-minute mark, you will only get paid, $3.33. It’s honestly one of the annoying features of this website.

For reference, here’s what students pay for Chegg Tutors service.

student plans


How To Boost Your Earning Potential

To boost your earning potential, you can choose a subject that is high in demand. Math is the ultimate tutorial goals and where most students need help with.

You can also plan your availability around finals and midterms because this is when most students avail of tutorial lessons. Another thing to keep in mind is to always be helpful to your student when you can. They are responsible for giving you a rating. A good rating will show you as being more trustworthy, hence, attracting more business your way.

One overlooked aspect of Chegg Tutors is its referral system. You can earn extra by referring a tutor into the program. If your referral managed to pass the application process, you are entitled to a bonus of $10 once they complete their first lesson.


Honest Thoughts On Chegg Tutors


  • Compared to other gig economy sites, Chegg Tutors pays a lot better
  • It’s a great side hustle especially since students would seek you out instead of the other way around
  • Chegg Tutors is available worldwide which means that English is likely in-demand
  • Chegg Tutors uses Paypal for payment – you get paid every Thursday


  • As of right now, the number of opportunities is very limited
  • As the time of this writing, there is no way to increase your rate even if you have a high rating
  • A single bad review can derail your tutorial career
  • You don’t have control over which students you can accept, some can be rude and impolite
  • While the pay is considerably higher than the federal minimum wage, the hours are very limited


how does chegg work


The Verdict – Is Chegg Tutors Worth Checking Out?

After learning more about Chegg Tutors, I can honestly say that there is potential here. The only real issue I’ve found on this website is the lack of tutorial gigs but that’s to be expected from something that is new. If you stick around, there’s a chance that this website would blow up and will result in more earning opportunities.

If you managed to get lucky and secure a student, even just one, you can easily earn up to $100 per week for only a couple of hours’ work. While that’s not a substantial amount, that is still a good amount of money.

Overall, Chegg Tutors is definitely a website worth checking out. Even if you are not a teaching type, you can still try. What are you going to lose?


Alternatives To Online Tutorial

Now, if you are not a fan of online tutorials, you may want to try something new, something different. Perhaps you have heard of the industry called affiliate marketing? It’s one of the pillars of money-making on the internet and it’s what made Amazon what it is today.

To learn more, you can check out my affiliate marketing product review here. It’s definitely worth checking out for the information alone.

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