CastingWords Review: Can You Earn From Transcribing Audio?

CastingWords Review: Can You Make Money From Transcribing Audio?

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Product Name: CastingWords

Author: Rachel Pearson and Nathan McFarland

Price: Free

Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Verdict: This website is only recommended to those looking for extra money, the kind that you can live without. If you decide to pursue this as a full-time career, your odds of making decent money is very slim.


Searching how to make money online is super easy. Searching for a LEGITIMATE online money-maker though – it’s a way different story. I’d say that on average, more than half, like an overwhelming majority of online opportunities you see on the internet are outright scams.

Unfortunately, internet scams are the norm and not the exception. So if you really want to actually make money, you need to do your research – just like you’re doing now! Doing so will effectively lower your chances of getting scammed not only this time but for the foreseeable future.

In today’s review, we are going to look into an online money-making opportunity that’s been making the rounds on the internet for many years now. It’s a website that pays for users to transcribe audio. It sounds super easy especially if you are a native speaker, but is it? Well, to know the answer to that question, you just have to finish this whole review. Let’s start now, shall we?


What Is CastingWords?

CastingWords is a transcription company that was created in 2005 in New Mexico by Rachel Pearson and Nathan McFarland. It was one of the first transcription companies in the United States. All things considered, it’s actually quite impressive that it lasted this long in the business – 15 years and still running.

Online companies that have been in operation for more than 10 years automatically earn my respect because I know how volatile the industry is. In a way, this speaks volumes on the stability of the website, especially when you consider how far they’ve come as a company. They’ve now grown into a global company that’s able to serve people from all over the world.


Is CastingWords Legit?

Usually, I only answer this question near the end but I felt like answering it now.

CastingWords is indeed a legitimate website that you can make money from. However, this does not tell you the whole story. A company can be legit but at the same time also be a company not worth working for. Let me explain.

For instance, some companies are doing shady things under the table even if they are technically considered a legitimate business. For CastingWords, I can say that they are legit but I have also found some polarizing reviews that better illustrate the image of the company. I will discuss these reviews in the section below.


CastingWords Complaints

Before I list some of the most common complaints that this company has received in its years of operation, I must first tell you that getting complaints especially for a global company is all normal. Even the best companies out there will get complaints because of the sheer number of services they provide.

CastingWords is no different. They have completed more than hundreds of thousands of services under their belt and it’s fair to say that a few of those will result in complaints down the line.

To paint the whole picture of a company, you must check both the good and bad reviews. Make sure to cross-reference each one of their talking points and make your conclusion from a place of fairness.

Their rating on Glassdoor (a popular company review website) is a mediocre 2.7 out of 5 stars. As a reference, Google companies score a cool 4.4 stars out of 5. Granted, it’s not fair to compare these companies because of their sizes relative to each other. Nonetheless, this should give you an idea of where they are at in terms of service.

castingwords glassdoor review

Their most positive reviews seem to only go up to 4 stars. Most of their good reviews are in the 3 stars category.


How To Become A Member?

You register on their page and fill an application form. Their acceptance rate is pretty high which means that you are likely to get verified within 30 minutes of application. You will then get an email from them for verification purposes.

how to register castingwords

You can now browse their list of gigs to familiarize yourself with their dashboard. Before you can apply for the gig you like, you must first pass their test to ensure that your transcribing skills is up to snuff. After the exam, you will be put on their waiting list. It would take around 2 weeks for your result to come in.

Once you’re eligible to apply for gigs, you can now proceed to find gigs to finish.


How Much Can You Earn?

While the pay isn’t mind-blowing, it’s actually quite respectable, especially when compared to other similar websites.

For an average transcriber, the pay is around $1/minute of audio. This is just the average. You may get paid more if you have good reviews and track record. Additionally, the budget of the client will dictate how much you will get paid.

I will upload a screenshot below to show you how much clients pay for transcription services.

casting clients pay rate

Take note that you won’t get all that. You will only get a fraction of that rate, given that CastingWords will get their cut. Needless to say, your payment should hover around that much.

You can only withdraw your earnings from Paypal.


Honest Thoughts About CastingWords

As I’ve said, you can definitely make money on CastingWords. However, getting started isn’t as smooth flowing as compared to other online websites. For beginners on this website, it would seem like an uphill battle because securing a gig on this website is going to be tough at first.

You need to have several good reviews before you get requested gigs. But here’s the thing, the first few reviews/gigs will be extremely hard to get. That’s just how this website is designed. It’s rat race, so to speak.


Now, I am inclined to discuss the negatives of this website. To make it easier to digest, I’m just going to list them down below. They are self-explanatory so no need to expound on each listing.

  • Pay is low for beginners
  • Getting a gig when first starting out is going to be extremely hard
  • No consistent work
  • Only good for pocket money
  • The work environment can become repetitive and boring


  • It is a legit work opportunity for freelancers
  • You can do this anywhere as long as it has a reliable internet connection
  • Performance-based (you can view this both as negative or positive, depending on where you are in the spectrum of skills)
  • They have a 24/7 support team that will answer all your concerns


Final Verdict – Is CastingWords Legitimate?

Yes, CastingWordds is a legitimate company, there’s no doubt about it.

However, this industry is not for everybody. As with all these micro-gig websites, the competition is cutthroat. If you fail to deliver before your deadline, that can torpedo your whole career as a transcriber since the rating is of the utmost importance when it comes to these websites.

A lot of their users can earn a good salary from doing audio transcription. Plenty of them can even rival the salary of what we consider ‘blue-collar jobs.’ But those are very few and far in between though. They highlight these stories because that puts the industry in a good light.

The truth is, the majority of workers here would be lucky to earn the minimum wage. As such, this website is only recommended to those looking for extra money, the kind that you can live without. If you decide to pursue this as a full-time career, your odds of making it is very slim.


Alternative To CastingWords

There are plenty of audio transcribing websites on the internet. They’re not really that much different that CastingWords. In all honestly, CastingWords is probably on the upper echelon in terms of relative value. In a way, you’re never going to go wrong if you choose CastingWords.

But if you are looking for a different industry altogether, perhaps you may want to check out Affiliate Marketing. It’s one of the strongest online industries out there. Plenty of industries have come and gone on the internet and this one has managed to stand the test of time.

As a matter of fact, it’s how I make money online. The only real secret here is to get started on the right foot. If you want that, then you should check my #1 recommendation here. It’s what got me started on this path. Good luck!




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