Cashburbs- A Total BS Free Traffic System? (No, But…)

Cashblurbs Review- A Total BS Free Traffic System? (No, But…) Read On!


Cashblurbs Review


Welcome to my unique and detailed Cashblurbs review!


You have come to the right place if you want to know whether Cashblurbs works or not. Probably, most of you are asking themselves, ‘is Cashblurbs scam or legit?’


Well, I had the chance to try out this program to check out whether I would personally get much more traffic to my website, and I can confidently tell you, I was amazed!


You can visit to have a comprehensive overview of the program. In this article, I will tell you much more about the program.


The organization typically makes claims of having the capability to drive much more traffic to your website.


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This traffic can then be used for any commercial purposes, either to direct visitors to your stores to purchase products or make people register to a mailing list via links. It can also be used for any purpose you think of.


Cashblurbs a Quick Overview

For those individuals that make their living online, ads have typically become the latest norm for most users.


While they are profitable and do not include much time in comparison to other online techniques, they have proven to be the best way to make a couple of hundreds of dollars within days or weeks, if you invest your time and effort.


For this reason, you will come across several systems coming up to help individuals make the ‘ad selling’ thing a much more effective strategy.


But if you look deeply into this, you will notice that there is much more to it than what ad selling systems offer.


In fact, they may be a useful tactic to make product awareness and make a conversation within a short time, but they do not always assure a sale.


If you have signed up with the free programs, you should be extra cautious because most of them have been started by malicious individuals that could tamper your campaigns entirely.


Generally, based on what I came across in the Cashblurbs program, the tactics used there are pretty similar to those I have regularly seen in programs developed by hackers. Well, why don’t I review Cashblurbs to the latter?


What is Cashblurbs?

Cashblurbs is a system that helps most web administrators and internet marketers bring much more traffic to their sites by sharing links with social media profiles and short texts on the website as well.


If you own a site that sells affiliate products, you can sign up and leave your links and have the users in there see the ad and even share it out with their visitors and followers.


Here’s a Quick Video on Cashblurbs.



Cashblurbs helps you boost the reach of your ads and potentially make a sale or two. It also allows you to make a couple of sales in a single day.


However, it is essential to be prepared to do the same for others. Indeed, when creating a new account, one of the required steps is sharing the top ad. Nevertheless, this is nothing in comparison to what you will be getting in return.


The good thing about Cashblurbs is that you don’t need to spend a lot of hours creating the ad, or developing promotional messages.


You only need a couple of written words and then incorporate your links, and you are ready to go. The brain behind this program is a person known as Bryan Winters.


How the Program Works

When you sign up, you can publish up to ten ads daily as a free member and one every twenty minutes as a paid member.


Although the company advertises as being able to publish just one ad with a free membership, one is allowed to post ten ads upon registering with the company.


These ads are known as ‘cashblurbs.’ Members can use this space to post their webpage, squeeze page or affiliate offers with hopes of driving traffic towards their site.


Here’s an Inside Look of the Member’s Area.


Cashblurbs Member's Area


For the paid members, their ads are placed at the top of the site for more exposure. Therefore, being a free member will probably limit the chances of your ads being seen or shared by any user.


The most important thing is that for every ad you publish, you are required to share an ad from another person on your Facebook or Twitter page.


For instance, you will need to share ten different ads daily if you publish ten ads daily on your site.


I am sure that there are various ads that you do not want to share with your family members and friends on social media, and it seems like the founder understands this as well.


Once you are done with your ad, you can submit it for a review. The good thing about this program is that it is ‘double pack traffic.’ It means that members and their followers will view your ad.


Actually, imagine a situation where your ad is shared by a member who has thousands of followers at both Facebook and Twitter. Just imagine the views your ad would get. This action can be valuable for you and the products you offer.


Pros & Cons of Cashblurbs


  • Your money can be refunded. Since ClickBank is selling the product, you are guaranteed your money back within sixty days if you think that the system does not deliver as anticipated.


  • It is a useful way to boost the reach of your products through the contacts of other members’ contacts. It is similar to getting authorization to post your ad on another member’s account, which can be beneficial to some extent.


  • There is a free version of the program. You are given the option of using the system even if you don’t want to subscribe to the premium plan. The free version of the system is also valuable. Generally, the primary difference between the free and premium version is just the number of ads you can post and the frequency of posting.


  • If you have a lot of items you want to sell, you can just get them marketed for a mere $20 which allows you to publish an ad after every twenty minutes.


  • The instant traffic package is a genuinely fantastic offer. You get to really know how things work for fifteen days. I think this is a remarkable thing with this program.


  • The premium version is also very convenient on the basis of what you are getting off the program. I can confidently tell you that the paid membership is worth every coin of your investment.


  • The system is user-friendly yet straightforward to use. All that is needed is you entering personal details, and you are ready to go.


  • If you get an opportunity to get your ad shared by an individual who has a massive following, you can be sure to get huge traffic directed to your website. If you know how to take advantage of the generated traffic, it can be a fantastic deal for you.


  •  Your ads will be viewed by members and some of their networks and following on both Twitter and Facebook. It means double traffic for you.


  • There is dedicated support offered. If you have a problem with your ad, all that is needed is submitting a ticket and receive some support on the issue.


  • The free membership option does not assist you in attaining much in the shortest time possible as would the case of the paid membership plan. Therefore, you might end up subscribing for the premium membership in order to maximize on it. It will only cost you a mere twenty dollars monthly.


  • You have to share your ads with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook, which would make you blocked by some of them. It can also break ties with a couple of close friends.


  • There are scenarios where members can create a fake Facebook account with few friends or even none at all. If these ‘members’ share your ad, it will be of no help since they have fake accounts.


  • You may receive insignificant clicks if you are not creative with the ads. Thus, you may need to master the art of getting individuals really fascinated in your ads with the shortest words possible.


Who it is for

This system is best suited for those individuals who want to generate much more money off of the ads and promotions published on their websites.


It is a good place for individuals who generate leads. Preferably, any item you would want to do with traffic.


Cashblurbs is also meant for those users who would want to generate traffic through Facebook and Twitter that will extend beyond the boundaries of the people they will be able to reach on these social media channels.


The program is also suited for those individuals dealing in various products and services who may be looking for techniques of generating viral traffic for the social media platform.


For the individuals that value the essence of fostering interrelationships in business, this is the best program meant for that issue. It is also an excellent platform to advertise affiliate products.


If you want to make your website popular, this is the best place to be. Personally, I can say that this system is right for you if you are sending numerous and random ads to your friends on Twitter and Facebook if you opt to use the free version.


Cashblurbs Training & Tool Overview

Regarding training, Cashblurbs does not offer much. The system is simple and straightforward.


After watching the intro video, there is nothing much that is left to learn. The sales video is educational and shows us how the system works.


The video does not seem to have any deceptive marketing techniques or things to pressurize you into making a sale. The sales video offer users a proper and fair description of what is on offer.


In the end, it allows you to get an appropriate idea if this is something that can be beneficial to your business.


Cashblurbs Support Service

There is a support section where members can send their tickets. You are only required to select your priority, send your issues, and then a support staff will get back to you shortly. I used this, and it was relatively simple.


The customer service is very responsive. It is managed through a third party. After sending the support staff my worries, I got my answers back within twenty-four hours.


The Price of Joining Cashblurbs

The price offered by Cashblurbs is very alluring. In fact, having a successful sales promotion guarantees that you get your money back within a short period. Here are the pricing plans offered by cashblurbs.


1. Free Membership

The free membership plan gives you the capability to publish one ad daily. Additionally, you can post up to ten ads daily.


2. Unlimited Membership

Investing in twenty dollars per month gives you the capability to publish your ad every twenty minutes around the clock, much more exposure to your ads plus a free membership to a tool known as the Amazing Widget.


If it isn’t instant, you may be needed to request it from the support team.


3. Seven-dollar Traffic Package

If you pay upfront of seven dollars, you can post seventy-two days per fifteen days. However, you should keep in mind that you will be billed a total of twenty dollars for the monthly fee at the end of that month.


My Final Opinion About Cashblurbs

Promotion is a requirement for every business that requires drawing the masses as it markets its products or services for much more sales and it can be fairly expensive.


Nevertheless, you can opt for a cheaper marketing option that helps you get much more traffic as you look out for masses.


This is what Cashblurbs is and is a good system in comparison to other costly advertisement techniques that you may choose.


Well, Cashblurbs is a relatively good and easy to use the system and thus not a scam. I love the fact that members can market almost all products in a day with the premium account, which is cheap considering all the benefits you will enjoy.


The free account can act like a typical affiliate marketer thus getting you a few sales. Therefore, Cashblurbs is a valuable platform if you know your target market and know what you are doing.


Additionally, you get sixty days to guarantee with a full refund plan. This aspect means that you are refunded your money if you aren’t satisfied with the purchase.


Have you had any experience with Cashblurbs? Or any question, let me know in the comment below!




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