Can You Really Make Money With OJooo?

Make Money with Ojooo?

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OjOOO claims to help earn money in really easy way. View Advertisements and get up to $0.04 per click. But Can you really make money on the OJOOO website or is it more of a cheap gimmick?

PTC (Paid-To-Click) websites are perhaps one of the oldest and earliest ways of making money on the internet, probably overpowered by blogging. In addition to this, PTC is typically an effortless and quickest way of earning passive income on the internet since you only need to click several ads within a few seconds to get your dues.

When it comes to PTC websites, the only problem is perhaps the minimal earnings. The number of new members joining PTC sites has started to decline once users started realizing this drawback.

This decline of new members joining the PTC sites led to the closure of popular websites, on the one hand, while it led to the rise of illegitimate scam PTC websites on the other side.

However, it does not mean that you cannot find a PTC site to join if you wish to. Of course, the number of legit PTC sites on the internet is still high.

In this review, we will review a popular PTC site known as Ojooo Wad, where you can make some good money by viewing ads. Also, they’ve some other good money earning opportunities.

The amount of money you can make at Ojooo depends on whether you can take advantage of the company’s additional earning openings. If you only rely on the site’s PTC platform, you’ll not make a lot of cash.

How does Ojooo work? Is Ojooo a scam? What are the pros and cons of joining Ojooo? Well, to get answers to these and other questions you may be having, read on to find out.

What is Ojooo?Ojooo Logo

As said earlier, Ojooo Wad is a Paid-To-Click website that will pay you to undertake some tasks on their website. At first, Ojooo started as a communications app provider company.

Afterward, the company started branching out to the eCommerce and SEO world and ultimately invented their personalized PTC website, which is the one that you need to get info about.

PTC is one of Ojooo’s latest venture, and that’s the main reason we want to confine our review to it. In order to make sure that you’re on the right website for the site, you need to click on this site. If you are wondering why the owners named it ‘Ojooo Wad,’ the letters ‘WAD’ stands for watching Ads.

Ojooo’s site came into existence back in November 2013. Michael Thees owns the website and operates it from either Germany and Poland.

Before I go into an in-depth analysis of the platform, there’s one thing that I doubted about the site while searching for info to include in this review.

Currently, the Ojooo claims to have over 32,000,000 registered members. In comparison to the other well-known PTC websites in the world, Ojooo seems to have the most significant number of registered members, surpassing the likes of Neobux.

I doubt this number of users. Nonetheless, I will agree with the owners since I don’t have solid proof to back up my allegations. Perhaps, the company is giving us the number of registered users from all their platforms. It’s only the users working at the site who can provide us with comprehensive info.


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How Does Ojooo Work?

While I don’t like the amount of money that one can make at a PTC site in general, one of the best things I love about Ojooo is that they offer pretty good terms of service.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come across better PTC sites terms than what they offer. Well, let’s forget about the terms of service for a while and concentrate on how the website works.

The process is quite simple. You start by registering on the website by filling in the necessary details. Once you have completed the registration process, the company gives you a whole bunch of ads to watch.

You can watch up to a hundred ads every day, and every ad pays about a cent. To begin making some cash, you only need to tap on an advert and watch it for the specified period, which is typically between 10 and 30 seconds.

After viewing the ad for the specified time, the page refreshes automatically, and the earnings are deposited into your account. You can opt to continue viewing new ads until you hit the daily limit of 100 ads.

Here’s a Video on Ojooo

In addition to seeing ads, it’s also possible to make more money by watching videos that pay a little more than the ads. The best thing about watching these videos is that they’ll contribute to your daily viewing limit of 100. For instance, you can choose to view 70 ads and 30 videos daily – but you cannot suppress this limit.


How to Make Money with Ojooo?

There’re a couple of ways in which you can make money at Ojooo. These methods include:

#1 Viewing Ads

This’s typically the primary method of making cash on the site. You only need to view one ad at a time for a couple of seconds. In most cases, one ad takes about 5 seconds, and you get paid $0.001. Once the system says that the money has been deposited to your account, close the page.

Here’s a Screenshort

Ojooo's Ads

The length of the ad determines the amount of money that you make from a single ad. For the beginners, the payment can range between $0.001 and $0.01. As a basic premium member, you’ll occasionally receive ads where you can make you $0.005 by watching a 30-seconds video. As you level up your membership, the premium ads will increase.

One thing about the smartphone users is that they will get mobile ads which they can comfortably view from their phones. Watching mobile-based ads from a laptop or desktop will not make you any money. One thing I didn’t like about the company’s ads is that you need to be glued on the page.

#2 Offers

By finishing offers at Ojooo, you’ll receive some points. These offers are unique as you can be asked to visit a particular site and stay there for a couple of seconds. Also, you can be asked to click on various objects on that specific website.

For every task you undertake, you’ll earn a different amount. A single point is equivalent to $0.005. Besides, some offers may require you to register on a site.

#3 Ojooo Grid

This’s a 20X20 clickable area that has 400 spots. The system requires you to tap on one of the grids and view the ad. You may be rewarded upon finishing the task. Your luck determines the amount that you’ll be paid. Of course, it is not easy to identify whether you will be paid or not. Here, your luck plays a significant role.

#4 Referral Commissions

You’ll be paid for the clicks of your rented and direct referrals. Direct referrals are the users who sign up at Ojooo using your referral affiliate link. The rented referrals, on the other hand, are purchased from Ojooo for a particular period. When renting a referral, you can rent a single individual.

#5 Referral Contents

If you participate and perform well in the referral contests, you will inevitably make extra points and redeem them for cash. To earn many more points, you need to register more referrals, and the referrals need to watch as many ads as possible. Yes, this’s in addition to the referral clicks program.

Upon the end of the contest program, the top winner gets cash prizes that range from one contest to the other. However, you can expect to win up to $100, but it isn’t guaranteed. As a result, you should not crucify me for this statement.

#6 Filling Out Surveys

Just like the name suggests, you will make money by filling out some surveys. The only problem with the surveys is that their occurrence heavily relies on your geographical location.

As a result, you should anticipate receiving more surveys if you come from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, among other hosts of nations.

#7 Promoting Ojooo Services

As mentioned earlier, at the start of the review, Ojooo diversifies its online ventures to other sectors. You can get a commission by marketing some of these services.

The fact that the services aren’t part of this review means that I will not review the services deeply – but you can expect them in another review at a later date.

Ojooo Ugly Truths Revealed!

As luring as Ojooo seems, there are a couple of things that I didn’t like with the site. Here are the ugly truths about the website:

• The main thing that I did not like about Ojooo is that the potential of making a lot of money with this Paid-To-Click site is incredibly low. Even if you attempt to undertake all the available offers on the website, you should not be hopeful of becoming a millionaire overnight.

• The other thing I didn’t like is that the site increases the cash out requirement for the free members immediately after the first withdrawal. As a free member, you will be required to have at least $2 in your account to be able to withdraw.

However, the subsequent withdrawal requires you to at least have a balance of $6. Perhaps, it is the company’s way of telling you that you need to upgrade your account soonest.

What I Like About Ojooo

Now that you have crucial information about what Ojooo is and what it offers, I think it’s right time I tell you about the things that I like about them.

• The main thing I like about Ojooo is that they give their members a wide range of ways to make income other than just clicking the sites. You can play daily games, get referrals, or even complete the offers. This way, it will be easy to attain the minimum cash out requirement.

• It is worth noting that signing up at Ojooo is easy and straightforward. The site does not require a lot of information from you during the registration process. The good thing is that you can register to the program through your social media channels such as Google Plus and Facebook.

• The other thing that thrilled me when reviewing the website is that the number of ads that you can watch in a day is incredibly high. What this means is that the number of companies placing ads at Ojooo is high as well. It also means that there’re several opportunities for making money by clicking on the ads.

Is Ojooo a Scam?

Ojooo is not a scam. It is a legit PTC website that pays you real money by clicking and watching ads. Although it has a wide range of earning opportunities, it simply isn’t the most effective income-generating website that you may encounter on the internet.

Additionally, it has a limited support system, which can be a big problem when you run into issues while using the website.

In my opinion, it is not possible to make a lot of money via PTC websites. This’s also the case when it comes to Ojooo Wad. The fact that you need to upgrade to higher membership levels to start making a lot of money is a fallacy.

The small amounts you make by watching the ads will not make Ojooo a perfect income-generating website. Additionally, the lack of detailed and precise info on their site is a red flag.


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Overall Quality



  • Variety of Ways to Earn Money
  • Easy and Straight Signing Up Process
  • Plenty of Ads to Click in a Day


  • Incredibly Low Earning
  • They Increase Cashout Payment After the First Withdrawal

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