Bonjoro Review- Here’s Unbiased Truths! Find Out Now.

Bonjoro Review

Can you really grow your business with video using Bonjoro? In this Bonjoro review, I reveal the unbiased truths behind this tool.

Here's Unbiased Truths!

When running a business, it is essential to reach people. But with countless ways to get in touch with your target audience, you’ll undoubtedly have to tweak your marketing strategy.

Do you take your consumers for granted? Do your customers ever feel appreciated? Do they feel valued and connected to you? Generally, business owners are always pushing to reach more and more target audience.

Basically, they are looking for additional consumers. However, it may be a surprise that most business owners do not work hard enough to manage and satisfy existing customers.

It is essential to deepen your current customer relationships to ensure that they become returning clients and compelling brand ambassadors.

Currently, most business owners use email marketing. However, while email marketing is still alive and functional, it is essential to note that it’s not as essential and useful as it was previously.

So, how do you connect with your audience in a personalized and straightforward way? Well, Bonjoro is a fantastic tool that makes it easy to connect with your consumers.

In this honest, unbiased, and detailed review, you will find crucial info about this tool. By the end of the review, you will know how Bonjoro works, how to make money with it, its pros and cons, and whether it’s a scam. Without further ado, let’s get into the review of the tool.

Unbiased Bonjoro Review: A Quick OverviewHere's Unbiased Truths!

Name: Bonjoro


Owner: Bonjoro

Price: 14 Days Free Trial Then $15 – $75

Summary: Yes, you can grow your business to some extents because Bonjoro gives you the tools to master video, and build powerful, long connections with your clients. You don’t need to hash together multiple tools, or buy fancy recording equipment. The best thing about Bonjoro is it lets you send personal videos quickly and easily from right where you’re sat. However, the major downside is that you need to be extremely dedicated to personalized video marking for it to work correctly.

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, But sending the video randomly will not help your business

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What is Bonjoro?Bonjoro Logo

I’m glad you probably have this question in your mind. Bonjoro is typically a tool designed for business owners to send customized videos to their consumers or anybody else on the contact email list.

The good thing about this type of messaging is that it can improve the consumer onboarding process. In the end, it results in a projected four times increase in response rate in comparison to the email. Isn’t it delightful?

In simple terms, it gives you the ability to get in touch with your audience in a genuinely customized manner, leaving them feeling treasured and respected. In turn, it leads to higher conversions.

Basically, Bonjoro acts as a customized video message and comes with a call to action as well as a button that directs the recipient to your selected site.

In addition to Bonjoro videos helping you create an incredible first impression with the new consumers, it also helps you rekindle the old relationships.

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How Does Bonjoro Work?

With Bonjoro, it’s easy to send personalized, custom videos to your clients, and track whether they interact with them.

For instance, let us say that you are a course creator, you run email lists, or you sell various items online, Bonjoro can help you receive a notification every time a new lead or client comes in, alongside other crucial info on that lead.

Again, with Bonjoro, you can record a short video for the new leads and send it to them via this tool. Moreover, the tool will track whether the customer or lead watches the video and replies to it.

The good thing is that you can closely monitor all these occurrences from the Bonjoro dashboard.

Here’s a Short Video on Bonjoro

Ordinarily, it is a very compelling and exciting concept to send personalized, precise video messages to all customers that your business gets. Bonjoro makes this concept easy to achieve and manage. Here is a breakdown of how Bonjoro works.

First Step

Your clients place an order via your e-commerce website. The good thing about Bonjoro is that it works perfectly with multiple platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Open Cart, Squarespace, among many others.

Second Step

When you receive orders, Bonjoro sends notifications to your phone, indicating that it is the time to send your appreciation, Bonjoro.

Third Step

Here is the fun part of this tool. You only need to sign in to your Bonjoro application, click on the latest order on the dashboard, and then tap on the ‘record’ button to initiate the process of filming your personalized message. After you are done, just send it to the customer.


How to Make Money with Bonjoro?

Typically, Bonjoro is not designed to help you make money. Instead, it is designed to help your business convert new leads into customers while appreciating the existing customers. Here is how you can use Bonjoro to your advantage.

Welcoming New Members

Whenever you register for something on the internet, you will typically get a general confirmation email. Isn’t it boring?

In most cases, you will not feel excited or feel like you are not part and parcel of the project. You are already aware that it’s an automated confirmation message that does not have any personalization.

Instead, with Bonjoro, you can make users feel much welcome. New members will automatically get videos welcoming them to your organization. And the good thing about these videos is that they are personalized for every member.

Honestly, they’ll make the members interested and excited about the things they registered for, which is ordinarily what you need when you’re operating a company.

Tell Users about Yourself

As a business owner, you are typically your brand. Telling your clients about your company and what it does is inevitable. Here, you can share personal stories regarding your company.

Besides the personal story informing the members where the company started, it also helps them connect with the business. It signifies that you’re running a real business with passion behind the company.

Bonjoro allows you to record a video of you in your personal words. As you can see, it gives you an excellent platform to share your business with customers.

Consumers may skip over the company bio, or it may not show the desired company’s tone. However, with a video, you can personally explain more about the company.

Allows You to Engage the Clients Closely

As I said earlier, people are fed up with dull and robotic emails. Bonjoro enables you to create personal and more human messages. It means that the recipients will listen, respond, and trust your words.

Moreover, it allows you to attain your goals. Thousands of companies globally efficiently use Bonjoro. The software allows you to enhance customer loyalty, convert more leads, and also drive referrals.


Bonjoro Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • You need to be extremely dedicated to personalized video marketing for it to work correctly.
  • Sending the videos randomly will not offer your business and brand the personal touch it needs.
  • You need to upgrade your account to enjoy features like custom branding, custom landing pages, GIF-preview, and more than one message template.


What I Like About Bonjoro

It is Easy to Use

Whenever you incorporate a marketing tool to your business, you undeniably want it to be easy to learn and use. Basically, you do not need to spend all the time learning how to use the program due to an unfriendly user-interface.

It would be beneficial to use this time performing other crucial business activities. Luckily, learning how to use Bonjoro is effortless. It is an incredible tool to use, and it focuses on your customers.

It Integrates with other Marketing Tools

One of the best aspects of Bonjoro is that you do not necessarily have to modify all things about how you perform businesses when you incorporate Bonjoro into your organization.

It is common for you to be anxious about a new marketing tool, particularly when you think that you’ve to facelift everything to accommodate the new tool. However, it’s not the case with Bonjoro.

It has a Free Option

While the premium option comes with excellent benefits, you can still opt to use the free version. If you are not ready to invest in the paid version, you can signup for the free version and identify whether the tool meets your expectations. In fact, the free version is incredible, and it comes with great features as well.


Is Bonjoro a Scam?

Bonjoro is 100% legit. In fact, it is an incredible way to surprise your consumers. It helps you link with your target audience in a personalized manner.

The tool’s flexibility means you can utilize it in many ways, such as welcoming new clients, relinking with former clients, and so much more.

All humans want to be treasured, and Bonjoro helps you show your consumers how much you value them in a fun and easy way. Basically, you will only have a single chance to make a first impression, and Bonjoro helps make an amazing one indeed.

I hope the above review about Bonjoro helped you determine if it is a tool that you can incorporate into your organization. All in all, if you want to try it, visit the company’s official site and register for free.

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Bonjoro at a Glance

Name: Bonjoro


Owner: Bonjoro

Price: 14 Days Free Trial Then $15 – $75

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Great Tool But is Not Designed to Help You Make Money


$15- $75





Overall Quality



  • Free Option Available
  • Works with Other Marketing Tools
  • Easy to Use


  • Need Dedication
  • Send Random Video will Not Help Your Business
  • Need to Upgrade to Enjoy Full Features

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