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Avon Online Review


avon company review


I am almost certain that you have heard of a company called Avon. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s an international company that’s been a staple in the beauty industry for over a hundred years. Yes, you heard that right – over a hundred. I don’t even remember it as a product. It’s so popular that I paid it no mind and expected it to be anywhere in the world, and I was right.


For many years, Avon had this image of middle-aged women selling other women beauty products. The term “Avon Lady” became quite a popular term in the 90s referring to a lady that sells beauty products. They would oftentimes go door-to-door or even organize a “beauty seminar” in their home just to sell their items.


That image has now been forgotten thanks to Avon’s efforts to make the brand synonymous with beauty. It usually hires big celebrities to endorse them on the biggest stage, making people forget that it is indeed, at the very core, still an MLM business.


I’m not saying that Avon being an MLM business is bad. It’s actually quite the opposite, really. Avon being an MLM company actually shows that any MLM company can make it to the top if they play their cards right. Avon certainly looks like it played its cards right, yes?


Well, there’s actually more to it than that, but we will get to it later. In this review, we will discuss what made Avon good at their business.


What Exactly Is Avon?


I actually feel like Avon doesn’t need any introduction even to younger people out there. It’s such a massive company that you won’t ever escape it even if you try to – it’s everywhere.


But for those who don’t know what Avon is, or what it’s about, let me reiterate. Avon is a beauty and skin company that is an MLM. Although in their advertising, you won’t even think of it as one. It’s first and foremost an MLM company where their main product line is beauty-related. They offer all kinds of beauty products you can think of – lotion, makeup, foundation, anti-aging cream, soap, and many more.


It’s been around since 1886 so you know there is a rich history there. It was founded in New York by an American businessman in the name David Hall McConnell. David Hall McConnell was a door-to-door salesman which was quite a popular profession at the time.


You can actually see it imprinted on the values of Avon salespeople because when Avon started out with an army of door-to-door salespeople roaming every suburb and offering beauty products. It became such a hit that it quickly became a household name within several decades after its inception.


But doing door-to-door sales today is not going to be as productive. Today, more people are turning towards the internet to buy their stuff. There are still face-to-face sales happening but it’s quickly being overtaken by something more impersonal like using the internet. In this review, we’re going to review the effects of internet use on the success of this MLM company.


Avon’s Business Model


At the time of this writing, Avon is ranked #2 in the Direct Selling Industry, just behind Amway. Amway is also an MLM but is raking in a cool 3 billion dollars more than Avon. For reference, in 2018, Amway’s revenue is a whopping $8.8B while Avon is down to $5.6B.


Avon held the #1 spot for almost a decade but its revenue started a continuous downfall during the advent of social media. Many would say that this is because of the saturated market but you can never really tell. With so many things to factor in, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what caused its slow decline. Don’t get me wrong, Avon is still a big company but it’s not as big as what it used to be.


Many would consider Avon to be the most successful MLM company of all time. It’s probably the oldest, too. But today, in the world of e-commerce, old-timers are finding it hard to close a sale when doing face-to-face selling. Instead of Avon’s representative going door-to-door to secure a sale, a good majority of them today just sell their products online.


Avon Compensation Plan


Avon’s compensation plan isn’t exactly unique. I almost always skip the compensation plan of MLM companies that I am reviewing simply because most of them are identical. One good thing about Avon is it is probably the most popular MLM company there is. It’s the one that started it all. It is the one company that many companies are modeled in.


If you want to learn the structure of the compensation plan that probably started it all, you should watch the video down below.




Avon Product Line


The product line of Avon is so huge that I can write a whole article on just one category of it. While it started out as a beauty company, it has long since expanded its product line into clothing, jewelry, and wellness.


I honestly can’t speak to the quality of their products but from what I’ve been reading online, there seems to be quite a divide with regards to the quality of their products. Some say that it’s one of the best and most consistent companies out there while others say that it’s an outdated beauty company that has failed to adapt to the modern-day needs of the modern-day woman.


What I Like About Avon


There’s a lot to like about Avon. It’s a publicly-traded company which means that it is transparent in how it does its business. Them being a public company means they need to adhere to rules that would otherwise be ignored by other companies.


For instance, they have an animal welfare act that protects animals from harm. This is just one of those examples of Avon going above and beyond what is expected of them.


Another thing is the stability of this product. Avon has been a household name for more than 50 years now. Some would say that the great years are behind it and they’re correct, in away. But if you look at the way they do their business today, you know they are going for long-term goals, possibly adding another 100 years to their empire.


What I Don’t Like About Avon


Since Avon gained its popularity in the 90s, the younger generation views it as an old-person brand. Avon is currently now working to make their brand more appealing to the younger generation by hiring younger and more fashionable brand ambassadors.


From years ago, if you want to buy an Avon product, you need to find a representative and buy it from them. Today though, through the internet, you can easily buy Avon products at a click of a mouse. This is bad news for Avon representative because they are now being bypassed and commissions are being taken away from them.


The Conclusion – Is Avon Still Worth It?


Let me just say outright that Avon is a legitimate store, there’s no doubt about it. It’s one of the best brands in the world that’s become the face of the direct-selling industry.


If you ask me for a good example of MLM, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d answer Avon as quick as possible. This is because in Avon, there’s a good balance of recruiting and direct-selling which are both essential parts of running a successful MLM business.


Far too many MLM businesses focus on the recruitment part, missing out entirely on the direct-selling department, which should be just as important as recruitment. If there is no product movement, the MLM company dies. Therefore, if you are interested in joining an MLM company, you must make sure that there is product movement in there like in this company, Avon.


If you are into beauty cosmetics and have no trouble selling items to people, then Avon is a good side business to have. They are now teaching their representatives to sell items using the internet which is a plus, too. Avon has been around for more than 100 years now and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about their history is they are good at adapting to change.


But before you go….


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