Avoiding Work At Home Scams

Ways To Avoid Work- At- Home Scams Online

Who wouldn’t want to be financially free and live a life he or she desires?

I know a lot of people will want to be financially free, free of their time and not trading it for 9 or 8 hours job.

Also, unemployment is still very real also.

With these two good reasons, millions of people today have been looking for a way to earn online from home, which makes them an easy target to thousand of scams and get rich quick schemes out there.

There is nothing worse than working hard for your money to have some schemers to make you part ways with that money with nothing in return.

You may think you will be smart enough to detect them when you see them, but scams have different types of techniques these days. But by knowing their various approaches, you are very sure to earn online scam free.

In my own opinion legitimate home jobs should satisfy few of the following:

  • What will I have to do to earn from home
  • Will earn on a salary basis or on every order I complete?
  • Who is going to be responsible for my earnings?
  • How am I going to get my earnings?

If the home job satisfies these questions, then you can be so sure that you won’t get your fingers burnt at the long run.


Below are the common Scam offers

Don’t get carried away by some work at home opportunities that rob you of your money and leave you with nothing.

Below are few home jobs that are scams:

1. Survey Panel that asks you to pay

As a matter of fact, no survey company will ask you to pay to get started with them. Because you are only sharing your opinion based on various products and services they ask you to review.

If your card details are asked for to start a review on any survey panel, that is a sure signal of a scam.

2. Job Offers

In this case, the scammer will send you an email with the news that a good job awaits you in a certain site and more information can be gotten by following a certain link on the mail.

Such links will ask you to input your personal information to see if the job offer is still available. Then you will be informed that two opening is still available and to claim it input your card details.

They know you will ask why your credit card details? For a various professional course to get started! And you will be informed that the training is mandatory then followed by the job after the completion.

Alas, you get no training and no job will be offered to you after parting with your credit card details.

3. Scam Data Entry

While we have many data entry jobs out there that are real, you can be sure we still have few also that still scam person.

They post a job offer and when you apply, you will be informed that certain tools will be purchased to get started.

Most desperate people that want to earn from home, will not have a problem paying for such tools. At the end, you will get no job and your money will still not be refunded.

4. Turn Your PC to Money Spinning Machine

Well, this is true to some extent. But scammers use this word to lure people which are trying to make money from home.

These scammers will send you junks called pdf about what to do to start earning from home. While their information can be partially true, but they never tell you that you will have to spend more time and money to earn from such information.

That makes the people that purchased such information to feel scammed of their hard earned money.


Final Thought

Scammers spent a lot of time to have a clear way to scam their victims, because they know that most people want something for nothing in life —or want to earn from home doing virtually nothing, which always makes them a victim.We have many ways to earn online, but the bitter truth about it is that you need to work very hard and take responsibility for their results. You won’t earn millions of dollars without putting a corresponding effort to earn.

Beware offers that promise millions doing nothing or offers that won’t require any effort from you. As a matter of fact, you buy their products are making them rich, while you get scammed of your money.

Don’t be disappointed if you have been scammed from searches on been financially free because most people get scammed at some point in their venture to achieve success online. But be very smart about it.

That’s why on my sites I recommended only a work at home program that you can try out Completely FREE before you spend money on it.

Have you spot or fall victim of work at home scam? Leave a comment below and Please let others learn from you.

Good Luck!





  • Hi Maun, Good job describing how people will most likely get scammed if they are not careful. I am almost at retiring age and I am tired of my day job, especially now that I have found WA. I would like to spend my time doing work online. Thank you for all the warnings.

    • Hi MarieAnne, thanks for leaving a comment here.Surely, most people had been scammed before they found the legitimate program. Me, personally been scammed many time along the way before I found the right program.I was about to loose my faith making money online because scammers are everywhere.
      Be extremely careful when a program required you to give up credit card details and personal information before you joined.Thanks.