Avoid Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam By Mo!

Avoid Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam By Mo!

Product Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Owner: Mo

Website: affiliatemillionaireclub.com

Price: $47 + Upgrades

Overall Rank: 3 Out of 10

If you are looking for a critical non-biased review on Affiliate Millionaire Club, you will find it here!

As of the writing, I have a 100% no-biased toward Affiliate Millionaire Club.

In this short review, I will be reviewing this system, its upgrades, its sales funnel and examining whether or not Affiliate Millionaire Club could help you start doubling, tripling your income or if it can potentially bankrupt you.

Okay, so before we get into the details about Affiliate Millionaire Club, I wanna let you know that I have a 100% free ten lessons (Online Entrepreneur Training) how you can build your very own online business.


Affiliate Millionaire Club A Brief Overview



Affiliate Millionaire Club was launched quietly in 2013 by Mo who promised to help you generate $1,200 per day every day for a lifetime.

He also claimed that his software will do all the work for you on autopilot and watch your bank account overflow.

Meh, all of the typical claim that you’d expect to hear in an internet marketing product.

Let’s see if Mo can deliver a promise, product to go with those overhyped claimed.

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What Happens When You Buy This Software?

You’ll gain access to the member’s area where you’ll be presented with training module that will walk you through how to use the software.

This software helps you to build, set up, and launch an affiliate website at ease with a bunch of affiliate link.

It is very easy to build a website with this software, but they don’t show you how to drive organic traffic to your website. This is what they fail to mention it on their sale page.

Setting up a website like this will not make you any money unless you know how to drive massive to your site.

In the member’s area, you’ll learn some basic traffic methods, but they don’t go into detail how to monetize your website.


Scam Alert

On their say page, they don’t exactly tell you what this software does, but essentially they are describing it to the secret of this system.

What used to take hours to do now only takes a few minutes you to complete with this software.

They claim it to be the very best software and makes it so much easier to start making $1,200 per day for a lifetime.

“You will never struggle to make money online again, all with this powerful, custom software”

I hate to say it, but I won’t stop myself to tell you the sad truth about this program.

The minute you get access to their member’s area, you’ll be presented with upgrades almost immediately after you join which I found to be really annoying.

Once you start going through some training, you will know that this is just another get rich quick scheme where you’ll probably learn more about how much money is in this dude bank account than you will anything else.


How Much Does Affiliate Millionaire Cost?

The retail price of the basic version of this software is for $47. This is where you’ll be granted to access to build, set up, and launch an affiliate website with an affiliate link.

This is just the beginning of the cost associated with this program and I will list all of the upgrades versions below:

Basic Software (Gold Membership): $47 One- time payment

You’ll gain get:

  • 3 Money websites
  • 100% risk-free
  • Fast and easy commissions
  • Unlimited domains and Bandwidth
  • Private marketplace access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% money back guarantee

Silver Membership: $57 One- time payment

You will get all the benefits of in the Gold Membership plus 2 more money websites.

Platinum Membership: $67 One- time payment

You’ll get everything from Gold members plus 7 money websites.



After you’ve paid the $47, they will try to get you to pay $57 for Silver Membership, then $67 for the Platinum membership.

Do you need any of those upgrades? Not really, though some people may get benefit from them. Many times program like this will have crappy up-sells that cost upwards of $200


What I Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

  • A decent software to create an affiliate website.
  • Good amount of training for beginners
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Can make some money with it


What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Million Club

  • Sales Page is similar to many scams
  • A sheer number of upgrades
  • The training is limited and not that of high quality
  • They don’t go into enough detail about what exactly how to monetize a website
  • Unrealistic claims that you’ll make $1,200 per day every day for a lifetime


Does Affiliate Millionaire Club Work?

The way they describe on the sale page it’s not that easy.

In my 3+ years in the online world, I know that there is no such thing as a magical system that will do all the work for you while you sit around and watch your bank account goes up.

Yes, you can build websites with their software, but without traffic, you get nothing out of them. You’ll want to learn how to drive organic traffic to your site and monetize it.

I don’t tell you that this software will not work for you. But I tell you is that to make money out of a website you need traffic.

No bot or push button software like you just push the button and traffic will come to your websites and start making money immediately.

In order to bring massive traffic, you should not use any bot or software. You have to do the work manually.


Making Money By Building Online Business

A lot of people have been thinking of making money on the internet and didn’t know how to go about it.

In addition, most folks are tended to think that online money making programs are just scams. This is not true. There are a bunch of legitimate ways to make money online.

Building an online business today is simple (cost and risk-free).

All you need is your name and email address. No credit card or bank details required.

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Do you happen to have any prior experience with Affiliate Millionaire Club you would like to share anyone else today? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this review and hopefully I have given you critical information to help make an informed decision.

I wish you the best in the world!





1 thought on “Avoid Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam By Mo!”

  1. This is 100% definitely a SCAM!! Read some other sites with customer reviews…like how they cancel the membership and keep getting billed $67 monthly and there is NO customer service. It is owned by an Egyptian man named Ahmed Aboul EZZ. That should say enough right there. How do I know its a scam?? Well for the past 2 months they have been spamming the heck out of my personal email address with an invitation and password, main issue is they are ALL spoofed email addresses from countries like Saudia Arabia, Iran, Peru and as of late Brazil. I didn’t start getting ones from Brazil until I blocked and reported the previous ones to Microsoft. Microsoft told me they are scam emails and that they are trying to get me to login on their invitation so they can gather my email address and ip information. Why I asked, I was told by Microsfoft that they want it so they can use my information to send spoofed emails with my account information. Now why would any upstanding company have to hide behind spoofed emails?? Make up your own mind but that is my 2 cents!!


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