Auto Money Surf Review – What Other Reviewers Are Afraid To Tell You!

Auto Money Surf Review


auto money surf scam


This review is about a website called Auto Money Surf which is a website that claims to help users earn money just by viewing ads. It is one of those “get paid to do X” types of online job that is quickly becoming popular in this day of social media. Websites like these are popping up like crazy because a lot of people are looking to earn extra money because, you know, extra money is never a bad thing. This website, Auto Money Surf, claims to help them with that, promising to pay around $3 per day by viewing ads. Do their claims have any merits to them?


In this review, we will look into this program and try to dissect their every claim. Are there some truths to it, or are they just playing you for a fool? Welcome to my in-depth review of Auto Money Surf. Read on further.


What Exactly Is Auto Money Surf?


Auto Money Surf is a traffic exchange platform that promises its users $3 daily to view ads. Basically, they are buying your views to inflate the view count of whatever product they are promoting. There have been many sites like this but they all came and went before they blew up in popularity. Is there something wrong with the system? After all, it seems like a simple enough proposition. You view an ad, you get paid – it’s that simple. But just like any other program I’ve reviewed in the past, we are going to examine the ins and outs of this program, see how it really works.


You may be thinking that $3 daily is not a lot but if you are consistent in viewing their ads, it can easily add up. That’s an extra $90 per month which is nothing to scoff at. It’s not a lot but it’s something – a pocket change if you will. If you think about it, you can earn that money so easily. Just watch a short video, maximum at 30 minutes, and you’ll get paid – but is it really that easy?


Of course, there is a catch. Only after you’ve read this full review will you learn about their secret. I will discuss this certain issue down below.


How Do You Earn Using Auto Money Surf?


As I’ve discussed above, you earn by watching videos or ads, as they call it. You just watch your allotted videos for the day and you will earn your $3. It’s that easy. You turn your first month in, and you’d expect $90, right? Well, it’s actually not that easy. They have this weird rule that you can only withdraw your money once you reach the minimum threshold of $100. Now, it’s just an additional 3 or 4 days and you’re good to go, so what’s the big deal? It’s because are not able to withdraw your money if you have not confirmed your account. That’s right. You need to confirm your account before you can withdraw your money. They did not say this in any of their sales pitch. In fact, the only time they ever mention this “confirmation” is right before you make your withdrawal. Seems fishy already? That isn’t even the worst part.


If you’re expecting an easy confirmation option, you’re in for a treat because there isn’t any. There won’t even be a confirmation button that you can click. According to them, you can only confirm your account by paying them $15 out of pocket. To put things simply, you need to pay them $15 in order to get your $100. They will give you the details – of where to send your payment. Then, they’ll promise to give your money, the $100. First of all, I have several issues with this approach. They should’ve told their users about this “minimum $100 threshold” and the “confirmation $15 thing.” Also, if the $100 is real, couldn’t they just deduct the $15 there, ultimately sending you $85 instead? That makes sense to me.


The truth is, and I’m going to jump the gun on this one, this product is likely a scam. I’ve read hundreds of reports on social media that this company does not payout, nor is planning to. It’s almost as if they just want free views without paying anybody. To top it all off, they would ask their users $15 and go AWOL right after. This company is super shady and I would advise anyone to avoid it at all cost.


Red Flags Of Auto Money Surf


There’s nothing that jumps out of the page when you go to their website. It does not look like a scam at all, at least on first impression. You will only see the red flags when you dig deeper and actually think about their offers. Their first offer, the “earn $3 daily for watching videos” seems real enough as it’s not even that high of a value. In my mind, this seems entirely plausible.


The first issue I came across is their referral package. Apparently, you can earn more if you are able to recruit people into their network. From their page, you will get about $0.5 for every new referral. It doesn’t seem like much but it can totally add up. Also, you will get 5% referral commission – meaning, you would get about 5% of whatever they earn. I was intrigued when I first saw this product and if I’d go by that impression, it’s possible that whoever I recruited would feel the same way. Thus, recruiting is easy. But as I’ve said above, this company never pays out. What will happen here is you will recruit some of your friends and when the time comes where they should get paid, they won’t receive anything. That would reflect back to you, their recruiter, because they have basically wasted their time trying to view ads with nothing to show for it.



In all likelihood, some of your recruits may have even forked up $15 to get their payment. But we all know that isn’t going to happen – them getting their money. In the end, you just end up alienating your recruits over a false promise of money. This program simply isn’t worth your time or money.


The Final Verdict


If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know what my verdict is – it is a SCAM! This company/program is clearly a scam and they’re not even trying to hide it. In all likelihood, they are just biding their time, probably busy collecting the $15. Then only after they have filled a certain amount would they go MIA.


Many companies have done similar tactics – collect money then disappear with it. It’s almost a certainty that they would be back but using a different name.


If you want a legit program that can really make you earn money, you need to do your research. There are a lot of companies claiming outrageous things and it’s up to you to weed out the bogus ones. In my years of reviewing online products, I’ve never been scammed, even one time. The only reason for that is I always do my thorough research before purchasing a product.


One product, in particular, stands out compared to the rest. I am talking about an affiliate program that does what it claims to do, and more. I’m gonna be honest and say that this is a very rare occurrence in the world of affiliate marketing. Most products oversell themselves to the point that you won’t ever be satisfied even if you achieve some kind of success with it. This product, however, is not. If you want to check this recommended program of mine, just click on the link below.


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