AppRedeem Review: What Can You Redeem From It?

AppRedeem Review: What Can You Redeem From It?


appredeem review


Two of the most common things that people do on their smartphones are download app and watch videos. That’s just what you do on your smartphone – no explanation. But what if I tell you that you can make money from doing that, would you believe me? You see, there’s this app called AppRedeem that promises exactly just that. You are going to get paid by watching apps and testing out applications that you are already doing anyway.


The idea of the app is to give you an incentive for doing the things you are already doing. AppRedeem is actually not the first platform to offer this kind of work premise. The concern now is if it offers something new to the table. In this review, we are going to check if this platform is going to give you something unique and if it is worth your time and money.


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What Exactly Is AppRedeem?


As I’ve said above, AppRedeem is an app that will pay you for testing apps and watching videos. Basically, the money comes from advertisers who want to get their products exposed to the market. A percentage of the income is shared with the user who watched the videos or downloaded the app.


There are plenty of apps that you can download in AppRedeem. There are also plenty of available videos that you can watch in different categories. You can do either or both of those two if you want to earn points.



AppRedeem is available on both iOS and Android devices. Just download the app and register by building your profile and getting approved to becoming a member.


Who Is AppRedeem Suited For?


AppRedeem is for people who want to earn online – I’m assuming that this is the group where you are most interested in.


The other group of people that would benefit from AppRedeem are advertisers and marketing agents who want to expose their product to the right demographic.


For users who want to earn online, it presents an opportunity to earn money from activities you are already doing anyway. That is their selling point and to be honest, it’s actually pretty genius if you think about it.


For advertisers, the ability to get your brand shown to the right demographic is powerful. If you are able to define a demographic, all the better it is for you. That would equate to an improved conversion rate as well as a better starting point to launch your product into the market.


How Can You Earn Money From AppRedeem?


Just like any similar rewards, all you have to do is accomplish small activities and you’re off to earning a quick penny from AppRedeem. It works just like any other reward system out there – advertisers pay the website to show their product. In turn, AppRedeem pays a percentage of all the consolidated fees to its users. The percentage is pretty small, like penny-level.


Honest Thoughts About AppRedeem


Now, here’s the fun part of the article. We are going to discuss what I like about the app.




  • AppRedeem provides an option for withdrawing in straight cash


Many rewards apps only pay in points and gift cards. That is not the case with this program though. You can withdraw in cash, which is a good thing. The majority of people would want to pay in cash instead of getting rewarded with rewards or gift cards. With AppRedeem offering that, it’s a good thing because you get cash and get to decide how to spend your money in any way you want.


  • The payment threshold is very low


The payment threshold of AppRedeem is pretty low. For comparable sites, the usual threshold is $5 – $10, which could take a while to get to. For AppRedeem, that threshold is only $0.5 which is quite low if you think about it.


  • Easy to join


If you go to their website, you will learn that it is free to join. Joining is easy. You won’t have to worry about a tedious signing process. You also won’t have to pay any membership fee to become a member.




Just like any app, not everything is good in AppRedeem. I will now list all the things I didn’t like about the app.


  • Limited opportunities for earning


If you download the app right now and get to the membership page where you’ll see available gigs, you will notice that there aren’t that many. That’s a far cry from several years back where plenty of gigs are available all the time. In turn, the potential for income could be very limited.


  • App availability


As of the time of this writing, this app is not available in all countries. And it seems like the number of countries that are running this program is in decline because of the current state of the app.


  • The income potential is very limited


The income potential is actually quite low. The payment for every gig is only in cents. It will actually take you a while before you can reach their payment threshold ($0.5). Can you imagine that? The lack of available gigs is also going to be an issue in your ability to earn from this app.


  • It’s not stable with regards to its future


There have been rumors of AppRedeem getting shut down this year. It was acquired by a different company in 2015 but if the news is to be believed, the new owners don’t have a plan of continuing it. The app is still available for download but there’s not a guarantee that it’s going to be sometime this year.


The Conclusion – Is AppRedeem Scam?


From what I gathered from my research; I am comfortable to say that AppRedeem is not a scam. However, that actually isn’t saying much.


There are plenty of bad things I could say about AppRedeem, most notable of which is with regards to the earning potential. It’s very low, even when you set the standard to the average earning on the industry, which is already very low, to begin with.


Overall, unless you want to earn in literal pennies, I suggest that you look for an alternative online money-making solution instead. I already gave you a link to the best affiliate marketing program I’ve reviewed, and I will give it to you again. I will put the link again down below in case you are interested.


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