Apple PTC Review- Can You Make Money with Apple PTC?

Apple PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with Apple PTC?

Welcome to my Apple PTC Review!

If you are interested in making passive income online, you’ve perhaps heard about PTC (Paid to Click) sites. Merely put, there are sites that you can join for free and start earning by undertaking simple tasks.

For instance, you can take surveys, view ads, watch videos, register for free trials, data entry, perform social media tasks, play games, download applications, among other simple tasks. What symbolizes the sites is that they all have different ways of making money.

Signing up at a PTC site is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make extra cash online. However, it is only the case if you register at a legit site.

Apple PTC is one of the best Paid to Click site that promises to reward its members for performing various tasks on the website.

But is Apple PTC legit and one of the sites where you can make some good cash or just a scam to waste your investment?

Luckily, in this unbiased and detailed Apple PTC review, you will find most of the details you need about this site, especially when it comes to how it works, its pros and cons, its legitimacy, among other things. Keep glued on the article to the end.

Let’s get started…

Apple PTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with Apple PTC?

Name: Apple PTC


Owner: Reba Flannery

Price: Free to Join

Summary: Yes, you can make some money effortlessly from the platform. Besides the standard PTC ads, you have a plenty of ways to make make an extra earning which include harvest grid, forum posting, paid to read, paid to sign up, contest, surf rewards, activities bonus, referral bonus, standard PTP, rotator PTP, and offerwalls. However, the major downside is that all the tasks done on the platform will earn you pennies. So, I would say, there are better options out there.

Overall Scam Rank: 3.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Not Really. It it Really Hard to Make Full Time Income

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What is Apple PTC?

As said earlier, Apple PTC is a PTC site that promises to pay its members to complete various tasks such as clicking ads and engaging in other earning opportunities.

And the fact that it is a PTC site, you can anticipate that there are multiple ways to make money on the website. Now, in order to get a grip on what the site entails, we have to assess how the site works. So, here is how Apple PTC works.

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How Does Apple PTC Work/ Background Info?

Previously, several people owned Apple PTC. However, it became the property of Reba Flannery as of October 10th, 2017. You will be worried to realize that there are no admins on the PTC site.

Instead, Reba Flannery runs the website individually but pretends to be a company with several employees. Like other PTC sites on the internet, you need to register on the PTC first to start making some cash.

So, just visit their official website and tap on the ‘Register’ button. Here, you will have to enter your details such as username, password, verify password, PIN, verify PIN, referrer if any, your name, your email address, accept their terms of service, and finally tap on the ‘create account’ button.

Notably, the company requires all users only to use a Gmail email address during the registration process. After successful registration, you can start clicking the ads or visit the offer wall page to make extra cash.

One unique thing about Apple PTC is that you will get paid in BTC. While you will track your earnings in USD, you will get paid in Bitcoin. You only have to fill in your withdrawal profile, and Apple PTC does the rest.

The good thing about Apple PTC is that it does not require you to post proof of your withdrawals.

Here’s a Video on Apple PTC


How to Make Money with Apple PTC?

When it comes to the primary way to make money on PTC sites, viewing ads is the most common, and Apple PTC is not an exception.

In addition to the standard Paid to Click websites, Apple PTC offers various earning opportunities that include forum posting, harvest grid, paid to read, paid to sign up, surf rewards, contests, referral bonuses, activity bonuses, rotator PTP, standard PTP and offer walls.

Here are the main ways to make money on the Apple PTC site.

Click Ads

As I said earlier, the primary way to make money on PTC sites is by clicking or watching ads. Here, you will also make money by watching ads.

There are several types of ads that you can view on this site, and they pay between $0.0005 to $0.001 per ad based on the time required to view the ad. Viewing these ads is a walk in the park.

Well, you only need to click an ad, wait for a couple of seconds for the ad to load completely, and then have the rewards deposited into your account.

Play Harvest Grid

The good thing about most PTC sites is that they give you a chance to play a grid game to increase your earnings. In this case, Apple PTC enables you to play a game and win up to $1.

And the good thing about Harvest Grid is that playing it is incredibly simple. Indeed, you only have to tap on the grid squares and wait for the timer to finish to identify whether or not you are a lucky winner.

Generally, the won amount is directly deposited into your account balance. Also, there is no limit when it comes to the number of prizes that you can win per day. So, it is advisable to use all your chances.

Offer Walls

This earning method gives you a chance to get paid to complete offers. One thing to keep in mind about the Apple PTC offer wall is, the offers do not come from the company.

Instead, they come from other third-party sites that have partnered with them. Expect to find three types of offer walls here; ClixWall, Offers4all, and Ad Click Wall.

The tasks that you need to perform to make money on this earning method includes signing up at specific sites, playing games, contests, watching videos, downloading mobile applications, or even undertaking saves.

All in all, in order to make money, you need to follow the instructions that come with every offer to the latter.

Unique Referral Program

You can refer other members to start making a commission from the money they earn. Currently, you can message your upline or downline, send cash, send gifts, purchase random referral positions, recycle the indirect referrals.

Unluckily, there is no conclusive information about how the referral program works on the site. So, expect to get more features soon.

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Apple PTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

• Low rewards
• Only pays in BTC
• Not user-friendly
• Limited ways to get support


What I Like About Apple PTC

• Easy to get paid
• Available globally
• Several earning opportunities


Is Apple PTC a Scam?

Apple PTC is 100% legit. It has been in the PTC industry for a couple of years and has successfully paid its members throughout its existence.

However, there is one thing that I do not like about PTC sites, and it is not the type of business to invest in if you want to become rich.

What this means is, the earning potential is incredibly low, and you cannot make a fortune from the platform.

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Apple PTC at a Glance

Name: Apple PTC


Owner: Reba Flannery

Price: Free to Join

Overall Scam Rank: 3.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, you can not make a living on the platform

Apple PTC

Free to Join





Overall Quality



  • Easy to Get Paid
  • Available Globally
  • Several Earning Opportunities


  • Only Pays in BTC
  • Not User-Friendly
  • Limited Ways to Get Support

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