An Unbiased SurfBTC Review- Make Money with SurfBTC?

An Unbiased Surf BTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with Surf BTC

This is an unbiased review of Surf BTC post and you’ll will find relevant and latest info about this PTC site in this blog post.

Registering at an online rewards website is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make passive income online. However, this is only the case when you register at a legit site.

Surf BTC is one of the online rewards websites that promise to pay the members upon completing various tasks published on the website.

Now, is Surf BTC a legit and good earning opportunity or just a scam site that wants to scam you your hard-earned money?

It is always advisable to get prior knowledge of the online rewards site you want to join, and there are a couple of things you need to consider when thinking about registering at any PTC (Paid-To-Click) site.

In this detailed, honest, and unbiased Surf BTC review, you will get info about how the platform works, its pros and cons, whether it is a scam or not, whether you can really make money with it, among several other things.

Let’s get started…

Surf BTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with Surf BTC

Name: Surf BTC


Owner: Not Disclosed

Price: Free to join

Summary: Yes, you can make some cash and prizes for doing online tasks on their website. You can join for free and the registration process is quick and easy. They are one of the simple way to make money online. However, the major downside is that you have limited earning opportunity. So, I would say you can make money with Surf BTC, but there are much better options out there.

Overall Scam Rank: 2.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Not Really. You won’t make a good amount of money online

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What is Surf BTC?

Surf BTC, as mentioned earlier, is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) website that primarily pays you for viewing ads. The initials BTC in their name stands for Bitcoin.

As you can probably guess, you will only be paid via Bitcoins upon completing various tasks on this platform.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a site that pays you real money, Surf BTC may not be the best option for you. However, Surf BTC gives you the chance to join the growing world of cryptocurrency.

To assess the earning potential of Surf BTC, I must show you how the site works and how to make money. Read on to find out more about this unique site.

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How Does Surf BTC Work?

Getting started with Surf BTC is quite easy. You only need to register on the official website, and then you are ready to go.

First, visit the official site, tap on the ‘Register’ button located at the top of the homepage, fill in your details as required, and agree to their terms & conditions.

Then, you can click on the ‘Create Account’ button to finish the registration process. However, a verification email is sent to your email address to guarantee that you are using legit credentials.

You may need to check the verification email in the junk or spam folder if you are using an adblocker app.

As you can see, instead of earning real cash, you will earn Bitcoins. But for some users, they consider Bitcoin as real cash as well.

Here’s a Video on Surf BTC

But before getting into in-depth on this review, it is essential to note that you should not expect to earn a lot of Bitcoins from Surf BTC.

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How to Make Money with Surf BTC?

Surf BTC is similar to other paid-to-click websites on the internet. Thus, the main ways of making money from the platform include viewing ads and playing games. Here is how to make money from the system.

Viewing Ads

Viewing ads is a common word in the PTC world. What happens in Surf BTC is that when you decide to make money by viewing ads, you have to visit the ‘View Ads’ tab and begin viewing ads.

When you tap on the button, a new page pops up, displaying the advertisements that you have to see. A countdown then starts until you are done viewing the ad. As a norm, you have to wait for the countdown to finish to get paid.

Play Game – ClixGrid

Another way to make money on Surf BTC is by playing a game, the ClixGrid. Playing this game is quite easy – you only need to click on any grid square on the picture and wait for the timer to elapse to learn whether you have won the prize or not.

The amount you earn by playing the ClixGrid is directly credited to your account, and the good thing is that there is no limit about the number of times you can play this game. Therefore, you can try your luck throughout the day.

The Referral Program

You will also have the ability to invite your close friends and family members to become members at Surf BTC. In return, you will make a certain percentage of whatever amount they make from the website.

Every individual you invite and become a member of Surf BTC, you stand a chance of making up to 15% Bitcoin reward.

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Surf BTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

Limited Earning Opportunities

Compared to other PTC sites on the internet, there are limited ways to make money on Surf BTC. In fact, there are less than five ways of earning on Surf BTC. As a result, the amount of money that you can make is limited as well.

Limited Payment Options

You only receive money via Perfect Money, and the payment method needs to be verified to avoid payment cancellation. It is always advisable to have various payment methods for reliability purposes.

Payment may be Cancelled

If you try to withdraw your earnings from an unverified, the process will be automatically terminated. However, you’ll be able to withdraw after you’re done verifying your payment account.

Low Rewards

It is impossible to make a lot of money by viewing ads and playing the ClixGrid game only. In addition, the referral program will not make you a lot of money as well.

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What I Like About Surf BTC

  • The quick and easy registration process
  •  The simple way to make money
  • Free to join

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Is Surf BTC a Scam?

Surf BTC is 100% legit. In fact, it has been continuously paying its members since its inception.

While you will get the opportunity to make bitcoins from the site, the unwanted truth is that you cannot really make some good fortune from the program.

And the fact that viewing the ads takes some time is vital that you note that it will take you a lot of time to make some really good cash.

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SurfBTC at a Glance

Name: Surf BTC


Owner: Not Disclosed

Price: Free to join

Overall Scam Rank: 2.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, but It is a Time Waster







Overall Quality



  • Free to Join
  • Simple Way to Make Money Online
  • Quick and Easy Registration Process


  • Limited Earning Opportunities
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Payment May Be Cancelled

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