An Unbiased ESPTCO PTC Review- Make Money with ESPTCO?

An Unbiased ESPTCO PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with ESPTCO?

Welcome to my ESPTCO Review!

If you are interested in making passive income online, you may have heard about the PTC (Paid to Click) sites.

Basically, PTC sites are rewarding sites where you can join for free and make some income by performing various simple tasks.

For instance, you can make some income by watching videos, taking surveys, undertake some social media tasks, view ads, register for free trials, play games, download applications, among many other artless tasks. The main thing that depicts these sites is that they ordinarily have various ways to make money.

The money-making opportunities and site quality do, however, vary to some extent. It can be daunting to try and test them to find the legit sites and those that only waste your time.

Also, finding an in-depth and honest PTC review is a tall order. Well, here is where I come in – over the years, I have reviewed hundreds of PTC sites and have come across both great and basic sites. Moreover, I have come across scam websites.

Probably, you have heard of the ESPTCO PTC site. It is a platform that promises to pay the members to view and click ads.

So, if you are searching for the best sites to make passive income, the high chances are that you have encountered this PTC site. But is ESPTCO PTC legit or just a scam site that will steal your hard-earned income?

Basically, it is a logical and valid question that everyone needs to think of. As a matter of fact, it would be wise to ensure that you are only joining a legitimate site.

Therefore, to answer these and other questions, especially whether you can make some good cash from the platform, let us find out what the ESPTCO PTC holds for us. Without further ado, here is a closer look at this Paid to Click website.

Let’s started…

ESPTCO PTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with ESPTCO?



Owner: Do Not Disclosed

Price: Free to Sign Up

Summary: ESPTCO is somewhat legit. As a registered member, you can earn bitcoins by viewing advertisements, testing out apps, doing surveys and watching video online. You have guaranteed ads daily. You can also earn referral bonus by inviting friends to earn alongside with you. All earning are synched to your ESFaucets with no delay on earning. However, the major downside is that it is not the best place to make real cash.

Overall Scam Rank: 3.7 Out of 10

Recommended: Not Really. It is not a good place to earn real money.

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ESPTCO PTC, as said earlier, is a PTC (Paid to Click) website that mostly rewards you for viewing ads or complete offers. It is one of the most honest PTC sites out there.

Ordinarily, most PTC sites offer multiple ways to make money. However, when it comes to the ESPTCO PTC site, it only offers few earning opportunities.

On this rewards site, you will get a chance to earn Bitcoins. Therefore, the ESPTCO PTC site may not be the best website for you if you are looking for a site to earn real money. In order to understand how the website works, let us get into depth about how the PTC site works.

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How Does ESPTCO PTC Work?

In order to make you understand how ESPTCO PTC site works, it is essential that I plainly explain how it works. Most people watch TV an average of two hours per day.

Now, think of the TV channels paid you to watch advertisements on their channels. Well, isn’t it an unbeatable offer? In this case, think about a similar process and apply it here.

Thus, ESPTCO PTC pays you to watch some ads or complete offers on their website. However, to start earning on the site, you need to sign up for an account for free, and then sign in every day to view all the available ads.

Basically, online business promoter’s and web marketers require substantial traffic to their online business sites. As a result, they typically pay a colossal amount of money to these websites to purchase traffic.

The PTC sites like ESPTCO PTC, on the other hand, publish the promoter’s links on their website to enable you to click, watch, and make some money. Getting started on the PTC site is quite easy as you only need a laptop and internet connection.

Also, you will need an email account and Bitcoin eWallet. Note, to avoid a closure of your account, and it is important to restrict one account to one computer and one internet connection.

Here’s a Video on ESPTCO

How to Make Money with ESPTCO PTC?

Are you curious about learning how to make money via the ESPTCO PTC site? Well, it is a very artless process. First, you need to sign up as said earlier, sign in to your account, and head straight to the ads section.

In that section, you will find various ways to make money on the platform. Here is how to make money via this PTC site.

View Ads

As I said earlier, the main way to make money on PTC sites is through ad viewing, and ESPTCO PTC is no different. Thus, you will be able to earn some cash by viewing ads. ESPTCO PTC has multiple types of ads that you can view including, Coin Galaxy ads, free crypto easy ads, no minimum deposit ads, among several others.

However, the truth is that they do not pay a lot of money since you will be making between 6 satoshis and 10 satoshis based on the ad type and length. All in all, it will not take you a lot of time to complete the viewing process.

All that is required of you is to click the advertisement, wait for a couple of seconds to load completely, and then fill in the captcha that appears on the center of the page.

When the captcha says that you have completed viewing the ad, you can close it and start viewing another ad.

Although viewing the ad seems like an effortless task, it can genuinely take your time to make some substantial income.

Basically, the minimal amount that you make from every ad means that you have to view a lot of ads to make some good cash. Moreover, you will need to spend a lot of time on the site to accumulate a decent amount into your account balance.

The Paid Offers

Another unique way to earn on ESPTCO PTC site is through the paid offers. Generally, the paid ads originate from other third-party sites.

As you will see upon signing up on the site, you will access the paid offers on the ‘Offers’ button. As a matter of fact, ESPTCO PTC has many offers on their platform.

Well, if it is your first time coming across the paid offers, worry no more. Merely put, they are simple tasks that you need to do and then get a reward upon successful completion.

What I mean is, a paid offer will ask you to undertake a survey, sign up to a specific site, download and install a mobile application, watch a video, play a game, shop online, take a quiz, among other things.

Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions given by the paid offer to the latter. It is truly the only way you can ensure that you will get your reward once you complete the offer.

Honestly speaking, these kinds of offers are available on several types of sites. In my experience reviewing the PTC sites, the offers offered by ESPTCO PTC pays less than what you may get on other sites.

The Referral Program

It is common for PTC sites to provide the referral program to increase your earning capabilities. Thus, you will have the ability to invite members to join ESPTCO PTC, and in return, you’ll get a commission from their earnings.

Basically, you can invite members to sign up by sharing your referral link with them or publishing the link on your blog site.

Nevertheless, ESPTCO PTC does not publish info on its official website regarding the amount of money you will earn by referring people to the website. In my opinion, they ought to publish such crucial information on their site.

All in all, the experience that I have amassed over the years anticipates that the percentage will range from 5% to 10% of the referral’s total earnings.

Also, keep in mind that your referrals need to view their ads to give you any chance of making a commission from their earnings. Another thing is that you need to watch a specific number of ads per day to benefit from the referrals.


ESPTCO PTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

  •  Minimal rewards
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • The site doesn’t show the much-needed information
  • The site has an unfriendly user interface


What I Like About ESPTCO PTC

  • Ability to earn BTC
  • Available worldwide
  • Low payout threshold
  • A simple and straightforward signup process



ESPTCO PTC is 100% legit. It pays the members to view ads and complete offers. However, you cannot really make some good cash from the platform.

The fact that you will be making roughly 6 satoshis ($0.0006) per click means that you will have to click hundreds and hundreds of ads to make at least $1 per day.

In my opinion, it would be better to join another online money-making program rather than joining the PTC world since you will waste your time and money only to earn peanuts.

Fortunately, there are other opportunities out there you might want to try. Here’s my top recommended program that will help you make some good cash. It free to get started. So you really don’t have anything to lose.


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ESPTCO at a Glance



Owner: Do Not Disclosed

Price: Free to Sign Up

Overall Scam Rank: 3.7 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, But You Can’t Make Really Good Cash on the Platform.







Overall Quality



  • Ability to Earn BTC
  • Available Worldwide
  • Simple and Straightforward Sign Up Process


  • Minimum Rewards
  • limited Earnining Opportunities
  • The Site Doesn't Show the Much-Needed Information

1 thought on “An Unbiased ESPTCO PTC Review- Make Money with ESPTCO?”

  1. Hey, im a representative from ESFaucets/ESPTCO/Btcnewz. And I just wanted to clarify a few things on here.
    First of all, referral bonus is 20%, all of this is stated on the main site, ESFaucets, you can go to profile, and Referrals, it shows all your referrals, their earnings, their last active state, and the percentage you get from them. You can increase the percentage by increasing your ESXP Level. (You also get a referral signup bonus too, not just from viewing ads)
    Rewards are based upon payments by the advertisers, so we cant really control that. But we also have video ads, which pay slightly higher.
    Regarding the UI, the way its unfriendly, we would love to hear more regarding this on our email, you can contact us at any time and we would be glad to help and love suggestions.

    Thank you.


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