Ambit Energy Scam Or Killer Deal? Must Read!

Is Ambit Energy Scam Or Killer Deal?- Must Read!

Name: Ambit Energy

Owners: Jere Thompson Jr. & Chris Chambless


Price: $429 Plus $24.95 Per Month

Overall Rank: 5 Out of 10

Hey folks, thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Ambit Energy review!

I hope you’re doing well. You may be here for a few different reasons, you might be looking into Ambit Energy looking for some Ambit Energy reviews, looking into the Ambit Energy scam, or Ambit Energy pyramid just tries to feed the company’s top leaders.

Perhaps you are already a distributor with Ambit Energy or you’ve been exposed to Ambit Energy by a friend, family member, or colleague or you are just trying to see if the company is legit.

Whatever your case may be, I’m glad that you have done your due diligence and you haven’t let your desperation to earn a quick buck get the best of you.

Within the following review, I will be showing you whether Ambit Energy could be worth your time or if you’re better off exploring other options to make money from home.


What Is Ambit Energy All About?

Ambit Energy is a network marketing company that provide electricity and natural gas services in the energy market in the United States.

The company is using multi-level marketing system to market it’s services which means that instead, they are paying for advertising, they use independent distributors to get the word out on their business opportunity as well as their services.

They are one of the top electricity and natural gas providers in the network marketing field.

Ambit Energy is a legit company that offers a great compensation plan.

One of the positives of Ambit Energy is everybody needs electricity and gas for their home which means there’s a big market. If you work hard at it, they can help you make some money from home.


What Will You Be Doing Once You Join?

Once you join, you will need to get others to join Ambit Energy and make them start using the service. They use the service, you make a commission on top of that.

Every month they will get their bill from Ambit Energy, they pay it, you make some money. That’s simple.

The big benefits of their system are it seems like you’re trying to sell someone something because people are already using electricity in their home.

You are just saying, hey you want to save some money on your electricity bill, you can switch to Ambit Energy.

However, here’s the cut. You are going to make money is by going out and talking to people and selling the service.

Some people are going to say no, some people are going to be stupid and they don’t want to switch to Ambit Energy.

All your earning will depend on your ability to recruit other and building a team of recruiters.

For example, you signed up Joe to sell Ambit Energy, when Joe starts telling people about Ambit Energy service and make others to use it, you make a piece of that for you signed up Joe underneath you.

Again, Joe is going to sign up someone underneath him and then when this person gets a sale, you get a piece of it because you recruited Joe. You got Joe, Joe got Susan who got Kathy who got Bob and goes on.

See the screenshot below!



What I Liked About Ambit Energy

  • Everyone needs energy so this is a big market.
  • Everyone wants to save some money on their energy bills
  • Generous compensation plan which means you can make good money
  • Ambit Energy is the legit and decent company


What I Didn’t Like About Ambit Energy

  • The market is tough out there
  • You limited yourself- only deregulated in certain states kinda limits your prospects especially if you want to do an online marketing
  • They have Class Action Lawsuit and there are so many customers complaints on the net
  • You will waste much valuable time with unqualified prospects which means you are always lack of quality leads.
  • You are lack of positive cash-flow to float you until you build volume of residual income


Who Is Ambit Energy For?

Ambit Energy is for those want to save some money on their energy bill and want to make some money from home.

If you think you can do well with direct marketing and can sell Ambit Energy service to your friends, family, and neighbor, this might for you.

Basically, you will need to recruit others, building a team to sell Ambit Energy’s service. You are making money through your own sales, as well as your team’s sales.

However, there are con you have to decide is if it worth the grind calling your friends and family, driving to where they are and pitching them the opportunity to switch them over.

And if you do that an over and over for an extended of time for not making a decent money, in the beginning, is worth it. You will want to decide it.

Another this is it is better when you live in the deregulated states to get started with them. If you are not, chances are this business might not for you.


Here’s What I Really Think About Ambit Energy

MLM and network marketing model are the most widely known because they are amongst the oldest style of non-traditional business. But the success rate has historically been very low because it typically takes 2-4 years to reach any type of decent monthly income.

I feel safe to say that an over 90% of MLM and network marketing programs, it takes 5000-10,000 reps in your downline to produce sufficient group monthly volume to achieve a 5 figure monthly income.

There is no quick way to add 5000 people to your team quickly! You have to rely on team duplication within your downline and that takes time to build.

I mean the way they describe their compensation plan is not that easy. I don’t tell you that Ambit Energy is not working for you too.

But I tell you is that in order to make a decent income you will need to put in an extraordinary effort to make it happens.

To start your business or home-based, there are better alternatives. If you serious about it, check out my #1 Recommendation!

Thanks for reading this review and hopefully I have given you enough information to help you make a sound decision whether Ambit Energy is for you or not.

If you have any questions about this or any other opportunity, just leave them in the comments section below.





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