AdzBazar PTC Review- Can You Make Money with AdzBazar?

AdzBazar PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with AdzBazar?

Welcome to my AdzBazar PTC Review!

If you searched online something like ‘How to make money on the internet,’ there are high chances for you to come across PTC (Paid to Click) sites in your search results.

Well, one of the PTC sites that you can join and make money from the comfort of your house or even while on the go is AdzBazar PTC.

When it comes to working with the PTC sites, all you need to have is a laptop, desktop, smartphone, and a stable internet connection. It sounds too good to be true, right?

There are many Paid to Click sites on the internet, making it quite challenging to identify whether a site is really worth your time or whether it can make you some good cash.

Now, today’s PTC review is all about the AdzBazar PTC. What is AdzBazar PTC? A legit or just another scam site? Pros and cons? Can you really make a lot of money from AdzBazar PTC?

These are the primary questions that this unbiased, exclusive, and detailed review will focus on. It sounds good to your ears? Well, without further ado, let us dive deep into what brought you into this page.


What is AdzBazar PTC?AdzBazar Logo

You are perhaps questioning what exactly is AdzBazar PTC and how its business model works. Since it’s a Paid to Click site, you may be speculating about how the platform gives its members some cash to click some buttons on a website.

Merely put, AdzBazar PTC is an online marketing site that acts as a link between consumers and marketers.
As you can see, it is a simple PTC site, where members are required to click and view ads published by the promoters to make some bucks.

One, you need to note that the company pays you in cash, which you can withdraw to your account after reaching the minimum cash out threshold.

Your account level and the type of ad that you are viewing determines the amount of money to make from a single ad. As a member of this PTC site, you are allowed to market and advertise other sites at the AdzBazar PTC site at a reasonable cost.

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How Does AdzBazar PTC Work?

AdzBazar PTC site works in the same manner that other PTC sites work. With this, you need to register on the official website and then start clicking the daily ads you find on the site to make some money.

Remarkably, registering at the AdzBazar PTC website is totally free. Just go to their website and tap on the ‘Register’ button on the top right corner of the homepage.

On the registration page, you will need to enter some info such as first name, last name, date of birth, a valid email address, a unique username, and a password.

After filling the form successfully, you should have the ability to login to your account quickly. During the first sign in, the site may require you to provide an exclusive secret question and answer to secure your account.

Commonly, this type of question may be something that only you would know the answer. So, it deters unauthorized users from accessing your account. You can now begin making some bucks by viewing the ads once your account is fully set up.

Here’s a Short Video on AdzBazar

The promoters pay the AdzBazar PTC site for the ads that you see published on their site. Usually, it can be compared to the same way marketers pay for an advertisement on TV networks.

PTC sites such as AdzBazar share a minimal fraction of the money they make with their platform members. This way, the platform can offer you an inducement to continue watching ads on their platform.

For instance, if you come across an item that you love and end up purchasing it, the promoters also get what they need, and this cycle keeps on repeating itself.

As said earlier, your level determines the amount that you make from AdzBazar PTC. It is essential to note that as you rise in levels, the payments from the ads you view also rise.

Additionally, you can refer or invite other members through your referral link, and you will get a commission for the advertisements that the referrals watch.

Another thing is, as a registered member, you can easily advertise your brands and products at a much affordable price.


How to Make Money with AdzBazar PTC?

There are undoubtedly many ways for you to make some money from the AdzBazar PTC site, and one of the main ways is by viewing ads. When it comes to viewing the ads, the site provides a couple of ways to earn money.

View Ads

If you tap on the ‘Earn Money’ button at AdzBazar PTC homepage navigation bar, you will find a list of all the various ways that you can use to make money on the website, where viewing ads tops the list.

One thing that you will love about AdzBazar PTC is that it offers various ways to view the ads to increase the amount of money you put into your pocket.

When you click on the ‘Earn Money’ dropdown menu, just click on the ‘View Ads’ button, and the website will take you to the subsequent page. On this page, you will see a long list of the ads that you have to watch. Every ad will make you some amount of money.

The precise amount to make from the ads depends on the type of advertisement that you are clicking on as well as your existing membership level on the site.

AdzBazar PTC categorizes its ads into several categories: fixed ads, Bazar ads, Nano ads, bonus ads, and Sponsor ads. Every category comes with different ads for you to view. Whichever ad you opt to view, the highest amount of money you can make per ad is $0.001.

However, most ads pay close to $0.0002. If you consider the unpleasant truth, you will need to click at least 75,000 ads for every hour to make at least $15 in the same period.

When it comes to the fixed ads, you will earn both cash and points. The lowest amount to earn for every fixed ad that you view is $0.0005, while the highest is $0.001. Usually, the Bazar ads pay you $0.0025 in cash plus one point. The sponsor ads, on the other hand, earns you one point.

Additionally, the nano ads will make you $0.0002 and one point for each ad that you view. What you need to note is that the bonus ads are still under the testing stage.

With this in mind, the ads might be having some issues and bugs. According to AdzBazar PTC, it will be paying around $0.001 for every bonus ad that you click.

Here’s Payments Proof

AdzBazar PTC Payments Proof

PTP Ads Surfer

Since viewing ads is not the only method of making money on AdzBazar PTC, it is essential to note that the other common way to make money here is via PTP Ads surfer.

Well, the method requires you to watch 10-15 ads that pay roughly $0.0002 for every ad. The earning opportunity puts you into the same situation; you will have to watch a lot of ads to make some excellent cash.

The Paid Offers

Another way to make money on AdzBazar PTC is through the paid offers. However, the paid offers originate from other websites.

Basically, the paid offers include undertaking simple quizzes, downloading mobile and desktop applications, signing up on a third-party site, as well as playing games.


AdzBazar PTC also offers paid surveys that you can perform to increase your earnings. Just like the standard paid offers, the surveys provided by AdzBazar PTC originate from other websites.

To access the available surveys, click on the ‘Earn Money’ button, and then click the ‘Survey’ option on the dropdown menu. From this page, you will see a list of available surveys.

Clicking any of the available surveys takes you to the actual page where the surveys are available. In addition to filling the surveys, you can also watch some short videos.

Bonus Game

You can play many games on Paid to Click sites that will allow you to earn extra rewards. In the AdzBazar PTC case, you can play the bonus game to win various rewards.

The concept is quite straightforward. All that you have to perform is click on the play button. Typically, clicking the play button makes the platform to generate a random result. You can either win a specific amount or just a few credits.

Flip the Coin

If you are a typical gambler, you can try your luck by playing the Flip the Coin game. Usually, playing this game requires you to pay $0.10 to the site.

Afterward, you will get double the amount you staked if you win, and the maximum amount to make from the flip coin game is $50.


AdzGrid is essentially an easy to play grid game. You only have to tap on any grid on the picture and get some credits directly to your credit balance. Every click opens up a promoter’s website that you have to view for up to seven seconds.

After the elapse of the specified period, you will learn whether you have won the credits and cash or not. The best thing about playing this game is that you can use the credits that you get by playing this game to market your personal advertisement.

The Referral Program

Lastly, you can increase your earning potentials by referring members to register at AdzBazar PTC. For every direct referral, you’re guaranteed to get $0.0005 from him or her alongside a 7.5% commission for every ad that the direct referral clicks. The maximum number of direct referrals that you can have is set at 200.

Another option is, you can opt to rent the referrals if you find it hard to promote your referral link. For example, renting 5 referrals will cost you about $0.75.

Notably, you will earn $0.00075 for each rented referral click. Also, the maximum rented referrals that you can have is set at 200.

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AdzBazar PTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

There are some ugly truths that I need you to learn when it comes to AdzBazar PTC, and I will be discussing them right away.

  •  The minimum cash-out requirement, $5, is quite high. The fact that you will be making cents for every ad you view makes it quite challenging to reach the minimum withdrawable amount, mainly if you’re only depending on surveys and clicking ads.
  •  You have to spend money to boost your earning prospective from the AdzBazar PTC site. In my opinion, investing some money to upgrade your account is certainly a waste of money and a significant risk. Since you are trying to make some cash, why spend some of the money that you get to make extra money?
  •  It is difficult to make a substantial income from the site because the earning opportunity is minimal. You may hire referrals and spend some cash on upgrading your account. Still, the amount that you make remains low.


What I Like About AdzBazar PTC

  • Joining the platform is free
  • Several payment methods options
  • Fast payments, especially if you’ve upgraded your accounts
  •  Navigating the website is quite easy
  • Many earning opportunities

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Is AdzBazar PTC a Scam?

AdzBazar PTC site is indeed far from being a scam site. It’s a legit PTC site that has been paying its members for more than five years since its introduction into the PTC world in 2014. With this, the site’s longevity shows that the site is not destined to end any time soon.

However, the only drawback, in my opinion, is that it may not be worth your time and investment. The site needs you to click countless ads, and you may not end up making some substantial income to sort all your bills.

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Overall Quality



  • Joining the Platform is Free
  • Fast Payment
  • Navigating the Website is Quite Easy


  • High Cash-Out Requirement
  • Invest Some Money to Make Money
  • Difficult to Make Substantial Income

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