AdBTC Review- Can You Really Make Money with AdBTC?

AdBTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with AdBTC?

Welcome to my AdBTC Review!

Joining a reliable rewards website is one of the best ways to make passive income on the internet. However, you will only make some cash if you register at a legit website.

Well, AdBTC is one of the online rewards websites that promises to reward users like you to perform simple tasks on their site. But can you really make money with AdBTC? Is it legit or just a scam that wants to take your money away?

In this honest and unbiased AdBTC review, you will find out conclusive information about the program, especially whether it is a scam or not.

You will find answers to questions like how it works, how to make money from the site, its pros and cons, and other questions you may have. Generally, these rewards sites often sound too good to be true.

It is for this reason that I have decided to review this PTC (Paid To Click) site to find out whether it is truly possible to earn some satoshis by viewing ads.

Ideally, this is the type of information that you should expect to come across in this article. Read on to the end to find out more about AdBTC, especially how it pays you in BTC.

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What is AdBTC?AdBTC Logo

AdBTC, as said above, is a PTC (Paid To Click) website that rewards you for visiting other sites and performing simple tasks.

Probably, you are wondering about the suffix BTC on the site name. If so, the suffix BTC stands for Bitcoin. By now, you can perhaps guess that you can only earn Bitcoins from this PTC site.

Thus, if you want a PTC site where you can earn real money, you may have to look for an alternative since this is not the website for you. The site was introduced back in 2017, and it has been operational ever since.

We can also say that AdBTC is a Bitcoin box, whereby it pays the members to undertake specific actions that include surfing sites, watching ads, and viewing commercials, among other things.

I know most of you are typically interested in how AdBTC works and how to make money from it. So, let us get into action about how the website works.

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How Does AdBTC Work?

As you already know, AdBTC gives you the chance to get BTC for almost nothing. You only have to browse the websites whose advertisements are published on AdBTC and then have BTC deposited into your account. All that is needed of you is a fraction of your free time, which you can use to view ads and follow links.

However, in order to start viewing ads and earning BTC, you need to register on the AdBTC website. The official website of AdBTC is pretty straightforward and simple.

Getting lost on the registration page is not an option. Since the site is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, and Russian, just select your language and start the registration process.

The signup process is incredibly simple, but I will still scrutinize it in detail to make your experience on the site much simpler. On the official AdBTC website, tap on the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill the form that pops up. You will need to provide your email address, Bitcoin address, and a password containing at least eight characters.

Fill out the form details meticulously. While AdBTC gives you the ability to change your password as much as you can, you do not have the right to change the email’s account upon successful registration.

Thus, it is essential to be cautious while entering your mail address. Furthermore, you will have to confirm the email address after a successful registration. Another thing is that you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet.

A pop-up window appears, and it requires you to tap on the ‘Confirm’ button. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation code to the email used during the signup process.

You need to input it in the correct field on the website page. With this, you can sign in to your account, and start making some passive income by viewing ads.

Here’s a Video on AdBTC

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How to Make Money with AdBTC?

Now, we are at a crucial section of the review whereby every one of you wants to hear, ‘How to make money with AdBTC.’ As said earlier, you will get Satoshi after viewing ads.

It is essential to recall that one Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. The pay of a single ad, based on the site, can range from 8 Satoshi to 45 Satoshi. You can find the current price of the promotional offers from the ‘Current prices’ section.

The main ways to make money on this PTC site include the following:

Surf Ads

The surf ads money-making option seems like what you would come across on the PTC (Paid to Click) sites. However, it is quite different.

What this method entails is, if you decide to surf advertisements, you only have to go to the surf ads section and begin viewing the ads. If you tap on the start button, a new window that displays the ad will appear.

In the previous window, there will be a countdown that indicates when you can stop watching the advertisement. After the lapse of the countdown, you can close that window and tap on the start button straightaway to start viewing the next ad. You can keep repeating this process until there are no ads to watch.

The good thing about AdBTC is that it will inform you about the number of ads left and the potential rewards you can make from them.

It is possible to view other windows as the countdown is running, provided that you do not close the window for the ad. While you will not make a lot of money from this earning opportunity, it is essential to note that it does not take much effort from you.

Here’s Proof of Payment

AdBTC Proof of Payment

Active Window Surfing

Ordinarily, window surfing is almost similar to surfing ads, with only one minor difference. How this money earning method operates is that when you surf ads, you will have the capability to view other windows without the need to stop the timer.

Whenever you have an active window surfing, the timer only stops when you go to another tab or window, hence the name ‘Active Window Surfing.’

As a result, you have to stay on the window or stay on the tab until the timer lapses in order to earn a reward. The other thing that you need to consider when it comes to active window surfing is that you need to complete a captcha to have the reward for any offer deposited into your account.

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Auto Surfing

By far, auto surfing is perhaps the most convenient and useful earning opportunity offered by AdBTC. If you decide to auto surf, all you need to perform is tap on the start button and then wait for it to lapse.

What it means is, it will typically open a new window that shows the website that you have to visit. Still, it will have a timer running.

However, as the name suggests, it will automatically proceed to the next website once the time of the present website lapses.

The good thing about this method is that you do not have to tap on any buttons or links. All that is need for you is to wait for the viewing to finish.

Moreover, it comes with much better functionalities. Well, you can browse other tabs or windows while all this is occurring.

Besides, while this seems like an easy and quick way to make some cash, it would be wise to keep in mind that it is not one of the fastest ways to make money on the site, and the rewards given are negligible.

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The Referral Program

One thing that is common amongst the online rewards program is the referral program, and AdBTC is not an exception.

Here, AdBTC gives you the option of inviting family members and close friends to join the site under your referral link and ultimately become a member.

What it means is, at the end of the day, you will receive a specific percentage of what your referrals will make from the website.

You have a chance of earning a commission of up to 10% for every individual you invite and become a member of AdBTC, provided they view their ads. Generally, it is the AdBTC that determines the commission to be paid and not the referral.

When it comes to inviting individuals to join AdBTC, all you need to do is share your referral link with them. Else, if you have a blog or simple website, you can embed the referral banner into it.

Nonetheless, there is no assurance that you will make money by inviting your friends to join the site because it comes down to whether your referrals will continue to be super active on the website or not.

All in all, it is an incredible bonus to have simply because it does not take a lot of your time and effort. Still, the referral program is not as easy as it seems since you have to invite hundreds of individuals to earn anything substantial.

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AdBTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Limited methods of getting support
  • Limited modes of payment available
  • Low rewards


What I Like About AdBTC

  • It offers a simple registration process, especially if you have a BTC account
  • It provides easy to do earning opportunities


Is AdBTC a Scam?

In my opinion, AdBTC is not a scam. In fact, it is 100%. It is indeed a popular and legitimate site that has been in the business for more than 3 years.

Besides, AdBTC is one of the few BTC sites that are not only kept in good condition, but there are no existing user complaints. What makes the site a favorite amongst people is its reasonable ways of making money and getting paid in BTC.

In conclusion, AdBTC is a PTC website that pays you in BTC to surf sites and ads. The platform comes with some benefits and ugly truths, as indicated above.

The leading merit is that the process of earning some cash is quite simple. However, viewing ads does not really make you some good money. With this in mind, it will take you years to amass a huge amount of money.

Also, the fact that the site pays in BTC makes it a less adaptable PTC site. There are other PTC sites on the internet that ordinarily give you the option to earn additional bucks.

Nonetheless, if you do not mind getting paid in Bitcoins, joining AdBTC seems incredible, as you will have access to straightforward and simple earning opportunities.

There are better way to make a good amount of money online if you are on the right platform. So, if you are serious about making a decent income online, take a moment to check out my no. 1 recommended resources. You can join for free, get all the tools you need to make a living online.


How I Make a Living Online?

You have probably heard stories of individuals making some easy money on the internet through auction websites like Craigslist, utilizing Google AdSense, or writing blogs and several other methods. Is it really a walk in the park?

If you are a beginner, then the answer is ‘NO.’ However, if you come across a proven system, then it may be genuinely feasible to make easy and quick money on the internet.

Generally, my favorite approach for making money on the internet is via affiliate marketing. Wouldn’t it be pleasant if you knew of some exceptional products and services and knew how to find the potential buyers looking forward to buying these items?

Probably, it does not sound amazing to you, but what if you could make some cash for putting them together. Well, it is practically how affiliate marketing works.

Merely put, you will get a commission whenever you refer a customer to a merchant website, and then the visit leads into a sale. Everything is possible when it comes to affiliate marketing since we live in a digitized world.

Currently, the best way to make easy and substantial money on the internet is through affiliate marketing. The benefits of affiliate marketing include:

  •  You can easily market a product that you did not produce
  • You don’t have to own the products and services personally
  • You can get a substantial commission depending on the sale type
  •  You can easily make recurring income by marketing recurring products and services
  •  You can automate the process and make it run the autopilot.

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