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Acti Labs Reviews


acti labs review


Beauty and skincare cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry that is still seeing growth, surprisingly. Many thought that the cosmetic industry would see a plateau during the last couple of years but interestingly, it did not come. Because of this surge in cosmetics spending, many companies want to take a piece of the pie and get it on the action.


There is still room for expansion seeing how things are going now. Therefore, cosmetics companies are popping up left and right. Some of which want to follow the steps of Avon and start as a direct-selling MLM business, and that’s the company we are going to review today. The name of the company is Acti Labs.


This review is going to look into a new MLM company called Acti Labs. It is a skincare company that is trying to follow the footprints of Avon, which is probably the biggest cosmetic company in the world today. Avon started out as a direct-selling MLM business that has since expanded its way into high fashion.


Acti Labs is trying to emulate that success by employing an MLM structure. The question now is will they succeed? Do their similarities with Avon end with they both are MLM? We’re going to answer all of those questions in this review. I am also going to give you a recommendation on online money-making since that’s probably what you came out here for.


What Is Acti Labs?


Acti Labs is a cosmetic company that was founded in 2011 in France by John and Yelena Miller. You can consider them a relatively old company since they have close to 10 years’ worth of experience. In 2016, the launched in the US, which means that if you are in the States, they are a relatively new product in the game.


Their main products are make-up, anti-aging creams, weight loss supplements, and skincare items. As I’ve said above, their business model is MLM which means that they are banking on direct-selling and recruitment to expand their business.


If you think that MLM is not a good way to expand the business, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of companies that belong in the Fortune 400 companies that are MLM. You are probably most familiar with Avon, an international cosmetics brand.


Acti Labs Products


If you want something for your face, chances are, Acti Labs has got something for you. They carry plenty of items, all for improving your body, skin and overall wellness. And unlike Avon, their products are aimed both for males and females.


They are trying to capitalize on the extreme growth that the men’s cosmetic industry is experiencing at the moment. Cosmetic products are not strictly a woman’s thing anymore. More and more guys are taking good care of their skin because looking good makes you feel good, and only now are men realizing this fact.


Acti Labs Commission Plan


There really isn’t anything special about their plan. I’ve been saying this on just about every MLM reviews I make – there’s no point in discussing every detail of each and every compensation plan because it basically just boils into the same thing – you can either recruit or sell your products if you want to earn money.


I will put a video down below discussing the compensation plan of Acti Labs.



The video gives you a quick summary of their compensation which as I said is very similar to most MLM companies out there. But to give you an idea, I will still put a list below.


Personal Sales Commission


  • Less than $500 sales – earn a 20% commission
  • $500-$1000 sales – earn a 25% commission
  • More than $1000 sales – earn a 30% commission


How To Become An Acti-Labs Member?


Acti-Labs refers to their members as ambassadors. Maybe this is because they want to add some sort of prestige to becoming a member of their company. They are not the only company that does this. Many companies would find technical names like ‘representative’ or ‘marketing specialist’ to their members to make them sound legit and respected.


Compared to other MLM companies, becoming an Acti-Labs ambassador is cheaper. The cost of membership is just $27.50. when you become a member, you have the option to buy starter kits which will cost you anywhere from $27.50 to $75 but is optional. You can just pay the membership fee if you don’t want their starter kits.


What I Like About Acti-Labs


Most MLM companies make these ridiculous claims about the income potential of their product. That is not the case with this product at all, which is a bit surprising. But this can be interpreted in two ways. It’s either they are hiding a low-income potential or they don’t want to follow other MLM companies and create too much hype around the product. Either way, I am going to place this in the “things I like” section because I really hate ridiculous claims.


Another thing that I like about his company is they have a good rating, an A-, on Better Business Bureau. To be fair, any company can easily obtain a good rating if it follows certain guidelines but still, Acti-Labs having a close to perfect rating means that it is doing something right.


What I Don’t Like About Acti-Labs


You don’t have an idea of how much can you make until you try it. Most companies would at least give a figure of what you can expect when you become a member. That is not the case with this company. In fact, they state on their recruitment seminar that their ambassadors are not allowed to make potential income claims, which is a bit weird.


Another thing that made me scratch my head is their ridiculous sales quota. Granted, it is usual for MLM companies to have a sales quota. But this company takes it to the next level. At a very basic level, you are required to meet their quota of $250 per month.


If you fail to reach that goal, they will revoke your membership. This basically makes your joining fee of $27.50 seem misleading because you have to almost ten times that in order to keep your membership.


Many companies use sales quotes to motivate their members but Acti-Labs is going about it the wrong way, pushing out for ridiculous quotas. For instance, team sales quota can go up to a whopping $160,000/month. Yes, that per month. That’s one of the most ridiculous sales quotas I’ve ever seen in my years of reviewing MLM products.


Better Alternative To Acti-Labs


It must be obvious that I am not that happy with Acti-Labs. The fact that I am already discussing alternatives to it before I get to the conclusion tells pretty much what you need to know.


I am not exactly a fan of MLM. I’ve been burned so many times by MLM companies that I find it hard to actually recommend it to anyone. Granted, there are still good MLM companies out there. I am actually a member of some of them, but those are few and far in between.


As for my best online money-maker, it’s affiliate marketing. It’s somehow related to MLM but it’s considerably more stable and you don’t have to rely on your recruits to do the leg work. This means that you can succeed on your own as long as you do things right.


If you want to learn more about this affiliate marketing, you should check out My #1 Most Recommended Program. You won’t regret it.


The Conclusion


Now, my final thoughts.


I honestly thought that this MLM company would be different than most. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s basically a clone of the most popular MLM companies. This company only wants its members to focus on the recruitment side of the business, neglecting probably the more important part which is moving items.


MLM companies crumble if they fail to move their products. What Acti Labs did to keep a good product flow is by giving its members huge sales quota, which I am not a fan of. Most members would end up buying the products themselves, and that is not good for business. Sooner or later, they will run out of money, ultimately getting their membership revoked.


All in all, I would advise you to be wary of this company. There are many better alternatives you can find out there. I just gave you one – the link right above this conclusion part. But if you really want to try MLM, you can always try Avon. Avon ultimately offers the same products but with better structure, compensation plans, and overall branding.

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