Abillionveg App Review- The Unbiased Truths Revealed!

Abillionveg App Review

Can you really find vegan food and products anywhere using Abillionveg App? In this Abillionveg App review, I reveal the unbiased truths behind this app.

The Truths Behind Abillionveg App Revealed!

There have been countless applications for vegans out there, and choosing the best is always a tall order. All in all, I have come across one of the most exceptional vegan applications on the internet – or a great addition to the already existing list of vegan apps.

I guess the problem is common to all vegetarians: ever gone to a restaurant that does not offer a vegan diet but only offers salad?

Else, the restaurant only offers a Caesar salad that you can buy without grilled meat? Have you ever had arguments or fights with your non-vegetarian friends and family members about the best place to go out for dinner?

Ever wondered whether you could get a vegan diet at Walmart? Else, have you ever gone abroad and questioned whether there’s any 100% vegan hotel near you?

Well, worry no more! Abillionveg App seems to come with the solutions to the above issues. Ordinarily, the app aims to create a worldwide community that encourages millions of businesses and people to do the right things to their bodies; ‘going vegan.’

Generally, when it comes to using a new app, you are undoubtedly anxious about how it can help you, how it works, who are the owners, it’s pros and cons, and whether it’s legit. Well, read on to find out more about this vegan app.


What is Abillionveg App?Abillionveg logo

Designed and started by Vikas Garg, Abillionveg App is typically one of the biggest online plant-based menu directories worldwide.

Unlike other apps that only allow you to search for stores and restaurants, Abillionveg App enables you to find precise meals.

The app not only allows you to see vegan restaurants but all the restaurants globally. For instance, let us assume you’re in the US and searching for a perfect Thai vegan; you can quickly put this into the search bar and look for it.

Besides reviewing meals, Abillionveg App offers a lot of tips for vegan living plus many recipes.

In addition, the platform aims to expand its search engine beyond just the meals at restaurants to make this experience genuinely perfect for the individuals searching for plant-based options.

It also wants to inspire businesses across the world to do much more.


How Does Abillionveg App Work?

Amongst other existing vegan apps, Abillionveg App, at a glance, seems like a typical application since it’s an application that you install on your phone or laptop.

Basically, this application collects reviews from many parts of the world regarding the vegetarian items. First, this application helps the vegetarians link and share info about the vegan restaurants.

Here’s a Short Video on Abillionveg

In addition to reviewing meals found in restaurants, cafes, bars, and street food franchises, the application also makes it possible to review vegan foods found in vegan cosmetics, supermarket chains, as well as clothing and apparel.

Well, if you are still wondering about how this unique application works, here is how it works:

First step: Take a photo of a vegetarian or vegan dish that you order in an eatery or in any other restaurant that sells vegan meals.

Second step: Sign in to Abillionveg App.

Third step: Look for the eatery.

Fourth Step: Post the taken photo accompanied by a brief review of the meal.

Fifth step: after posting about ten reviews, select from a list of fourteen animal welfare organizations to get a token of $10 donation from the Abillionveg App.

That’s all that you need to do to work around the application.


How to Make Money with Abillionveg App?

Abillionveg App is not necessarily an app where you can make money. Instead, it is a platform where people can find and review vegetarian meals at eateries and other cruelty-free items such as cosmetics and leather alternatives, as I mentioned earlier.

The process is simple, you download the app to your device, take a picture and post a review, and every review raises one dollar for the impact caused worldwide.

Generally, Abillionveg App has partnered with popular non-profit organizations such as Vegan Outreach, Mercy for Animals, and more than 50 other organizations, including multinational organizations and small farm sanctuaries with massive influence across the globe.

Thus, whenever you submit a vegan meal review on the platform, the company donates $10 for every ten reviews.

For instance, Abillionveg App donated $60,000 in 2019, and they plan to make it to the $1 million clubs by the end of 2020.

The application uses poke to share feedback to the relevant organizations to enable them to enhance and provide more vegan options.


Abillionveg App Ugly Truths Revealed!

I didn’t come across countless vegan options near me on the application considering there are several vegan meals at the eateries I have visited. Perhaps, as more and more users install the app and use it, it will become much more comfortable to select a vegan eatery from the app.

The data may not be 100% practical. For instance, let us say you are in a remote place in Brazil, you may be referred to an eatery that’s more than 5000 miles away. Is this even practical? Can you travel a distance of thousands of miles to get a meal?


What I Like About Abillionveg App

The app is fantastic for sharing info regarding all types of vegan products, including store-bought items and special vegan meals.

It gives one the ability to explore vegetarian options at eateries and food trucks near your location throughout the world.

One can read articles about nutrition, vegan travel, animal testing, as well as vegan college guides.

It gives one the option of reviewing the favorite vegan items.


Is Abillionveg App a Scam?

No. Indeed, it is 100% legit. It will not take you a lot of time to figure out where to look for your favorite vegan meals.

All in all, the app is easy to use, and it currently has some of the much-needed features. In my opinion, I love the company’s concept, which is typically an incredible way of supporting animals.

Besides, the fact that they send feedback to organizations to make it smooth for clients during the next visits.


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Abillionveg at a Glance

Name: Abillionveg

Website: https://abillionveg.com

Owner: Vikas Garg

Price: Free

Overall Scam Rank:  5.7 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit and Recommended







Overall Quality



  • Great for Sharing Info of Vega Products
  • Ability to Explore Vegetarian Options at Eateries and Food Trucks
  • The Option of Reviewing Favorite Vegan Products


  • I Didn't Come across Countless Vegan Options
  • The Data May Not Be a 100% Practical

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