1K a Day Fast Track Review: Scam or Real Deal?

1K a Day Fast Track Review

1K a Day Fast Track Review: Scam or Real Deal?


Welcome to my 1k a Day Fast Track review!


Make money online programs are pop up almost everyday. One that you may heard about recently is a program known as 1K a Day Fast Track. The program promise to help make money online 1K a day fast.


I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about “1K a Day Fast Track” which sells a high ticket training course that promise to help you ” How to earn up to $14,444 per day just sending a quick emails to people who visit my odd 2 page website…”


If you think it is too good to be true, you are right!


Does Merlin hold up to his promises? Is 1k a Day Fast Track just another get rich quick scheme program that will milk the most money out of your pocket?


In this 1K a Day Fast Track review, we’ll be taking a look exactly what this program offer and if it can really will help you make 1K a day fast as the program claims.


1k a day is an online marketing course courtesy of Merlin Holmes. It has been proven to be one of the most accessible means of making an extra buck online. It has been listed as an instant wealth creation scheme.


It is efficient as you do not have to make sales of products, hire workers, have warehousing and storage facilities, and you don’t need to rely on other platforms such as Facebook or Amazon.


1k a day is based on such a natural model, which means even a beginner can effortlessly earn up to 400 US Dollars, which can quickly get to 14,000 US Dollars or more in quite a short while. Anyway, earning 2,000 US Dollars a day is such a relief from the daily financial struggle.


Let’s get started…


1K a Day Fast Track Review: A Quick Overview1K a Day Fast Track review: Scam or Real Deal?

Name: 1K a Day Fast Track

Website: https://learn.thefasttrack.com

Owner: Merlin Holmes

Price: $997

Summary: 1K Fast Track is a legitimate affiliate marketing training program. You will learn exactly how to build a list of your own using simple polls page. You will learn step-by-step how to create your own polls using their proven templates, set up your own email system and generate traffic. However, the major downside is that it is almost impractical to make the recommended $1000 daily. So, I would say it is a great training program, but impractical to make $1000 daily.

Overall Scam Rank: 6.5 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but Exaggerated income claim

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What is  1K a Day Fast Track.

1K a Day Fast Track is such a quick and straightforward way to make cash online very much like others get rich quick scheme out there. It is a 6 weeks training courses that promises to teach you exactly how to make over $14,000 + a day.


The owner of the training course claims that to make such killing income, you don’t need products, clients, fancy technology, office or employ, selling if you buy the course.


You will learn how to create a simple side business that only takes a few hours a week and earn thousands in profits, even- 6 figures or more per year. You will learn how to find all the best traffic sources for free.


The program is designed for people who want to make money from the very comfort of their office desk, home study table, and just anywhere.


It is also suitable for those with prospects of entrepreneurship, or even those who wish to make money online or establish online marketing agencies. By joining this program, you can also learn how to make Facebook sponsored adverts and present them to the relevant audiences. This program is ideal for the following groups of people:


  •  Workers who drive for long hours to the office.
  • Home workers who can spare a bit of extra time when they are done with house chores.
  • Retirees and those on the verge of retiring and need something extra of their retirement benefits package.
  • It is an ultimate option for investors who wish to enjoy simple and confirmed means of establishing new merchandise that does not involve a lot of risks.
  • Workers who want to have an additional source of earning by spending a few extra hours online every week.


Here’s a short Video on 1K a Day Fast Track


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How 1K a Day Fast Track works.

This course works based on email marketing and the principle method. You need to form a target listing of email users and present products and services that they may be likely to buy. All that is required is sending emails to the appropriate audiences.


Below are steps that should be followed to realize the actual benefits:

1. Research what people are already purchasing.

2. Determine how various products are being sold.

3. Write an appealing and working headline.

4. Translate the headline into a mystifying question.

5. Use the provided Merlin’s list-making questions template to bring up email addresses with a lot of ease.

6. This is where you are required to record an email address with your new poll page.

7. Immediately, offer your new user their product of interest.

8. Instantly earn your commission after making your list.


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Who is Merlin Holmes.

Merlin Holmes, the maker of 1K a Day Fast Track, is a self-established internet multi-millionaire. He enjoys a great success story that dates back fifteen years ago. He has assisted thousands of people to create online businesses for themselves without any prior knowledge and experience.


Over the fifteen years, Merlin’s business has generated over one hundred and fifty million. Multimillion-Dollar companies have also hired him for consultation.


How to make money with 1K a Day Fast Track.

The first step is to undertake a six-week course where you are required to pay $997. You can opt to finish the first week’s sessions in a day. While still waiting for the second lesson, you can visit all the course lessons.


Some of the things you should expect are basic commencing videos like, for instance with explanations of setting up a Clickbank account, obtaining hop links, and much more. It is highly recommended that one watches all the videos without skipping as they are all essential.


Other topics covered include writing email sequences and a guide on where to find good quality images for use in ads. The course also offers training on how to make money through commissions by convincing people psychologically to buy stuff from your website.


The program also presents the realities of people who work as online marketers and make as much as $1000 per day by just continue following the program for thirty days.


After the training, many learners start making money three days after establishing their campaigns, which maintains the refund rates of the program low. These refund rates are below ten percent. A support team is put in place to help in making sure that clients have all they require, in a bid to keep refund rates on the low.


After the training, there is the affiliate marketing program that is under the management of Clickbank, which means one has to create a Clickbank account if they do not have an already existing account.


Top promoters enjoy huge commissions of between 50 and 60 percent. Which means commissions of $460 and $560 can be earned, respectively. Automatic payouts are offered weekly via Clickbank. Payments are either through direct deposit or by check.


The possibility of earning here is quite significant. For instance, for five sales per month, with each being $460, it means that one would make $2,300 each month, which is $27,600 every year. The earnings are quite practical if marketing efforts are made consistently.


These Clickbank product promotions work quite well when a promoter has an active and proper email list. Anyhow, consistent sales can be achieved with a niche website. You should pick the course themselves so can ultimately test the process and make money through commissions promoting the program as taught.


The promotion of a product does not imply purchasing it. However, if one wishes to do a product review and make it genuine, they will have to invest in the product to share out their experience with the same. You can, however, recommend a product based on your knowledge of it, but your conversions may be a bit low.


One of the most significant aids is that potential buyers must watch a webinar before purchasing the training program. At this point, they may be persuaded adequately from the webinar to invest in the product. It is nearly impossible to promote products on a long term basis on Clickbank as many products come and go.


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Ugly Truths about 1K a Day Fast Track (Dislikes)

The introductory webinars are unnecessarily long. Also, it is almost impractical to make the recommended $1000 daily on 1K a Day Fast Track. Even if you were to make the said $1000, it would be so strenuous, and a lot of effort is required to make at least $1000 a day.


Even after the high pay of $997, there are no free bonuses awarded or even free eBooks. It is purely based on the thoughts of Merlin Holmes and not any real facts and strategies. He claims to be earning around $14,444 per day via the program, which is quite impractical for a beginner.


What I Like About 1K a Day Fast Track.

The strategy behind 1K a Day Fast Track is outstanding and would give many people a desire to invest in the same. And then high-ticket affiliate products are gaining popularity among people involved in affiliate marketing, which means they assure massive and generous commissions. Niche websites can also be used to promote 1K a Day Fast Track and help in making consistent earning.


1k a day is one of the most natural methods there are to affiliate commissions. You can do it from the comfort of your bed, in your car, at the mall shade after shopping, everywhere. Although newbies may find it a bit challenging, they can follow the step-by-step training guide.


Also, with the 1K a Day Fast Track program, you are assured of all the freedom you may desire to have. You also don’t need to have high-end clients to earn good money as it is with other sites such as amazon and googles. The course has also been designed to last six weeks strictly.


So if you it happens that you finish the contents of the first week in one day, you will have to wait for the second week. This means that you read all the course contents without skipping, which means that by the end of it all, you are fully equipped.


Some of the videos are so basic and equip you with special knowledge and skills like facts about Clickbank. Merlin Holmes offers a one-month money-back guarantee and even goes ahead to provide personal assistance to those who cannot make money in a period of three months (90 days) on how to be successful.


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Low Ticket Courses Vs. High Ticket Courses

High Ticket training programs have become very popular lately because both the owner of the programs and their affiliate make a big money.


You will find a lot of people making a good amount money by selling high ticket webinar. They usually using the sale funnel like:

Facebook Ads—> Sale Page (some videos) with Webinar Sign Up—>Webinar—> Sale Phone Call


Most of the time, they are selling you dreams lines along the line of you will make ton of money, working less and earn more, quick the job you hate and work from home, be your own boss and more. Very often, these programs come with over promises and under deliver.


On the flip side, to make $5k via a month via Amazon affiliate means driving a lot of product sales. But, with a few high ticket sales, you will made the same amount of money.


However, I have seen a lot of guys making big money on either selling high prices course or low priced course. The low priced courses come with tons of upsells starting from $30 to several hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars.


For low ticket, you don’t need any sales calls to make a good amount of money, but for high ticket you will need a lot of one-on-one calls and discussion. That’s why 1K a Day offers a dedicated customer support.


In fact, you don’t need a webinar. You might ask, why you need to buy their high ticket webinar? The ultimate answer is they are selling you the program.


So, Is 1K a Day Fast Track a Scam?

To answer the above question, let us start by looking at its maker, Merlin Holmes. He is a self-made online millionaire with a vast experience of more than fourteen years. Holmes has brought into the sector more than one hundred and fifty million dollars.


He has quite a comprehensive knowledge in the field and has even been hired by giant multi-billion dollar firms and organizations to consult for them on similar matters. He has also worked in so many other markets.


Again, 1K a Day Fast Track has a proven money-back guarantee and even assistance to those who do not manage to make any earnings within thirty days.


The authenticity of 1K a Day Fast Track is also supported by the dangerous and well-organized training.

As an extra support, there has been witnessed an 88% success rate. However, the name is a bit misguiding as not many people would earn the so said $1000 dollars per day even with all that is required.


However, the little exciting would have been deliberately made as a measure to secure a substantial number of buyers as it has been witnessed before that honest training packages do not sell that much.


Though you can make money, it is not as mentioned or drawn to be almost effortless, and one has to put in work and money.


Again, it is mentioned that a newbie will earn $400 within their first working day, which is nearly unrealistic and won’t work for quite a majority of new joiners or beginners. It requires quite a great deal of dedication to achieve this.


It is not sensible after all, to try implying that a newbie could make as much as a veteran such an s the maker of 1K a Day Fast Track, Merlin Holmes.


How I make money online

I make money online via affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where a substantial rewards an associate with a commission or a business reward for each client referred by the associate and a sale is generated.


In this type of marketing, income is not consistent or predictable, as commissions are paid, not salaried, and wages. In other words, affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means that you only get paid when you generate a sale. If you do nothing to help the company earn, then you are not paid.


To become a good affiliate marketer, it would take one between a period of six months and one year. Skills of observation, research, and analysis are also required to make a good affiliate marketer.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing is the new future of marketing. To be successful in it, one needs to select the most suitable audience so that they are guaranteed of vast sales which translates into vast profits. It is also an excellent way to build the social skills of an individual as it can only be achieved through a network.


Therefore, in affiliate marketing, many more other relations could be made, such as friendships, business partnerships, and many more. It could also serve as a significant boost to any economy as a single profit would benefit so many entities, either individuals or organizations and corporations.


There is, however, a lot of room for evolution, growth, and positive change in affiliate marketing as it is still on its developmental stages; it has been in existence in just twenty years.


If you are serious about jumping into the awesome world of affiliate marketing world, I recommend you to check out my top recommended program. Get started for free. You will get a free website, free hosting, tons of free training and a very helpful community.


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1K a Day Fast Track at a Glance

Name: 1K a Day Fast Track

Website: https://learn.thefasttrack.com

Owner: Merlin Holmes

Price: $997

Overall Scam Rank: 6.5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, but impractical to make $1K if you are just start out


1K A Day Fast Track






Overall Quality



  • Step by step training program
  • You can learn many things about making money online
  • Earn a huge commission


  • An unnecessary long introductory webinar
  • Take a lot time and effort to make make money online with their training
  • An unrealistic income claims

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