12 Minute Affiliate Review – The Only Review You Need To Read

12 Minute Affiliate Review



If you search on the internet about online money-making schemes, you will be met with thousands or even millions of programs claiming to help you earn thousands of dollars just by doing this or that. I am going to tell you outright that the majority of those are scams. Most of what you see on the internet regarding online money-making schemes are just scams masquerading as legitimate products designed to scam you out of your money. It’s very rare that you would see a legit product on your first search, and if you do, you still need to be careful because not all opportunities are created equal.


Today, we’re going to review another product that claims to help you earn money the easy way. The name of the product is 12 Minute Affiliate. Now, you may be thinking, “what a simple and random name.” Well, that name is not an accident – let me explain. Basically, their tagline is you would only need about 12 minutes to get the program up and running. Once the program is set up, all you need to is wait for your money to come – sounds simple enough?


But first, let me come out and say that this seems like a “too good to be true” claim. Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt though and inspect it further. After all, overselling something isn’t exactly a new strategy and it might just be a way to have you click to the product page. So now we’re going to discuss the features of this product – how it works, red flags, honest opinion about it, and many more. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


What Exactly is 12 Minute Affiliate?


12 Minute Affiliate is an automated affiliate program that claims to help you earn money almost instantly using their automated software. They claim that in order for it to start working, you only need to set it up for 12 minutes (hence the name) and you’re all set. Frankly, this seems like a tall task because, let’s face it, if a software can make you money automatically, everyone would be rich. If a program of this caliber exists, there’s just no way it could be bought because the owner would not share it with the world, but I digress. Maybe there is some truth to whatever this product is saying.


The product claims that you only need about 12 minutes of configuration and you’re all set. They claim that you can earn up to $460 a day with it. To be clear, this is in the midrange of outrageous claims because compared to other products, $460/day claim isn’t that much. I’ve reviewed products that claim up to 5-digit income per day. Obviously, those aren’t real. But for this one, since the claim isn’t that high, and there’s an “up to $460….” disclaimer in there, I’d give this product the benefit of the doubt. But still, we need to do further research.


Who Is The Guy Behind 12 Minute Affiliate?


Devon Brown is the owner and creator of this program. He claims to have been using different affiliate marketing techniques to earn money since 2008 – and he wants to share it with you. There comes his program, 12 Minute Affiliate.


Devon Brown, from my research, is a successful internet marketer but apart from all his claims, there’s nothing really particularly interesting about him. I’ve actually never seen a photo of him, only his voice-over, which If I were being honest, could very well belong to a voice actor. Basically, most of what is known about him came directly from him which if you think about it, makes it a bit unreliable. And that’s the problem with this program. The claims made about this program sound ludicrous bordering on impossibility. Maybe his program is that good? We’ll see once we look at these red flags.


12 Minute Affiliate Red Flags


  1. The program claims to be automated which means that everyone gets the same service as you do


The main selling point of 12 Minute Affiliate program is their automated system that supposedly does all the work for you. While this may sound like a good thing, it actually is not. The way the owner worded his sales pitch is you don’t actually need to put much work behind it, but you will still earn money. Let me tell you right now that, that isn’t how affiliate marketing goes. The idea that he is feeding you is not only realistic but almost impossible to attain. Not one software in the world would give you free money just because you installed it – it simply does not work that way.


Basically, what you will get from the program is a premade landing page along with an autoresponder. Your job now is to funnel leads to that pre-made landing page and hope that buy a product. Once they do, you will get a commission. But here’s the tricky part, getting a lead requires a lot more work that what Devon has led you to believe. It is actually the hardest part of the job. The items that he gives you – the autoresponder and pre-baked landing pages – these are the easy parts. Collecting lead is like 80% of the job. Simply put, he will just give you an “automated” responder and webpage. All the work that matters will still come from you.


  1. His claims are misleading


This should not come as a surprise. The moment that Devon claims that his program will only need 12 minutes of work before it can shower you with money, I know something is up. It is a “too good to be true” offer that simply isn’t that believable – I know. I’ve been in this industry for at least a decade now and I can easily tell if a product is just faking it – and it seems like this one if faking it. The product is not beginner-friendly at all. In fact, you will need a good amount of experience before you can operate this thing. The program works on the pretense that you already know what affiliate marketing is. This is surprising because in the sales video, Devon talked about making this product work even without prior knowledge of marketing. Doesn’t that seem weird?


  1. Upsells are always red flags


Excessive upsells are always considered as red flags, not only because they’re annoying, but most of all is because they are expensive. Devon leads you to believe that his product is sub-$10 but his upsells would push that to around $100/month. That is quite the jump. What’s worse is his offer of $9.95 would just give you the most basic package there is. It’s almost as if he is pushing you to avail of the more expensive products. This simply does not work.



  1. No guaranteed success


You should’ve seen this coming. Most programs similar to this would have a clause in their disclaimer agreement about not guaranteeing your success. This is opposite to what their sales pitch has been saying because according to their introductory videos, anyone can attain success using this program, even beginners. To be fair, it could be argued that it may just be a case of clever word choice or phrasing. But the truth is, those are just their sales talk and it doesn’t mean much. The reason they put a “no guaranteed success” clause on their contract is to absolve them of all the responsibility should you fail in your quest to earn money online. It’s a dubious marketing ploy that is the biggest red flag of all.



Honest Verdict


After revealing the red flags, you should be able to decide on your own if this product is worth it or not. You are now able to make an intelligent decision based on these facts that I’ve gathered.


12 Minute Affiliate program makes it seem like earning money online is an easy thing, but the fact is, it’s not. You would need more than 12 minutes to be able to earn an honest living on the internet. In truth, you can’t go anywhere with that 12 minutes, no matter how good the program is. This program feeds you this false idea, and that isn’t healthy at all. I’ve been in this industry for a decade and let me tell you right now that you need to learn a lot before you can even make a penny.


One alternative program I can recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a program that I’ve personally used for the past couple of years. Now, it does not have fancy claims like “earn $5000 doing this.” It is just a simple program that tells you how it is, nothing more, nothing less. In my experience, these kinds of programs make the most sense as an investment because they don’t necessarily lure you in with “hype,” but rather “common sense,” which is what we all need in this industry.

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