1000 Pip Climber System Review- Scam Or Legit?

1000 Pip Climber System Review- Scam Or Legit?

1000 Pip Climber System Review


In this 1000 Pip Climber System Review, learn everything you need to know before purchasing the program.

Find out whether you will actually make money, or if you will just be wasting it.


Product Name: 1000 Pip Climber System

Creator: Jim

Website: www.1000pipclimbersystem.com

Price: $149

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What Is 1000 Pip Climber System?

The 1000 Pip Climber System is an automatic or automated forex trading system that is incorporated with an autonomous trade detection system that makes it possible for investors to conveniently make entries.

This system is efficient in stopping losses and taking profit values performed on behalf of the investor. The Pip climber system performs as a 100 percent based trading concept, this is fantastic because the system does not allow any guess work at any point in time.



The system operates by use of complex algorithms that help in figuring out the most appropriate time and place to enter or exit trades. The algorithms used for this system have been put through rigorous tests so as to ensure they supply the investors with the most accurate information.

The system continuously studies and analyses the forex market for the best trading opportunities with high chances of success. The system makes the trading process smooth by ensuring that the trader is afforded all relevant information in regards to a particular transaction they may be interested in.

The system offers all the necessary information which may include; take profit, the entry price and stop loss. One of its main attractions is that it is easy to set up and is designed to be operated mechanically all through.

Because the system uses a very complex algorithm to perform its core function, traders usually just have sit and wait for the system to compute the right trade set up.

Once the system has completed its computation, the trader is normally informed of this by way of email and sounds so as to eliminate the possibility of an investor missing out on a good investment opportunity.

The Pip System is mechanical in nature, therefore, users can carefully follow the signals and by so doing they will ultimately achieve their goals.



This is because the system does all the analysis for the investor or trader then gives you a clear entry, take value profit and stop loss. This is very good for traders as it effectively reduces the losses one may suffer in the cause of transacting.

All the trades in the Pip Climber System use pending orders as explained in the user PDF guidelines. This eliminates the need for the trader to rush into entering trades. This system is specifically designed to make the trading experience effortless and uncomplicated.


What I Like About 1000 Pip Climber System



    • During my research on of this revolutionary product, I have come to the realization that, the system is designed to be used on Meta Trader. Meta trader is a globally acknowledged trading platform that is extensively used by many forex brokers around the world. The system has also been designed to be used on this platform which is free to download.


    • In the course of my research of the Pip Climber System, I realized that the system is manual. The fact that the system is manual makes it ideal for both traders who are beginners and those who are more experienced in the field of forex trading. The system comes with an easy to follow and understand instructions for the person using it and the instructions also feature screenshots and real trading examples so as to make the learning experience easier and convenient for those interested into getting into the world of forex trading.


    • The system is very flexible in terms of its usage. I have realized that the creators of this system had convenience in their minds when they created it. The Climber System can be used by an investor whenever it suits him/her. This could be on long-term, mid or short-term basis depending on the trader’s convenience and preference of trade. When using this system, I have come to the conclusion that, when the trader gets very accurate signals, they are better off trading in the longer timeframes. This will help in eliminating some noise which normally occurs in time frames that are the lower term. I have also noted that it is far much easier to read the overall direction of the market while using the one hour plus charts. Other time frames provided by the Pip System forex trading are 15 minutes and 4 hours respectively.


    • I love the fact that the 1000 Pip System informs an investor of all the circumstances surrounding a particular entry. The system provides you as the investor with all the relevant entry points for each respective trade. The system is designed to inform the trader where to place his/her take profit, stop loss and precisely when to exit the market when things start looking gloomy. The system will tell the investor the investor everything they need to know about an opportunity that has a high likely wood of bearing fruit.


    • I am astounded by the accuracy of this system. The signals produced by the Pip Climber System are very reliable and accurate. I was also impressed by the consistency of the system. This means if the investor correctly and diligently follows the signals given by the Pip Climber Forex trading system there is a high chance that the investor is going to make a good profit. The high accuracy of the Pip Climber system for forex trading is so accurate an investor can use it on 6 different major currency pairs without any worries.


    • The system is one of the most reliable forex trading systems I have come across. It is a solid place for even the most inexperienced forex trader to kick-start their forex trading business. Users will find this system very easy to operate because apart from giving you very precise trading signals the system makes it very easy for one to understand the information it offers.


    • It’s a hands-off forex trading system that allows the trader to conduct business at his/her own convenience. Those using this system will attest to the fact that it provides an investor valuable information regarding a trade entry via both email and text messages. This system of sending text messages and emails to investors allows them to pursue other ventures while making sure they do not miss out on any high valuable opportunities in the forex market. It allows you to take time off from the charts, which allows you to transact business when you are most comfortable.


    • It is amazingly easy to set up. The Pip Climber forex trading system employs the services of a forex ‘expert advisor’ that is powered by an application known as the Meta Trader (MT4). The system also comes along with a video that explains to the user in very clear and concise terms everything about the system. Upon any purchase of the 1000 Pip System, all information about the forex system and the forex system are sent to the buyer within 48 hours. The purchase is usually accompanied by a free guide for those investors that are new in the game. The guide contains intimate details to do with the efficient use of the forex trading system and instructions on how to follow and use the 1000 pip climber forex trading system robot.


What I Don’t Like About 1000 Pip Climber System




    • It is impossible to know how true these reviews for this product are. I feel that the producers of this product should supply the general public with tangible information regards to its success. The producers claim that the system has generated over 20,000 Pips in profit in the past three years it has been in operation. In order to lay this matter down to rest the producers of the Pip Climber System out to show the public its portfolio history for the purpose of authenticating those bold assertions.


    • The Pip Climber System is closely associated with an entity known as Traders for Fair Trading Ltd which is closely tied with two other entities known as 1000 pip Builder and FX Jet Pack. These two entities Jet Pack and Pip Builder have been connected with allegations of being scams. In my opinion, I feel that this connection may cast doubt on the authenticity of the system’s capabilities.


    • The system does not express any support for monthly financial gains that are straightforward to the investor. The fact of the matter is, the system actually contains some history portfolio that may be relevant to an investor but since they do not offer any straightforward monthly gains to that effect they should provide tangible evidence to potential investors before making any bold claims regards their output.


    • I strongly feel that the fact the producers of this product charge a non-refundable upfront fee of $ 149 cast’s doubts on the legitimacy of the product. I feel that they should at least offer their potential clients with a free trial period to show that what they claim is the truth. Alternatively, they could showcase their latest trades on a real account that is tamper proof.


    • The 1000 Pip Climber forex trading System does not accept any liability for the performance of its system. This is even after claiming that they generate a whopping 20000 Pips over the past three years.


Who Is 1000 Pip Climber System For?

This forex trading system is ideal for traders who are new in the forex trading business. The fact that the results of the transactions are automated negates the need for one to possess high skills and knowledge in the matter of forex trading.

Those people who are constantly on their feet are also a target for this product. The product system makes it possible for busy investors to run other operations while at the same time being well informed of the happenings in the forex market.

This is made easy to them because once the system computes a suitable trade entry for a trader the system automatically informs that buyer of the opportunity. This is done by way of emails and text messages.

This also allows the trader not to lose any opportunity to do business since they cannot always check the forex trading market.


Training/Tool Overview

Those looking to use this product should know that it features instructions that can be downloaded. These instructions are well detailed and simple to understand.

They are made to ensure that the user of this product is able to fully use the trading system to enjoy the maximum profits.

The instructions also come with guidelines that are meant to sharpen the skills of the trader in the matters to do with forex trading.


Does Jim Offer Any Help When You Need It?

The Pip Climber forex trading system generates the majority of its support through the use of email and text messages. The system comes with instructions that are easy to comprehend and perform.

All information that will help the buyer of this system use it efficiently is usually made available to him/her within 48 hours after the purchase. The Pip Climber forex trading system uses the services of a forex ‘expert advisor’ that is run by an application known as the Meta Trader (MT4).


How Much Does 1000 Pip Climber System Cost?

This forex trading system is sold for 149 Dollars. This price is to be paid up front and is nonrefundable.


Here’s What I Really Think

Apart from the doubts that have been cast on the legitimacy of the results produced by this product, I feel that if the producers want to change this perception they must endeavor to be more transparent with information.

I also feel that this product is revolutionary and has the potential to change the forex trading game but in order to do so; first, they must address the issues of legitimacy.

Judging by the numerous positive reviews I have come across I can say that the system can be relied upon to conduct forex trading business by investors without much worry.

I feel that since the system uses a complex system of algorithms to compute the best possibilities for investments, logically I can confidently say that this makes it more effective than other forex trading systems available in the market.

The use of algorithms also boosts the systems legitimacy and reliability because the trader is well assured that no guesswork is being done and the signals being provided are the best.

All the investor needs to do while using this system is to carefully follow it. The system allows an investor to be in full control of his/her account at all times.

Do you happen to have any previous experiences with this sytem that you would like to share with everyone else here today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below!



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